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Krysta Hyalus

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Krysta Hyalus Empty Krysta Hyalus

Post by Krysta on Sat Apr 25, 2015 6:14 pm

Name: Krysta Hyalus (AKA: Mooglette, The Moogling Marksman, Little Miss Moogle)
Age: 13
“Say your prayers, it's time for bed...I've got all my guns, and they're aimed at your head!”

A somewhat awkward, bubbly, playful ball of energy, Krysta Hyalus is everything you would expect out of the typical hyperactive Middle School student. She is extremely talkative, which does allow her to make friends, but her obnoxiousness does tend to drive them off.
Hyalus is particularly gullible and prone to saying or doing things that don’t entirely make sense; however, she always means well. She is a comedian at heart, doing everything she can to get a laugh out of people she wants to please, even if it means acting like a complete fool to do it.

However, this has backfired, as nearly everybody believes she is a ditz—in reality, Krysta is actually quite intelligent. She is able to comprehend nearly everything she reads, and her ability to synthesize items is incredibly well shaped through time, understanding, and practice.
She may appear cute, meek, and small, but Krysta is brighter than she lets on. She has skills that far exceed her outward appearance. She's smart enough to use her looks to her advantage, often outwitting people stupid enough to fall for her act. Her actual personality is more cynical and clever, although she isn't excluded from childish desires or thought processes.  

Despite her intellect however, Hyalus is extremely emotional, and can be undone through the means of simple insults. She takes things extremely personal, and can be a bit of a crybaby. As she is a typical tween, she tends to be a little over-dramatic, often blowing things out of proportion, or not thinking clearly when under emotional stress.
While her passions to forge the ultimate weapons and become a master craftsmoogle – well, craftsMAN – fuel her, Krysta is not without her needs for finding companionship. She often goes out of her way to please people, not wanting others to feel sadness or suffering. This typically leads to her getting into conflicts, or just exhausting herself in the process. Hyalus also tends to form bonds very, very easily, which can backfire severely if something goes wrong.

Although Krysta doesn't particularly enjoy getting into fights, it's in her nature to help others she comes across. More often than not, she'll call upon some of her mechanical allies to take to the front lines, while Hyalus herself slips away to another location. The girl's specialty is firearms – cannons, rifles, and handguns to name a few – and although Krysta is not much of a hand-to-hand fighter due to her small stature, she can pop a bullet in your ass from several hundred meters away without much of an effort. She does tend to get a little trigger-happy from time to time, though Hyalus tends to treat combat more as a game than an actual threat unless the opponent proves otherwise. Krysta may goof off at the beginning, but be wary when she becomes serious.

“My quest is glorious, my will is strong, and my guns are really freakin' big!”

Race: Somebody

Height: 5’ 3”
Weight: approx 90 lbs
Eye color: Purple
Hair Color: White (violet highlights)
Build: Small (Body) | Small (muscle)

Krysta Hyalus Khoc__moogle_girl_by_burningartist-d7bxa1r_zpstt3jlzha

Krysta takes her attire and visual style straight from the ones she considers her family – the Moogles. She wears two “Moogle Ear” barrettes in her hair, and clips away her loose bangs with a “Moogle Pom-Pom” hairclip. Hyalus dons a purple shirt, wearing it underneath an off-white top, and black khakis. She is never seen without her Item Belt and Synthesis Apron, the former which she uses to collect any sort of sythesizable items she comes across. The tween keeps her hands protected with a pair of Synthesis Gloves, the right of which is equipped with a Special Scanner that picks up different kinds of energies. Krysta completes her look with a pair of brown leather boots, and her red bandanna, which she keeps for good luck.

Primary Elements
1.) Light
2.) Fire
3.) Earth
4.) Glass

A young girl born in the Dwarf Woodlands. Her mother tragically lost her life to the Heartless, which drove her father to an alcohol-riddled state of insanity. Krysta escaped her dad's drunken rampages, stowing away on a Gummi Ship bound for Traverse Town at the age of eight. Lost in a strange world, and with nowhere else to go, the Moogles took her in.
For the next five years, Hyalus stayed with her foster family, learning the ways of creation, forging, and most importantly, synthesis. Smithing up new items became her love in life, and she strove to become the very best at what she did.

Krysta became very well refined in the art of making the best kinds of equipment and weapons over the time she spent, using her talents to aid those who protected their world from the Heartless and Nobodies wandering the streets. When these enemies dropped items upon their defeat, people would give them to the Traverse Town Moogles, hoping their intelligence and skill could be used to forge something useful from them. Hyalus collected every specimen she could get her hands on, hoping one day to forge some of the greatest weapons in all the worlds.
However, not all the pieces she needs are going to drop from the sky – or from the foes that appear in her new home – Krysta is absolutely determined to find the pieces she needs to create the most powerful weapon of them all.

Other Notes:
Not my design, not my design, not my design. For once I am actually using a faceclaim because I'm toooooo laaaaaazy...
...I've got so many characters. I may have a problem. ....I may have several problems. Don't judge me.

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Krysta Hyalus Empty Re: Krysta Hyalus

Post by Veara on Sat Apr 25, 2015 7:05 pm

Approved, welcome to the site Krysta

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