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Skill-Trees and Summons




Skill-Trees and Summons


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Directory: Unknown

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Directory: Unknown

Post by That Concealed Individual on Thu Apr 16, 2015 11:07 pm

Tier 1, 50 MP, 2 DP
::Character Profile::

Meteor Hammer: Judge's Scale

Skill Trees:
Skill Tree: Negative Space
Skill Tree: Direction and Magnitude

Current stats:
Strength (STR): 1 (Priority: 4th)
Endurance (END): 1 (Priority: 2nd)
Magic (MAG): 1  (Priority: 3rd)
Agility (AGL): 1 (Priority: 1st)
Speed (SPD): 1 (Priority: 5th)


Ability Type: Support
Ability Cost: All
Ability Cooldown: 10 posts
Ability Element: Nothingness
Ability Description: Unknown taps into the deepest throngs of Nothingness, removing all remaining MP in her main mana pool. In return, she removes an amount of mana from her opponent equal to the amount she has expended, and restores it to herself. If the opponent has reserve mana pools, they are drained if their main mana pool has insufficient mana to drain. If they do not have a reserve mana pool, and their mana pool is insufficient, Unknown will only generate the amount the opponent has left, even if she has expended a greater amount.

Ultimate Curse
Ability Type: Support
Ability Cost: 130
Ability Cooldown: 10 posts
Ability Element: Moon
Ability Description: Unknown casts Silence, Blind, Confuse, Flip-Foot, and Mini on herself. This spell can be Bounced.

Mirror Glyph
Ability Type: Support
Ability Cost: 50 (with multipliers)
Ability Cooldown: 3 posts
Ability Element: Moon
Ability Description: Unknown casts a glyph, bouncing spells at her tier back to her target. If the spell is higher than her tier, she must pay 25 magic for every tier in order to reflect it back. (IE: If she is T1, and someone casts Firaga, a T3 spell, she would have to pay 100 MP.) This spell can be cast on allies and enemies.

Vengeful Soul
Ability Type: Support
Ability Cost: 10 MP per post
Ability Cooldown: 3 posts
Ability Element: Nothingness
Ability Description: Unknown drains her MP every post, reflecting a portion of the damage taken during the topic (if any) back to her opponent for 40% of the original damage. She may toggle this ability on and off during combat. This spell can be used on allies and can be bounced back with Mirror Glyph. Stacks with other damage reflectors.

b+a = a+b
Ability Type: Ranged
Ability Cost: 10 MP
Ability Cooldown: 3 posts
Ability Element: Nothingness
Ability Description: Unknown generates two vectors, that hone in on the enemy target. If they should strike their target, each vector deals damage equal to x1.5 of her normal physical strikes.

|a| = √( x2 + y2 )
Ability Type:  Ranged
Ability Cost: 50
Ability Cooldown: 5 posts
Ability Element: Nothingness
Ability Description: Unknown generates ten (10) vectors, which hone in at the enemy target from all sides. If they should strike their target, each vector deals damage equal to x1.5 of her normal physical attacks.

Unit Vector (Scaling)
Ability Type:  Ranged
Ability Cost: 50
Ability Cooldown: 5 posts
Ability Element: Nothingness
Ability Description: Unknown creates a single, powerful vector, that vanishes into the void. While it is out of play, the vector gains damage based on how long it has been sitting. (x.5 damage per post.) Unknown may bring back this vector at any time and deal damage based on the length of time it has been waiting.

Dimensional Break
Ability Type:  Ranged
Ability Cost: 70
Ability Cooldown: 15 posts
Ability Element: Nothingness
Ability Description: Unknown's physical and magical abilities now deal true damage for five (5) posts, ignoring END stats and defensive boosts from items for the duration.

Ability Type:  Ranged
Ability Cost: 100
Ability Cooldown: 10 posts
Ability Element: Moon
Ability Description: Grants Haste, Protect, and Shell on a single target for three (3) posts. (Increases movement|attack speed, and physical|magical defenses by x1.0) Can be bounced back with Mirror Glyph.

Ability Type:  Ranged
Ability Cost: 50
Ability Cooldown: 5 posts
Ability Element: Moon
Ability Description: Grants Bravery and Faith on a single target for three (3) posts. (Increases physical and magical damage by x1.0) Can be bounced back with Mirror Glyph.

Ability Type:  Ranged
Ability Cost: 150
Ability Cooldown: 10 posts
Ability Element: Moon
Ability Description: Unknown may transfer any damage she has taken during a period of five (5) posts to an ally or an enemy. Accounts for END rating and defensive boosts from items/spells.

