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Khadija Adil

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Khadija Adil

Post by Khadija on Thu Apr 16, 2015 12:20 pm

Name: Khadija Adil
Age: 20
Personality: A brash and headstrong individual, Khadija is resentful of any and all authority, as they more often than not forget themselves, running through those they are supposed to protect whenever fighting breaks out. She is extremely passionate about protecting those who cannot effectively fight back, and will hide those who have to resort to thievery or other crimes to survive. Despite being brash and passionate, she is rather intelligent, good at strategy and observation, along with hiding herself. She is very guarded from an emotional standpoint, taking great care to seem as if she does not care for people past wanting justice for those who are placed under misfortune. This is untrue however, because she is indeed only human. She is a very compassionate individual, but her brashness and headstrong desire to change the world makes it hard for her to own up to her compassion.

Race: Somebody


Primary Elements
1.) Darkness
2.) Electricity
3.) Fire
4.) Earth


The youngest member of the Adil family, Khadjia grew up wanting for everything. Her family was very poor, her father owning a failing smithy, forging weapons that he barely sold enough of to keep them afloat. More often than not, she had to beg in the street for change as a little girl. Sadly, most often this caused the town guard to assault her, smacking her around and kicking her, beating on her for perceived thievery due to the ragged clothing she wore, and how dirty she always was living near the town gate, sand and other things constantly blowing into their home, with next to no water to bathe with, and not enough money to pay for a trip to the public bath house. As she became older, she found herself hating the sultan, who sat in his palace, surrounded by wealth and all the amenities he could ask for, while she and her family found themselves struggling just to put dinner on the table.

As she entered her teenage years, Khadjia's father was forced to close down his smithy, for it had been months since anyone had bothered to even window shop. So, to keep their home and not to have to live on the streets, each of their four children attempted to find varying jobs. Her brothers and sisters managed to find well paying apprenticeships easily enough. Agrabah always needed more merchants, engineers, and carpenters. But..no matter where she turned, Kahdija had a hard time getting anyone to say yes. As the years passed, she found her body becoming more and more feminine, and more and more people denying her. Eventually, she found her way to the darker side of the city, the seedy slums. One building stood out in particular, it was rounded where the others were angular. So, curious, she went in. After a long, embarrassing showcase of her skills, she returned home, cleanly bathed, with a new, extremely revealing outfit, and a job that paid more than the rest of her family combined...she had become an exotic dancer.

Several years would pass before her family and her resentment of royalty and leadership culminated into a tangible group. They do not currently have a name, but she is actively using her capability with magic, which her mother taught her to use over the course of the years, to search the worlds and find others with a similar mindset to hers, to spread her cause.

Other Notes:

Homeworld: Agrabah

Unofficial Head and recruiter of The yet to be named Golden Sallies

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Re: Khadija Adil

Post by Onyx on Thu Apr 16, 2015 8:57 pm

Approved, welcome to the site


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