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Gwain, the Burdened King

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Gwain, the Burdened King

Post by Gwain Darkson on Sun Apr 26, 2015 2:07 am

Name: Gwain Alexander de Darkson
Age: 20
Personality: Gwain is a rather laid back and cheerful individual. He gets serious when need be, but that is only in rare cases
Race: Human/Somebody

Appearance: Gwain has the appearance of a very tall and muscular man. His hair is black as night with its length growing neck length. His eyes are a solid crimson. Gawin has a light skin complexion and hardened facial features. Gwain traditionally wears a suit of black and silver armor without any metal covering his arms, forearms, or shoulders, which shows off his arm muscles. The chest of the armor has the sigil of the Darkson family on it, which is a fallen phoenix being torn apart by demonic hands. The handle that belongs to a blade that seems to run down the length of the back on the armor as a relief design. Below the waist, Gwain wears a black, armored fauld with tassets that cover his thighs and rear, but leaves an opening in the frontal region of his lower body. For his feet, Gwain wears a pair of greaves that come up to his thighs. Beneath the armor, he wears a sleeveless suit of chainmail.

Gwain also has casual wear that he uses when he wants to stay behind and do some relaxing. He wears a black vest on top of a white, long-sleeved dress shirt. The vest is always buttoned up, with the dress shirt having its last three buttons undone to show off his chest. His shirt is tucked into a pair of black slacks, which are held up by a basic black belt. He wears a pair of black loafers and with white socks.

Primary Elements
1.) Darkness
2.) Metal
3.) Electricity
4.) Space


Gwain is the second oldest child in the Darkson family. He is three years younger than Marigold and eight years older than the twins Celia and Lily Darkson. Gwain was alive for most of Marigold's training and he saw her turn into a woman well into her teens. His attention, however, was divided when the twins were born and he was left in charge of keeping an eyes on them. The reason for this being their power was so great and terrible at such a young age, it was more than likely that if left alone, they'd tear down the fabric reality. Gwain followed these orders without any problems. He himself, was trained in the similar business practices like his older sister, but focused more on attaining physical might than economic genius. Interestingly enough, Gwain also helped train the twins and so the three became a lot more closer with each other, than they were with the distant Marigold.

At the time of their parents' deaths, the three were distraught and even more so when it was revealed that Marigold did so in order to claim the family empire. However, this emotional distress was soon quelled when Marigold explained exactly why she did all that she had. She had plans for all of them as a family and wanted them to help her help raise the family name to bold new heights. Mari's words resonated with the three of them, but more so with Gwain, due to the immense respect he held for his older sister. Eventually, the Darkson family began a conquest on their own country and succeeded within due time. The head of the family, Marigold, wanted more and had her sights set on total world domination. This left Gwain and Ysl'Dae in charge with armies that would be sent out to battle each nation.

Over the course of the wars, Gwain earned the title, The Burdened King. This was due to the fact that for a while, it seemed as though the Darkson forces were going to fail and the execution of Queen Marigold Sanguinis de Darkson was going to leave Gwain with the massive repercussions of everything. However, that prediction changed at the zenith of the 5 Years War. The Darkson family had admitted that the entire time, they were merely flexing their military might. They hadn't truly taken any of the wars seriously up until now, when the combined nations decided to mount a full-scale, world threatening war and strike on the Darkson country, as a final assault on the family. Marigold had left the combined nation with the words that the family, with all of their might and power, are the army and that they will soon see the true power of the family.

This came to be true. Marigold, Gwain, Celia and Lily went to major nations who posed a threat to all of them and attacked them head on, without the use of an army. Marigold summoned and fused with a creature so horrible, that it induced fear and madness into all who attempted to gaze upon it. Gwain seemingly ripped out the relief on the back of his armor and called upon the sword Avalon and obtained the Armor of Arthur. His sword and armor were all he needed, as he cut a bloody swathe through the armies that sought to stand in his way.  Celia released her mental might as the Puppet Master and unleashed the might of the perfect hypnosis and control over illusions. She caused the armies to all kill each other off, having them think they were fighting against her the entire time. Lily unleashed her demonic nature and became the Princess of Crows. She spread a vile pestilence that aged, decayed, rusted and rendered all forms of healing ineffective for the armies. The final war started and ended within 10 minutes, the Darkson Family sitting upon the world as their throne and Marigold as the one true Queen.

After the war Gwain grew bored of being king and decided to follow behind his sister and head into the lands unknown. Gaining the ship Sleipnir, Gwain headed off and followed the same coordinates his elder sister took, when she flew off on that day.

Other Notes: Gwain has a thing for sports and competitive play, despite how lazy he can be when it comes to things that don't interest him. He enjoys bitter foods and can hold his own weight when it comes to drinking excess amounts of alcohol.
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Re: Gwain, the Burdened King

Post by Eno Vale on Sun Apr 26, 2015 2:59 am



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