Major Skilltree Abilities:


Negative Space Skilltree
Base Ability: Negative Space -- Disables Cooldown increases|decreases and Auras from effecting Unknown. Still effects party members and summons.
Siphon Glyph -- Sticks a glyph on an enemy target for the next 5 posts. Spells cast by Unknown come out of the opponent's MP pool instead. [CD: 8]

Reverse -- Damage is converted to HP, and vice versa. Negative effects become positive, etc. Lasts for 5 posts. [CD: 12 posts]
Destiny Bond -- Unknown can share positive and negative effects on herself with allies or enemies. Unefected by reflections|negations. [CD: 7 posts]
Echo Glyph -- Generates a Glyph that inherits Unknown's current MP|HP. After 12 posts, she can switch pools with the Gylph, or destroy it for Heavy Damage on the enemy. [CD: 22 posts]

Soul Barrier -- Absorbs elemental spells up to T4 into HP. Anything above T4 will destroy it. [CD: 8 posts]
Soul of Retaliation -- Bounces 50% of all damage back to the user for 4 posts. [CD: 6 posts]
Negative Space: Magic -- Disables all magic in a large area for 5 posts. [CD: 12 posts | 2 PT use]

Trick Room -- Switches target back to T1 stats for 5 posts. [CD: 15 posts]
Negative Space: Power -- Disables all physical attacking in a large area for 5 posts. [CD: 12 posts | 2 PT use]

Growing Threat -- Unknown doubles her Tier level for 5 posts. Afterwards she cannot cast magic for the next 12 posts. [OPT]


Direction and Magnitude Skill Tree

Base Ability: Direction and Magnitude -- Passively controls arrow-shaped manifestations of Nothingness called "Vectors", up to 6. Cannot be used for attacking, but can be used to defend. Has the same density as a piece of wood. Can be broken.

Vector Plate -- Creates 3 plates that transport in the direction the arrows are facing. Cannot change directions. If not used after 3 posts, they explode for heavy damage. [CD: 6]
Vector Swap -- Unknown may switch positions with ONE target, to include projectiles and spells. Objects moving will continue to go in the direction they were, and targets will be facing the same direction as they were upon switching. [CD: 6]
Ax, Ay -- Doubles the amount of Vectors in a vector-based attack. [OPT, OPP]

Add Vector -- Vector Plate gets an additional Plate. Vector Swap now binds the target for 1 post. [OPT, OPP]
Vector x Scalar -- Spells (NOT Skill Tree abilities) with the name "Vector" in them now deal +.5 damage every time they hit an opponent. (Stacking.) [Toggled ability. OPT]
Double-Deal -- If Unknown switches sides in a battle (from Dark|Light or Light|Dark) her resistance to the opposite element is halved. (Takes more damage.)

Void Mastery III -- Soul Barrier now absorbs up to T5 spells, but cannot absorb  Light, Illusion, or Space magic.
Vector x Vector -- Spells (NOT Skill Tree abilities) with the name "Vector" in them now deal true damage for 5 posts, ignoring END ratings. [OPT]

Void Mastery IV -- Soul of Retaliation now Bounces status effects, and stuns if hit by a physical attack. [OPT]
Lunar Fury -- Deals x.5 damage for every player-controlled character within 50 feet of Unknown. [CD: 6]

Precise Control -- Unknown can redirect an attack if it misses the first time, in exchange for half of the original cost of the spell. If the ability has no MP cost, Unknown can still redirect it, in exchange for doubling the cooldown on another skill that has already been used. [CD: 10]

Fighting the Unknown
This section is mostly for people to understand the mechanics of this character. It explains all of her strengths and weaknesses, making it easier to understand how to fight her. Heaven forbid you make a strong character and give others a fighting chance to....fight them.

Attack Style:
Unknown seems to have gained a great proficiency in the art of the meteor hammer. In order to use it properly, one must understand the force of motion and weight, and give proper care to using one's joints as a means of keeping momentum. The faster and more often this weapon is swung around, be it around the user's body or otherwise, the harder it is likely to strike. Not only does the meteor hammer excel at smashing objects, but it does well with other functions, such as grappling.
Additionally, she has demonstrated key signs of a traditional method of an art form known as “Panther-Style”. This particular variation of traditional martial art instructs its pupils to hide their true nature, in order not to reveal weaknesses or intent, countering strikes and waiting patiently for their opening. In doing so, they are allowed to deal quick, devastatingly brutal strikes against their opponents for a quick and effective victory.

