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Zienna Eroheim

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Zienna Eroheim

Post by Zienna on Sun Apr 26, 2015 1:17 pm

Name: Zienna Eroheim
Age: ?? (appears to be in her early 20's)
Personality: Zienna, in short, is adventurous, playful, deceptive, manipulative,  and downright mischievous, yet despite common knowledge concerning her race, she is known to show genuine friendliness that isn't aimed to simply get what she wants. Unlike other succubi, she treasures real companionship deeply, even though others may have difficulty in discerning it from one of her ploys, so it comes to no surprise when she gets enraged when one of her friends are hurt badly.

She's a free spirit, doing whatever she wants, sometimes thinking of the consequences thoroughly, while other times completely taking the concept of 'think before you act', and throwing it out the window. But even if she is so, she knows where her priorities lie. She's often brash, taking full confidence in her own abilities and the abilities of her companions, but she shares a few moments of humbleness from time to time, especially in the presence of a power that even she would think is suicidal to provoke.

As expected of her kin, she loves to tease people and regularly honeys her words, regardless (to a degree) of who was on the receiving end. On the other side of the scale, she is unnaturally merciful, only taking the lives of the foulest of people, and allowing the rest the gift of pardon. Though one would be unwise to call her soft. She possesses a keen sense of empathy, and because she isn't a full-blooded succubus, it holds a heavy weight on her decisions, but provoke her, and she will not hesitate to block out that influence.

Another thing to note about her is that she takes pleasure in pain, whether she's the one being hurt, or she's dishing it out on others.

Race: Succubus / Somebody

Appearance: She possesses a young, slim figure, not quite petite, with a fair skin tone with not a single blemish in sight. She stands 5'5" tall, with brown hair grown long, falling just below her chest area. She has a pair of raven-black wings on her back, and a pair of twisted horns on her head, which she puts flowers on sometimes. Her clothing is a bit more modest than what she used to wear.

Primary Elements
1.) Darkness
2.) Fire
3.) Wind
4.) Moon

History: Somewhere between the borders of heaven and hell, she was conceived by a succubus and a fallen seraph warrior. The act alone was enough to have them exiled from both kingdoms, but luckily for them, they weren't the first, and it didn't take long for them to find a settlement of exiles with similar fates.

Neither kingdom wanting anything to do with them, so they were left to their own devices. However, that also meant they were prime pickings for both sides to hunt. Their little village survived countless raids, and Zienna's childhood was as average as it could get. Her parents knew that she wasn't going to stay in the quaint village forever, so she was trained on a variety of martial and magical arts to defend herself. When she was old enough, she went out to explore the world on her own. Well, not exactly. She had a raven, whom she named Nero, traveling with her. She had kept her company during the ups and downs of her journey, but it wasn't until she came across a rift in space did she realize how special the raven was.

When a group of demons smelled the scent of 'impurity' in her blood, she was immediately attacked. However, just before a single weapon had been swung at her, a strange man clad in armor and wielding a sword had cut down her attackers with ease.  The man revealed to her that he was the raven who she named, and that he would serve as her protector, a familiar, should she require his assistance.

They continued their journey, passing through various villages. In one, they found a new member for their crew, a soft-spoken, timid girl by the name of Isis. She had grown tired of her own village and had asked if she could join. Amused at how her reason was in line with her's, Zienna welcomed Isis into the group. It didn't take long for them to form a deep friendship.

Down the road, they met a wandering warrior, and a gigantic one at that. Standing over eight feet, he easily overshadowed them. He was an exile like the three of them, but he was convinced that he'd be able to go back home if he had cleansed a large number of the impure souls wandering between the borders. Without hesitation, he attacked the group, clearing a good number of flora with each swing of his mighty ax. Though in the end, he was overpowered and beaten.

Convinced it was to be his end, he lowered his head and waited for the final blow. But it never came. Instead, when he looked up, he saw the young succubus offering him a place in their little party. Too proud to accept he was now an exile, he grabbed Zienna, making it look like he would kill her so they would end him so he could die believing he was not, but still nothing happened. She had told her allies to stand down and talked to the warrior. Little by little, she had chipped away at his reasons, his illusions, until he was no longer blinded by the false light of a 'higher power'. Finding the strength to move on, he joined the party as Zienna requested.

