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Skill-Trees and Summons




Skill-Trees and Summons


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Post by Zienna on Wed Apr 29, 2015 11:04 am

Name: Isis

Race: Anima/Somebody


She stands at 5'5" with long, grey hair falling well to her lower back. She has a gentle face that's usually half covered by her hair. She has innocent-looking, deep sapphire eyes. Her attire, although revealing in the eyes of others, are actually quite decent from where she comes from. Her feet aren't usually seen, but she wears knee-high boots that are of the same theme of her general attire.

The device on her back allows her to hover, and it can be summoned and banished at will.


She's soft-spoken and timid, however she does try her best to socialize, though she rarely ever starts conversation with strangers unless there was an immediate need to, preferring instead to wait until she is approached. If one were to converse with the girl, they'll see that she opens up relatively quickly, and depending on how close she is to an individual, she may even partake in playful banter and sarcasm. She's emotionally frail, and she hates the fact, but tries her best not to let it show.

When in combat, she's proficient at close quarters, using her swords with skill, grace, and finesse, but she's not as physically strong. She's good at supporting her allies through the use of buffs and a few offensive spells to help whether down their enemies. This trait of hers extends beyond the battlefield as well, as she's often a shoulder to lean, or cry, on.


She was born in a village of exiles, dominated mostly by demons. She's a descendant of a once great linage of mages that fought to keep the forces of Heaven at bay. However, the reputation was tarnished when her grandfather denied to carry through with the plan of destroying an exile settlement, and instead lead his troops to defend it against his zealous brethren. Because of this, he and the rest of his followers were excommunicated from Hell.

Isis's father was one of those followers, and he paid no heed to the consequences, not when he fell in love with another exile from the gates of Heaven. Isis was born soon after settling down, and as soon as she was able to bear the weight of her armor, her skills were honed so that she could defend the settlement like her father and grandfather did. However, like Zienna, she longed to roam outside the walls, and she would have too if she wasn't so weak physically. No one else from the village wanted to go with her as she was seen as a liability.

When two outsiders arrived, which was a rare enough treat since the roads leading to settlement were usually blockaded to keep out the bandits and zealots of both Heaven and Hell, she knew this would be her only chance. Gathering up her courage, she approached the two outsiders and asked to join them. To her surprise, she was welcomed.

It wasn't long till she and Zienna formed a close bond, and the two may or may not have shared a few close moments during their travels. Whenever one of them was feeling down, the other would always come up and cheer them on. The close encounters with the dangers of living in an active war zone, where the two sides had no qualms about dispatching outcasts, strengthened their bond further; they knew neither would leave the other to die. And that was why Isis decided to continue hanging around with the succubus, even though she had moments where Isis would just have to shake her head in disappointment because of the latter's decisions.


Reaver -- The device on her back which lets her hover. The device itself amplifies and focuses the energies of an Anima, as they have a few different configurations of magic. By nature and in general, their energies are unstable, so there's always a chance of something simple going horribly wrong, so it was necessary to use devices such as this. Each one is configured and linked to a specific Anima, therefore only that individual can use it. It's link to their owners also allows it to materialize and dematerialize on command to save space.

Corite Blades -- These swords are worn like gloves and are subjected to the same link as the Reaver. They are great mediums for spell casting, and are the usually used for such, but are durable enough for more traditional uses.

Primary Elements
1.) Dark
2.) Wind
3.) Electricity
4.) Water

Base Ability: Rev -- Whenever Isis has the Reaver equipped, she gains a stack of Revved per post after equipping it, up to a maximum of 15. Her Speed gets boosted from non-existent (0 stacks) to moderate (15 stacks). She looses stacks at a rate of 2 per post whenever she unequips the Reaver. If she enters a topic with the Reaver already equipped, she starts out with 5 stacks. Each stack improves the effect of certain abilities (marked with *) by 3% per stack. Note: Unless stated otherwise, all abilities will require the Reaver to be equipped and will be locked until the next post.
Base Ability Cool Down: Passive

Tier One
1st Skill: Evasive* -- The Reaver enhances her senses whenever it is equipped, allowing her to evade attacks slightly easier.
2nd Skill: Tailwind -- Isis' allies gain a moderate increase in Speed.
3nd Skill: Mend* -- A target is healed slightly. CD: 3 posts.
4rd Skill: Static* -- Isis' Corite Blades become charged with electricity, increasing damage. Its power increases as Revved stacks increases. Static can be toggled off.
5th Skill: Aqua Beam* -- Isis fires a concentrated beam of super-heated and electricity-charged water vapor from her blades, reaching up to 30 feet and dealing slight to moderate damage, depending on how close to the center someone was hit. CD: 4 posts.
6th Skill: Lifeline -- Infuses an ally with a Water/Wind shield that blocks a moderate amount of damage. The shield is strengthened when hit with the aligned abilities, but take extra damage when hit by elements they are weak to. Last for 10 posts and can stack if cast again on the same target, which refreshes the duration back to the start. CD: 3 posts.
7th Skill: Static Field* -- Isis marks an area up to 50 feet in diameter (can be a smaller area) for five posts. Circles of the same design found on the sides of the Reaper appear on the ground and in the air to show the marked area. She can call down multiple aimed lightning strikes in this area while active, dealing slight damage each. CD: 10 posts.
8th Skill: Wind Hash* -- Requires 8 stacks of Revved to be unlocked. Isis charges her blades, allowing each to fire out a crescent of violent wind to slice through the air, dealing moderate damage to those caught in its path. Range: 50 feet CD: 6 posts.

Tier Two
1st Skill: Cascade* -- After channeling for one post, the Static Field explodes in an unstable surge of lightning, dealing moderate damage to those in the area, counting allies, but Isis will be unharmed. The field disappears after the electric surge.
2nd Skill: Plasma Blade* -- Requires at least ten stacks of Revved. Coats the outsides of the Corite Blades with electrified vapor, temporarily increasing the damage dealt by a slight amount. Lasts for three posts. CD: 8 posts.
3rd Skill: Violent Winds -- Summons a miniature tornado that deals slight damage to a single target and lowering their Speed and Agility by a moderate amount for five posts. CD: 5 posts
4th Skill: Static Shock -- Lifeline has an added effect once Revved stacks reach 15: Close-quarter attackers against an individual with Lifeline will suffer a moderate percent of the damage dealt as feedback.
5th Skill: Barrage* -- The Reaver releases six spheres of electricity that seeks out enemies. They explode on contact, dealing slight damage each.
6th Skill: Discharge* -- The Reaver shoots out short ranged jets of electrified vapor from its six ports, dealing moderate damage to a small are in front of the Animus.
7th Skill: Advanced Infusion* -- At 10 stacks of Revved, the amount healed by Mend is doubled, and the individual healed will have a moderate boost in Endurance for three posts.

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Re: Isis

Post by Veara on Mon May 04, 2015 10:31 am


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