TL;DR: Unknown likes to keep her intentions well hidden. She doesn't just look before she leaps, she practically memorizes everything before she even considers moving a muscle. Her attacks are pretty slow, but VERY accurate, although because of her lackluster STR levels, they don't hit hard. They aren't meant to--when Unknown goes to deal a physical blow, there's typically another reason behind it. Not too unlike a chess match, you have to think a step ahead of her, because I will be playing several steps ahead of you.

Staller: Unknown uses various means of preventing her enemies from making progress in combat, calculating their next moves and striking main points to keep them from dealing out major damage. The skills and abilities she uses for this particular style of combat are her Skilltree's Passive abilities: Negative Space. On her Negative Space skilltree, Unknown passively disables any auras or passives from effecting her directly. (Though they will still effect her allies, including summons and party members.)
However, there are other branches to this base ability. Negative Space: Magic and Negative Space: Power. The first disables magical attacks for a short period of time, while the second disables physical attacks. She can also bounce off Ultimate Curse using Mirror Glyph, thus inflicting various painful status effects on her target.

Controller: With the many status effects and techniques she has, Unknown has the ability to greatly control the pace of a battle. For starters, her Meteor Hammer doubles not only as a weapon, but can come in handy for wrapping around a foe's limbs and dragging them around unexpectedly. She may also use her Vector abilities to position an enemy where she wants, or catch them off guard at the right moment. Be careful and watch for her Vector Plates and Vector Swap; two passive abilities on her Direction and Magnitude skilltree that can leave you wide open for a nasty blow. Unknown may even punish her opponents for even striking at her with passive skills such as Soul of Retaliation, or Vengeful Soul.

Burner: With the way her skills and passives work together this Nobody has the option to burn through not only her target's HP, but their mana as well. Spells like Annul, which deplete a foe's pool directly, or Siphon Glyph that takes mana away from the target for spellcasting instead of herself, is one of the many examples. Reverse and Soul Barrier can also turn the tide in her favor, turning damage directly into HP and effectively wasting the opponent's magic supply.

Debilitating: The design to Unknown's specific skillset allows for her to buff herself and her allies, while crippling her enemies. Using Addition and Multiply in tandem with Destiny Bond and Reverse makes for several negative status effects with little to no effort. She can also cast Ultimate Curse on herself, using Mirror Glyph to reflect it off of herself, and redirect the skill to an opponent.

Unknown seems to have an affinity to magic. Her abilities and passives work closely together with one another, and so casting silence on her is one easy way to peg her down. While her ↑END, ↑MAG, and ↑AGL are high, her STR ↓ and SPD ↓ are severely lacking; slowing her down and forcing her to resort to physical attacks is the best way to deal with her.
Another way to get Unknown down is to understand her kit. All of her skills work together with one another, allowing for multiple angles and possibilities to how she can strike you. Hit her with a status effect, (such as Blind, Confuse, or Disable,) and she becomes unable to act to her full potential. Keep in mind though, that any negative status effect she has on her can be Reversed if she isn't Silenced or Disabled, making a bad situation even worse!

Make a note of her cooldowns. They're INCREDIBLY long, especially on her passive skilltrees. Keep this in mind while you're fighting her, since she has no time-based magic to shorten those down.

Another thing to look out for are the abilities which inflict TRUE DAMAGE. This ignores the enemy's END stats and deals damage as though they had no defense.

If Unknown has Mirror Glyph up on herself, and you're looking to take less damage, go for physical damage or cast a spell--while the spell will reflect back, if you are a Nobody or Heartless, you can turn the elemental backfire to your advantage, and cause her to waste the skill.

Glyphs cannot be broken, but they CAN be dispelled or removed with Esuna.

Watch for Vector Swap and Vector Plate. Unknown will use these abilities to gain distance on her opponent in the blink of an eye, making up for her lack of SPD.

As a side note, Unknown CANNOT equip items other than things she has been awarded with through Raids and so on. She has no real "item slots", and therefore has no means of boosting her abilities or stats through any means other than magic. If Unknown runs out of MP, it's going to be exceptionally difficult to get anything accomplished. Because of that, she'll always try and end the fight as early as possible. If she DOES run out of MP, keep the pressure on her; Unknown will try and stall you out just long enough for her Siphon Glyph to come back off of cooldown, or user her Echo Glyph to restore her HP and MP back. Don't let that happen!

Battle Theme
A song of tragedy

04/15/15: Created thread. Added abilities and HOF section. Added Themes.

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