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Skill-Trees and Summons




Skill-Trees and Summons


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Rudolf Akim

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Rudolf Akim

Post by Dominik Anatolijs on Thu May 07, 2015 3:11 pm

Name: Rudolf Akim

Species: Lich/True Jer



Character (Tier 5) | STR Tier 4(SP) | END Tier 4(SP) | MAG Tier 5(SP) | SPE Tier 4(SP) | AGI Tier 4(SP)

Purpose: Rudolf serves as one of the 7 liches in the Holy Order of Verfluen. The true nature of their works among the worlds is unknown, but with the Jer's history, it cannot be good.

History: Not much is known about the 7 lich high priests of Consacra, and for a good reason. They are a tight knit group, only the highest caliber of Necromancers are even considered for such a position, ad Rudolf is among them. He is one of the only priests that are active among the worlds. Testing the waters of the opposition, and recruiting those whom he sees worthy. However, while he never recruits those into the actual Holy Order, only the True Jer are ever blessed with such a position, but into the collaborative Discipleship of Darkness.

Ability Set:
-Undead: Being undead grants Rudolf immunity to status effects such as poison, paralysis, and sleep. However, the undead are weaker to Fire and Light attacks.
-Lich: Being among the High Priests, becoming a lich is a prerequisite for having such a position. Liches are immune to statuses and attacks that specifically target a source of life such as Ki/Chi/Aura attacks, attacks that target breathing, and attacks that target blood. Upon death, Rudolf will be immediately resurrected where his phylactery is located.
-Presence of Fear: Rudolf carries an aura of Fear wherever he goes, thoroughly intimidating whomever he may cross. This aura invokes Fear upon any opponent within 20’ of him.
-Silence: Rudolf commands the silence of his opponents, preventing spells from being cast by them for 3 posts.
-Necrotic Drain: Rudolf drains the life force from his opponent, doing significant Necrotic/Darkness damage as well as healing himself for that amount.
-Miasma: Rudolf emits a force of miasma and disease around him that extends 30’, dealing significant Poison damage as well as Poisoning the opponent for 4 posts. This Poison does a slight amount of Poison damage for each post it is active.
-Detect Life: Rudolf can detect any living being within 50’ of him.
-Perfect Raise Undead: Rudolf raises 1 to 5 powerful undead that are equivalent to Tier 2 creatures. These undead are armed heavily with large steel tridents and heavy steel armor. Undead conjured by liches do not dissipate until they are defeated.
-Necrotic Healing: A greater Cure spell that only works on undead targets. The target’s wounds, short of dismemberment, are mended and the target’s health is greatly restored. If a living opponent hijacks the healing, the opponent takes near-lethal Necrotic damage.
-Summon: Revenant of a Hero: Rudolf summons a revenant that uses the body and soul of a great hero. The undead has stats equivalent of a Tier 4 creature and is armed with a greatsword as well as wearing scaled armor. Revenants do not dissipate like common undead and their bodies must be burned after they are defeated, lest they be raised again after being fell.

Armory: High Priest’s Blade - A blade forged specifically for the High Priests of the Holy Order. This blade is blessed with the abilities of Verfluen, inflicting cursed wounds on the opponent. If struck by this blade, the opponent will take significant Necrotic damage per post for 4 posts. This wound can not be healed through normal means, and can only be cured if the healer uses Light or Holy magic to cure the wound.
Item Name: Ring of Devotion
Item Type: Ring
Item Abilities: N/A[/b]

Character Tier(II)
MP(350) | DP(4)
STR Tier I(1SP) | END Tier I(2SP) | MAG TierV(10SP) | SPE Tier II(3SP) | AGI Tier I(1SP) | SYNTH Tier II(4SP)

"Chapter 1: Proper Use of a Shovel" - The Book of the Dead


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Re: Rudolf Akim

Post by Veara on Thu May 07, 2015 3:50 pm


Character Tier 5
   MP 535 | DP 14
   STR 10 Tier 5 | END 10 Tier 5 | MAG 10 Tier 5 | SPE 10 Tier  5 | AGI 10 Tier 5 | SYN 0 Tier 0

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