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Skill-Trees and Summons




Skill-Trees and Summons


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MH Walkthrough: Creating Your Character

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Character Creation

Post by Information Moogle on Mon May 25, 2015 12:30 am

Creating a character is the first step any member must take before being able to RP. It is the easiest creation of yours to get approved, though may be the most difficult thing for you to make. When staff looks at your character, they're only checking to make sure that your character makes sense within the Mirage Hearts reality. With that in mind, you otherwise have full creative control over your character. Your character should also be made thoughtfully, as it is who you'll be using to interact with other members, and in a small way, who will represent you.

The amount of primary of elements a character can have varies on the species of the character. However, every character must have at least one element, which is their Heart Element. A Somebody can have a maximum of three primary elements (at the start), and only one of them can be an Advanced Element due to their powerful nature. You can use any of the Primal elements freely to fill the rest of your Primary elements as you see fit. A Heartless can only use three primary elements, though two of them can be Combination Elements. A Nobody can use only two elements, and can only have Nothingness as their Heart Element. Characters are also free to utilize Primal elements that are not listed under their four chosen elements, but not as skillfully or complexly. There is more details and a list of elements in the appropriate section below.

Characters must be humanoid/anthropomorphic. They can be of any species, but they must ultimately be humanoid in form. Since Mirage Hearts is a more story-based site, we can be a bit more lenient with this ruling, but it ultimately falls under special circumstances. Creating a non-humanoid character, such as a dragon or tiger, would be incompatible with the meta. If you wish to have a non-humanoid character, you can make it into a summon or through a transformation.

Every character's tier at the beginning will be at Tier 1. In terms of your physical state, you are just an average human (although your skin is more durable, but you still feel the same amount of pain as a normal human would). You can make a handful of simple abilities and you have a little bit of magic to use them with. The weapons you make are basic, non-magical weapons. Keep this in mind when you first RP, so you know your limits. But do not fret, as once you get going, you'll find yourself growing more powerful, exponentially.

As mentioned previously, while creating your character and their story, make sure it makes sense. Every character application is read and examined thoroughly. If the existence of your character is impossible, or if they have a contradictory back story, they will be denied. However, if you feel as though you have solid reasoning, you are free to argue your character's legitimacy with the staff.

If you find yourself stuck or don't understand something, feel free to ask any staff member via PM, or try to catch someone in the chat box. While we may tell you 'no' sometimes, that is only to make sure things are consistent and fair. Ultimately, we are here to help you. Our job is to maintain the site and make sure that the community is able to enjoy themselves here as much as possible. We encourage you to ask questions if you have them.

You may have multiple characters, however you can only have one character for one account. You cannot have multiple characters on the same account.
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Post by Information Moogle on Mon May 25, 2015 12:31 am

The Mirage Hearts is considered an Kingdom Heart AU, or Alternate Universe. What this means is that while we are in the same universe as the Kingdom Hearts franchise, there several differences in major events where our universe is ultimately different than the original, canon KH universe. Some major events may have had a different outcome, or not have happened at all. Consequences and results may have also been different, leading to a different evolution of the universe and history. For example, perhaps Traverse Town had fallen to Darkness before Sora arrived, so it, too, fell into Darkness. This would be catastrophic, as that would mean any survivors of fallen worlds would have no place to go, and Sora would have never been able to leave Destiny Islands when it fell.

Altered Events of Importance:

  • The Keyblade War still ended with the X-Blade never truly being forged, however several things about it happened differently
  • There were less causalities, causing Keyblade wielders to be more common
  • The Keyblade Warriors of Darkness used more extreme tactics to obtain Kingdom Hearts, which led to the much earlier arrival of Heartless as well as the early creation of the End of the World, which continued to remain after the war
  • Due to the earlier appearance of Heartless, Nobodies of fallen Keyblade wielders started to appear and take part in the Keyblade War. They created the World That Never Was as they attempted to call forth their own Kingdom Hearts
  • Master Xehanort was never born. This means Ventus never had his heart split and ultimately never took sanctuary in Sora's heart
  • Master Eraqus turned Land of Departure into Castle Oblivion before mysteriously disappearing. He left before he would have taken in Aqua and Terra as pupils
  • Emblem/Artificial Heartless started to appear a few years before the current era, much earlier than their original appearance. The origins of their creation is currently unknown
  • Shortly before the current era, a mysterious man traveled from world to world, killing people of wealth or in positions of power. This has caused many worlds to be leaderless and to have chosen different leaders in a time of desperation. Many worlds still do not have a leader
  • The site takes place during the same era Birth By Sleep would have happened

