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Three, the Third Wing of Seraphim

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Three, the Third Wing of Seraphim

Post by Three on Sun May 24, 2015 11:39 pm

Name: Three (real name unknown)
Age: 23
Personality: Three is a sharp-tongued and calloused individual. There are few he trusts and around them, is is fun company to be around, whereas others are fair games to snarky remarks and insults. He is cocky and arrogant, his position as one of the Seraphim wings and upbringing has gone to his head. This, however, doesn't mean he's not humbled and will give respect where respect is due.
Race: Human/Somebody

Appearance: Three is a man who stands at average height with fairly attractive features. He has midnight-blue tinted hair with a curved wisp leading to the right side of his face. The rest of his hair is swept to the right and becomes wilder the closer it gets to the ends. Three has soft facial features, as his eyes can be described as not too big or too small, but big enough to have a puppy dog look to them. His eyes are colored an icy blue. He has a small, thin, rounded nose and thin lips. Body type wise, Three keeps himself toned and isn't overly muscular.

Three's dress style usually has him wearing his signature midnight-blue long coat, with steel pauldrons on the shoulders. Around his neck he wears a necklace with the image of a segmented number "3." The prongs on the top and bottom are separated from the prong in the middle and all share a sharp-edged design. Along with the necklace, Three wears a simple wine-red t-shirt tucked into a pair of black pants, that are reminiscent of Japanese hakama. The pants legs are puffy but the hem of the legs are tucked into a pair of black combat boots. The knees of the pants have metal knee guards with the face of the knee guards having the sigil of the Darkson Army on it. Finishing up his attire, Three sports a pair of brown leather gloves and a silver watch worn on his left wrist.

Primary Elements
1.) Darkness
2.) Space
3.) Fire
4.) Wind


Three is the one and only son of the family that he was born under. There are no official records of who he actually belonged to, due to the deletion of digital files and torching of physical copies pertaining to his birth. What can be traced back, is what has been spoken by him and the many acquaintances that know him.

For lack of better words, Three is a con-artist. His family knew the Darkson family for a long while, but it was only on business terms. Three's family wanted the young man to marry into a family of high class and wealth, so they attempted an arrange marriage for her and the Darkson's eldest child, Marigold Darkson. Needless to say, the arrangements fell through.
The first time a teenage Three met a teenage Marigold, it immediately erupted into a fight, when the young Three insulted the princess about her dress style. Rather than cry like most teenagers her age, Mari proceeded to beat three senselessly. However, the young man wasn't no slouch and soon, a rather destructive fight occurred in the backyard of the Darkson household. No one knows who won the fight and none ever spoke about it after that day.

After the failed marriage attempt, Three's parents sent him off to a boarding school on the other side of the country. There was a sprawling city in which the young man got into a wrong crowd. This wrong crowd taught him how to become a hustler and con-man, allowing him to gain street-sense in the process. Despite the fact he had turned into a morally corrupt delinquent, Three graduated from university. Rather than return to the family who sent him away anyways, he stayed in the city and started his own business.

His business consisted of running underground fight clubs, one-sided poker matches and other unlawful forms of debauchery he could get his hands on. Knowing the dangers of his business, the young Three contacted his old rival, Marigold and asked her for a few favors. Mari was happy to send over some of her martial artist experts, in exchange for a favor that he simply could not refuse when she called for it. Thinking that Mari would eventually fall as some haughty princess, Three took the deal.

After much of his training, Three became a well-rounded individual, a jack of all trades. His weapons of choice were cards he realized he could summon with just a snap of his fingers. Physically, he was an agile and speedy opponent, able to hit them before they could hit him. These strengths eventually went to his head and caused him to take more and more risks, until eventually, he landed into a heap of trouble.
Three had been ambushed and captured by the most powerful mob in the entire Eastern side of the country. He owed them lots and lots of money, that stemmed from the amounts of property damage, hospital bills and funerals the man had given the mob. His life was obviously the only way he could repay them, so they decided to stage a live execution to show those like Three, that the mob weren't people to mess with.

The eve of Three's execution arrived and thanks to his well-placed charm, was able to get one of the women he seduced, to send a coded message to Marigold, asking for yet another favor. When Three was about to be gunned down mercilessly in front of millions, the lights blew out and as if all time had stopped for that moment, every single person in the mob who attended the event was killed. Three was introduced to the Darkson's most trained assassin, Himeiji Homura. Himeiji was cold and emotionless towards Three, to which the man made a series of jokes regarding her looks and appearance. Hime waved off his crap and eventually froze him in a time stasis. She took the man back to the mid-west of the country and he was brought before Marigold, who was in the middle of planning for The 5 Years War.

Mari called in her favor and said that Three was to pledge himself to her and serve as one of her assassins, as well as the person who jump-started miniature businesses to help supplement her own. Three was against the idea at first, but after successful "convincing" from Marigold, Three immediately retracted all words he said and pledged himself. For the entirety of The 5 Years War, Three worked as a business investor, a con-artist, an information broker and much more. His actions alone allowed Marigold to swiftly get rid of political and business enemies. When the war finally ended, Three was offered the choice to start his new life, after Mari erased all records of him and obliterated the Eastern mobs to ensure his safety, should he decide to leave.

Three decided to stay, feeling like in the last 5 years, he had done a lot more with his life, than the first 18 of it anyhow. Since then, Three has worked alongside the other 6 Wings of Seraphim and served as the mascot to the Darkson companies. Eventually, a call was put out from Marigold to come to a new land in order to help assist in her expansion of business territory.

A new land ripe with potential people to scam, have sex with and generally be an ass around pleased Three greatly. The man smiled and agreed to go, but was extremely displeased when he found out he was sharing the journey with Himeiji. After they boarded the ship, Three put himself in a happy place, where he didn't have to think about the coldness of Himeiji, who crept him out on a whole new level after the wars.

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Re: Three, the Third Wing of Seraphim

Post by Veara on Sun May 24, 2015 11:49 pm


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