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Kyoki Keshin

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Kyoki Keshin

Post by Kyoki Keshin on Fri May 08, 2015 12:05 am

Name: Kyoki Keshin

Personality: Kyoki is a friendly person who is open mind an kind. He is a person with a big heart. Kyoki is a kind of person who will never give up unless he knows he is beaten. His drive of madness in battle is what makes him so deadly. He will not talk unless he has to but ask questions a lot to make sure he is doing something right. Unless he is being driven by madness. Then his action speck for his words. He is a socially awkward person when around people he is not knowing of. But with friendly comes a price. He is a murder the ones that causes a problem. Every knife in his room is a knife he used to kill someone. He is friendly guy who will help others in need. But cross the line. your good as dead in his book.


Appearance:He has black Shaggy hair. right eye is Midnight blue. Left eye is blood red. he has a toned body. he is 5 8. Pale skin. he has a Doublet Jacket with a High collar. Loose sleeves and a side belt. with it is all in black an black slacks

Primary Elements
1.) darkness
2.) wind
3.) fire
4.) Illusions

History: Kyoki was not a very social person. One day he took a walk into town an saw a women being stabbed to death. He ran to the man and took the man's knife an stabbed him like he did with the women. He looked at the knife as it started to rain. He looked up an laugh in how the knife was such a good thing to kill with. He took that knife ever day into town and one day saw men robbing a bank. Using the knife, he killed them all. A new knife he had. For every person he killed he has a knife for them that he used to kill them with. His parents got worried an sent him to a mental hospital. There in that room, he found out the town was in chaos an his parents were killed. In that room he laughed an laughed. As he was laughing there was a explosion in the back of the room. He was free. He ran to the blade shop and cut him self free. There he found a secret room. He opened it an there were the black Magatama Daggers. He took them an knew these were his new knifes to kill everyone that has done wrong.
Kyoki Keshin

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Re: Kyoki Keshin

Post by Veara on Fri May 08, 2015 2:42 am


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