A couple of years passed and a new enemy appeared in waves before them by the thousands. The two kingdoms, worn from a never-ending war, quickly fell. The exiles held on valiantly, but they were soon to be overrun. Trapped with no where else to go, the party jumped through a portal to the unknown.


During her first time in a new world, she happened upon twins, Celia and Lily, who were equally lost as she and her party was. So they looked around together, asking each other questions as they explored. Soon enough they were attacked by heartless, and each saw that all of them were capable in protecting themselves. But another thing they witnessed was that Lily started to take an interest in one of Zienna's companions, the animus, Isis. Playing matchmakers, Zienna and Celia sent the two of them to scout ahead, but what Celia didn't realize was that the succubus was starting to play her as well.

Zienna seduced the mage into submission, but before they could do much, the scouting party returned. After further exploration, they decided to move to another world, taking the twins' ship. Here, the succubus dealt with unfinished business. They left on good terms but each party had their own destination, so they split up, but got back together at certain points.

The succubus and her party explored all the available worlds, at times finding themselves at odds with the heartless, and other people who caused them trouble. Their explorations went on while they tried to find a way back to their own world.

Wolfram soon left, taking it upon himself to be a protector of a child he had found when they were exploring Halloween Town. At first he stayed, but his purpose which was forged during his creation eventually pulled him away from the group.

In between expeditions, Zienna would often drop in on Celia as she had a taste that the succubus couldn't get enough of. The mage had become a regular partner for Zienna, but it was Celia's misfortune as she experienced first hand what happens when one were to meet with a succubus in heat.

One day it happened. With all inhibitions set aside, their time together lead Celia to break further than she had ever been, pushed to the brink of death. However, as if possessed, Zienna didn't let her slip away from the torture and partly turned her into a succubus so she would live. When she snapped out of her haze, she released the mage and personally nursed her back to health, feeling guilty for what she had done. Celia forgave, but Zienna wasn't sure if it were a genuine forgiveness since an inner turmoil inside her being weakened her sense of empathy.

For months Zienna disappeared, leaving Isis and her familiar, Nero to wonder where she disappeared to. But when she came back, she brought with her her counterpart. Her twin who was sealed inside of her to keep her power in check. She learned that her powers were unstable due to the blood that flowed through her veins. It was the same for Sevina as well. At the time of their birth, they sealed Sevina's soul into Zienna so both their powers would equalize. It was also the reason why she had to wear the blindfold, as they were worried her powers would leak out. They were correct in their worries. When Zienna removed her blindfold for the first time on Celia's request, her powers destabilized, slowly until it reached the point where her lust had become too much to be contained. But parting with some of that power to turn Celia into a half succubus balanced the scales and allowed Sevina's soul to be freed from the seal.

For that, the two twins were thankful for her.

When the power was imparted to Celia, a piece of it escaped and lingered. Before Zienna disappeared to free her sister, that piece of power siphoned off the energies Zienna and Celia released when they got together, and eventually formed into the likeness of their child, who they called Silvia. Zienna helped in taking care of the child, along with Celia. However she couldn't always be there because of her need to constantly feed off of people's life energy. Sevina assisted whenever she was able, and couldn't help but notice Celia's deteriorating condition due to her extreme infatuation with the succubus. When either Sevina or Zienna asked, Celia would dismiss their worries. Zienna knew something was wrong, but she didn't want to force it out of Celia, so she stopped asking and continued to care for the mage and their child.

She took them back to their homeworld upon learning that Silvia's powers were also unstable and she didn't have the fortune of having someone who could act as her counterbalance. So it fell to Jedo and Maya, Zienna and Sevina's parents, to stabilize their granddaughter. The Eroheim twins stayed in Limbo to watch over the child until she was ready to go back to the other worlds. Celia went back and forth between Limbo and the other worlds, and Isis left with Lily.

When Silvia was ready to leave, Zienna and Sevina stayed behind a little while longer to make sure their own energies were stable.

Other Notes:

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Re: Zienna Eroheim

Post by Ophelia on Mon Apr 27, 2015 1:24 am


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Re: Zienna Eroheim

Post by Zienna on Fri May 13, 2016 11:50 am



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Re: Zienna Eroheim

Post by Veara on Fri May 13, 2016 12:00 pm


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Re: Zienna Eroheim

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