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Lily Darkson, the Bullet Dancer

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Lily Darkson, the Bullet Dancer

Post by Lily Darkson on Wed May 06, 2015 4:57 am

Name: Lily Atra de Darkson
Age: 35
Personality: Lily is a withdrawn, quiet and calculating girl. She rarely ever speaks to others, preferring head and hand movements over actual words. She only speaks to her family and usually privately.

20 years later: Lily, personality wise, has mostly stayed the same. She's still quiet and calculating, but is now a bit more vocal with her needs and wants. The shy nature of her bethrothed significant other, Isis, had changed her to the degree where she takes on the more leader-like roles. Not just that, but the creation of her two children has also matured her into the more parental role as well.
Race: Human/Somebody

Appearance: Lily stands at 5'3” with long black hair that is tied into a ponytail or let down. Lily's eyes are unique in the fact that she can change their color at well, between the colors of red, yellow, orange and blue. There is no actual explanation for this and she herself isn't all that curious as to why. Lily is identical to her twin sister Celia and their only difference is in the eye and hair color, along with the body development. Lily has a less developed body than her twin and therefore is able to wear tighter clothing without exposing much. Like her twin, Lily has pronounced fangs that rest upon her bottom lip.

Lily is a fan of wearing tight, black clothing. She adores any type of clothing that can hide her face, namely hoods and cowls. When out on the field, Lily wears a set of light armor that fits nicely around her body. The is a combination of a black and soot gray color, with intricate designs all throughout the armor. The torso piece has the sigil of the Darkson family symbol near the left breast of the armor. Lily also wears a hood that darkens the upper-half of her face considerably. Lily will also wear black paint that she spreads on a horizontal length over her eyes the bridge of her nose. When not on the field, Lily wears a simple black t-shirt with a pair of gray sweat pants and black sneakers. Her hair is also let down, adding to the relaxed state she gives off.

20 years later: Lily has grown into a beautiful young woman, who stands at 5'9" and has matured physically. Her attire remains the same in which she uses dark colors, preferably black, whenever she's out on missions. The theme has changed up a bit as well and rather use a bunch of armor like she used to, Lily now wears more formal "battle-ready" attire. However, since she's constantly on her ship and using the workshop established in it, she wears a dark-gray mechanics outfit and sports a gray undershirt beneath it.

Primary Elements
1.) Darkness
2.) Time
3.) Wind
4.) Plant

History: Lily is the youngest twin while the older is Celia. She and her older twin were inseparable as they were younger and constantly spoke to each other. Even then, Lily was a withdrawn girl, not really speaking to anyone outside of her family. She was quiet and raised with a subtle upbringing. Unlike Marigold, who had to endure the toughness and secrets of the Darkson family, Lily was able to enjoy her life training under her older brother, Gwain Darkson. Much like all of the Darkson children, Lily enjoyed the company of her parents and loved them dearly. Which is why after their deaths, she took it to heart and told herself that she couldn't ever trust their eldest sister again. From then on, Lily trained her mind and body to one day, if she had to, kill Marigold herself.

Lily is considered an expert marksman. Gun, bow, doesn't matter, anything that requires finesse and accuracy she mastered within moments. She even had a knack for using spells and showed this prowess, when she and Schwartz fought one another. Literally a test of time, the two combatants were able to hold their own and were left equally scarred and bloody. She received additional training from Schwartz, who eventually convinced her to forgive her eldest sister. After that, Lily continued to train herself and found herself enjoying the use of firearms and the bow and arrow.

During the 5 Years War, Lily handled the armory of the armies alongside her older brother Gwain. When it came to battle, Lily was always able to infiltrate into fortified enemy positions and take them down from the inside. Many thought her incapable of using magic, however, they were wrong to think so. When Marigold gave the okay to unleash their true power, Lily tapped into a terrible, demonic power. She donned the appearance of a crow and when her wings spread, a most vile and corrupting pestilence swept over the land. The pestilence was so potent, that it decayed, rusted and killed all who stayed within it for a few minutes. Not only that, but the girl created morbid, fleshy armaments that were able to launch the pestilence across the world with stunning speed. Eventually, there wasn't any bones or flesh left on her side of the battlefield, only a veil of death smoke, that when it finally blew away, revealed a very green and habitable land.

Along with her twin, Celia, Lily grew tired of having an easy life. She split her power and left it behind, creating a double of herself and leaving her practically in a weakened state. She traveled with her twin, searching for their elder siblings in the distant and unknown universe.

20 years later: Since the Darkson rule underneath Marigold had ended, Lily separated from the rest of the family and fell off the grid. Her lover, Isis, joined with her. No one really knows why the quiet young lady did such a thing, since she hadn't even told her own twin, Celia,  where it was she was going on. The woman figured it was all for the best, however, and to make sure neither of her family members worried, she'd send them letters or gifts.

Lily, in truth, had been traveling The Lanes In-Between. She had been working on a ship which was completely self-sufficient and was practically its own, miniature planet. This ship housed many of things such a exterior defense systems, interior surveillance grids, probes for use on surveying terrain on other worlds and the like, a mechanical workshop, and many other features. The ship was big, but nothing too fancy, gaudy and in one's face. It sported a sleek, all-black design and its own stealth system, which hid it from every manner of detection.

Besides her marvel of a ship, Lily's main focus were on several things. One, was her lover Isis, who they continued to share passionate moments with one another whenever the mood came over. Second was the need for a neutral force allied to no one, but had the best interest of the worlds in mind. That idea caused her to create the Crows and in turn, the first five members of the neutral party, the Lilies. By utilizing the advancements in the Savior technology, Lily created synthetic beings who were able to blend into human society and sent them out into the worlds and began to pick out the best candidates, who would serve as the members of the Crows.

Once that happened, idea struck the woman again. After creating the Lilies, she turned to her lover and asked her opinion of having children of their own. Met with a positive response, Lily and Isis set about creating their nano-based twins. Taking an idea from her mentor, Roy, the young woman was easily able to replicate the technology that made him unique and tweaked it, so that their children will be born with the ability to think, learn and understand people on an emotional level, right off the bat.

Other Notes: Lily is still a music producer and makes some of the songs Celia likes. She also owns a local nightclub on their home planet and now runs it on The World That Never Was.

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Re: Lily Darkson, the Bullet Dancer

Post by Ophelia on Wed May 06, 2015 5:06 am


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Re: Lily Darkson, the Bullet Dancer

Post by Lily Darkson on Thu Jun 09, 2016 12:28 pm

Updated for time skip

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Re: Lily Darkson, the Bullet Dancer

Post by Faye on Thu Jun 09, 2016 1:34 pm


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Re: Lily Darkson, the Bullet Dancer

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