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Skill-Trees and Summons


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Post by Amelia Stiers on Sun Apr 19, 2015 3:34 pm

Name: Losthoradon

Species: Ancestral Orange Dragon


Character (Tier 4) | STR Tier 3 | END Tier 4 | MAG Tier 4 | SPE Tier 3 | AGI Tier 3

Purpose: An ancestral dragon recruited by the Circle of the Drake. He willingly accepted the offer to become a dracolich as per request of both the Circle and the Holy Order of Verfluen.

History: Losthoradon is young for his kind, being an ancestor of the red dragons of which are ancestors of the ruby tyrants, he isn’t exactly remarkable. Nonetheless, he is still a dragon, which make much better allies than enemies.

Ability Set:
-Lesser Draconic Restoration: Losthoradon has the passive ability to heal himself slightly each post.
-Ancestral Breath Weapon, Orange: Losthoradon breathes out a cone of blazing heat, dealing moderate Fire damage as well as doing a slight Fire damage over time for 2 posts or until extinguished. This ability stretches out 50m and covers at a 45 degree angle.
-Flutter: Losthoradon flaps his wings, momentarily lifting himself into the air. Upon taking off, anyone who was around him are thrown approx. 50 meters, taking moderate Fire and physical damage. For the next post, the ground which he was on is Scorched, dealing light Fire damage and slightly lowering the defense of opponents standing on it.

-Dragon Claws: Losthoradon wields tough dragon claws, used to swipe at the enemy to do moderate physical damage.
-Tail: Losthoradon has a long tail used to swipe at foes attempting to flank. This attack stretches out 30m and covers at a 120 degree angle.

Item Name: Token of Draconic Heritage
Item Type: Medallion
Item Abilities: N/A

Theme: Faraway || Battle Theme: Swordmaster's Dance
Character Tier(I)
MP(50) | DP(2)
STR Tier II(3SP) | END Tier V(10SP) | MAG Tier I(1SP) | SPE Tier I(1SP) | AGI Tier I(1SP)
Amelia Stiers

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Re: Losthoradon

Post by Veara on Sun Apr 19, 2015 3:53 pm


Character Tier 5
   MP 535 | DP 14
   STR 10 Tier 5 | END 10 Tier 5 | MAG 10 Tier 5 | SPE 10 Tier  5 | AGI 10 Tier 5 | SYN 0 Tier 0

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