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Sun Gong Yao

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Sun Gong Yao

Post by [Inactive] on Sun Apr 19, 2015 5:13 pm

Name: Sun Gong Yao
Age: 29
Personality: Sun Gong Yao is a trickster of sorts, however he doesn't go as far as trying to completely ruin someone's day. He enjoys stink bombs, buckets full of water or syrup, those sorts of jokes. However, he has the characteristics similar to a cleptomaniac. He can control it in the sense he will return what he takes, but he is easily amazed by trinkets. At base, he is a simple-minded creature but that just hides his natural wisdom. He often hides his wisdom within riddles and intentionally scrambles his words. Yao enjoys sports that involve running around with the option of using deception, and he is a shark at the table.
Race: Somebody - Anthromonkey

Appearance: Appearance - Stands at 6'2", weighs 155 lbs.

Primary Elements
1.) Light

History: Yao shouldn't exist in the world he lives in. That world was Disney Town before it was destroyed by someone with an eating disorder. However, when his father was captured by a poacher visiting Pridelands for pelts, he was taken in for experiments that made him humanoid. When his father had been freed, he had wandered space in a lone gummi ship. His father looked for a world, and originally landed on Land of Dragons where he met a young, frail girl. The girl took him as a pet and they journeyed along all of China, eventually the humanistic traits surfacing more and more in the father. The more he became human in personality, the more the girl started to see the monkey-man as a human. When the man proposed that they journey the spaces instead of being bound to China, the girl accepted.

Eventually, the two saved up for a home-sized ship and journeyed through the spaces. After freeing themselves from their home, Mr. Yao and the girl had shared more about what they know. Mr. Yao spoke of pridelands and its bestial nature, and the girl taught the monkey Chinese. As they aged, the two eventually confessed to their emotions for each other and went to bed. To their happy surprise, the girl ended up pregnant with a child. They knew if they returned home and she was pregnant, her family would shun her so they took refuge at various worlds all over. They couldn't stay in one place, but had to design parts of the ship to handle a pregnant lady. Eventually, they knew they had to settle so they ended their journey across the stars in Disney Town. The father set up a shop full of gizmos and trinkets, mostly children's toys. The girl had become a house wife, and the two formally wed each other.

Sun Gong Yao was born shortly after they had taken refuge at the world of anthros, and so the family felt firmly in place. Everyone was bright and happy, and the militants had kept evil at bay. They raised Yao to be a pleasant boy, but he turned out to be a trickster that spent time with the goons. He never did anything severe, but as always in trouble with his parents as the trickster he was. He let the old be, but made sure to play dirty pranks on the rest. Pies, buckets of water, stink bombs, tripwires spraying the citizens with soda, all the sorts. He even painted someone's house completely pink from purple and black. Sun Gong Yao calmed down as he got older, and eventually set up a shop for pranksters like him. Fireworks, walking dentures, and his own special brew of stank in a bottle. Eventually, his mother had become ill from age. His father had been genetically altered, allowing someone like Sun Gong Yao to be born. When his mother fell ill, Sun had tried selling as much as he could to fund a trip to the healers in China. Splitting the pay with his father, they made the trek.

When the two came to China and met with the girl's family, a clan run by her brother, they realized what Sun was. When they asked for healers, they disowned the girl and banished Sun Gong Yao and his father...however the sister died before they could travel to other worlds. Sun Gong Yao had scars stretching for years, and his father retired to isolation with a deep form of depression. She was the only thing that kept him stable, so his aged mind had just killed him with sadness. It took a while, years even, but eventually the father died of starvation. Sun didn't even see his father for those years, as he did not stay in his own home. Sun, however, closed his shop and re-opened as a herbalist with a private prankster business on the side. The citizens came to him for medicine, and he even gave the kids their tools to keep the gears going. Stink bombs were his favorite. He even accidentally used stink bomb ingredients in a poultice he made; luckily it wasn't towards a fatal wound.

Sun Gong Yao noticed the days of happiness were fading, and the brightness of the world taken from it. He didn't know it, but the Cornerstone was destroyed. Soon after, the world had to be evacuated as it was assaulted. Sun took his father's ship and fled to the Land of Dragons...the only place he knew where to go. In the time since, he has secluded him from the public eye and disguised himself in a robe to work as a freelance herbalist.

Other Notes:

Character Tier(2)
MP(100) | DP(5)
STR 2(3) | END 2(3) | MAG 1(1) | SPE 1(2) | SYN 3(5) | AGI 2(3)


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Re: Sun Gong Yao

Post by Veara on Sun Apr 19, 2015 5:23 pm

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