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The Sunset is Beautiful (Open)

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The Sunset is Beautiful (Open)

Post by Seth Vicens on Tue Mar 24, 2015 2:48 pm

The orange light of the endless sunset shone down upon Twilight Town. A young man dressed in simple black clothing sat upon a bench, merely gazing outwards at the sun. It had been ages for him since he had last taken the time to sit and watch, while something inside of him made it seem like he was experiencing it with more than just himself. A deep sigh exited from Seth as he gazed outwards. He grew up in this world, to what he remembers as a loving family… Or did he even have a proper family? Was he just with his mother? His father? Did he even have any family to speak of? Some days, it hurt for him to reminisce. It felt like he was living a lie, living merely as a placeholder in the life of someone else.

Seth's mind switched to the thoughts of that woman he had met in Traverse Town, why was she so familiar to him in a universe where he didn't even know who he really was? Why did he feel so at peace when in her presence, and yet at the same time... The sunset began to catch up with him, sending an aura of calmness over his body.

A smile crept upon the young man's face as he felt those thoughts starting to fade away, soon to be replaced by thoughts of tranquility and relaxation. Sure, he knew it would be best to simply go out of his way to find something to do, but every once in a while… There was no harm in just waiting.  The wind itself seemed to carry a very calming tune, but he would be hard pressed to find any sort of source. Blowing the dangling dark hair out of his face, he rested his hands behind his head, stretching his legs outwards as he slumped further down onto the bench. As far as he could tell, he was fairly alone. No need to act as proper as he typically feels he should.

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Re: The Sunset is Beautiful (Open)

Post by Elizebeth on Sat Mar 28, 2015 1:49 am

An open thread?! Well, he wouldn't even really need to apologize to anybody for butting in then, would he?

Strolling casually in through the space and time vortex, the Gambler opened a Dark Corridor directly under Seth's feet. Hell, he didn't even need to adjust time for him. That was nice.

"Mind keeping your arms and legs together on the way down, right? Wouldn't want you to lose a limb prior to."

Seth has been transported!


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