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Slots in Relation to Stats and Character Tiers

Post by Information Moogle on Mon May 25, 2015 12:39 am

Slots are essentially the experience points of the site. Each and every character will start out with exactly 40 slots (the only exception to this rule, are Legacy Characters). Slots are generally used for everything that has to deal with your character, such as tier increases, weapons, summons and abilities. The maximum amount of slots are 40 and there is no possible way to increase the amount of slots you have.

Stats are the six attributes your character has that are improved the more they're leveled. Stats are dictated by a tier system, similar to Character Tiers. Every character starts out at tier one and the max tier they can reach is tier five. To attain the next tier of a stat, you must put a single Slot into raising said stat into the next tier. Each Slot is equivalent to one stat tier.

There is a cap, however, to how many Slots can be given to any one character. A character can completely max out on stat points through the use of their slots, which totals to 24 slots being used and a remainder of 16 slots left over. The place where you record your tier increases can be found on the Tier Sheet.

Your signature, which is attached to every post you make, must contain the information pertaining to your MP, GP, stats, and character tier. This is so that anybody you RP with is aware of where your character is at. Your signature is also the place where you keep track of your tiers, so it will have to be updated as well. As long as you have this information, you are free to put whatever else you want on your signature. You can also arrange or write it anyway you want if it makes sense.

Edit 4/30/16: As of the next update which launches 5/1/16, there will no longer be a need for AP to be used to upgrade stats. All stat points will be distributed through a newly revamped slot system.
Character Tier(I)
MP(50) | GP(2)
STR 1 | END 1 | MAG 1 | SYN 1 | SPE 1 | AGI 1

[center]Character Tier(CHARACTER TIER)
STR Tier(SP) | END Tier(SP) | MAG Tier(SP) | SYN Tier(SP) | SPE Tier(SP) | AGI Tier(SP)[/center]
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Post by Information Moogle on Mon May 25, 2015 12:41 am

Typically, characters are a Somebody, meaning they are some form of humanoid with intelligence resembling that of a regular, healthy human. While they may not always be human or may be human with some variations, they are ultimately defined as a Somebody because they have a heart. If you're familiar at all with the Kingdom Hearts franchise, the heart is extremely important. It is extremely valuable and powerful. It allows you to feel emotions and it connects you to all the people you've made bonds with. Your heart is what makes you a Somebody.

  • They are capable of attaining the legendary Keyblade, if they prove worthy enough.
  • They are only capable of having Darkness or Light as their heart element.
  • A somebody may start with an additional Heart, granting them both Heart Elements. Doing so will sacrifice one of their other primary slots to fill it. Alternatively, a Somebody may have a plot later down the line to gain a second Heart, which will not cost them one of their primary slots. A common way to do this to have a Nobody whose Heart is nearly regrown re-merge with it's Heartless.
  • When a Heartless and a Nobody re-merge into a Somebody, the Somebody will retain the stat points of the Nobody. It may potentially inherit aspects of both such as spells, and skill trees of either entity. The Somebody will not retain World Chosen status.
  • A somebody with the Heart element of Darkness can passively call Heartless. How many and what kind are based on their character tier.
  • Somebodies are the only race capable of wielding a Keyblade.

While a Somebody is not the most unique or versatile of the starting races, they are the most basic and easiest to understand, as well as one of the easiest to maintain. It is a recommended class for Newcomers to the system for learning purposes.
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Pureblood and Emblem Heartless

Post by Information Moogle on Mon May 25, 2015 12:42 am

Heartless in general all have shared traits, despite their origin. While usually mindless and monstrous in appearance, some Heartless are produced on occasion who bear an incredibly humanoid shape. In fact, they retain a human appearance and their human intelligence. These are called Pseudo-Heartless. When a Somebody succumbs to the darkness of their own volition and willingly becomes a Heartless, they retain their humanoid form. This form may be strong or weak depending on the darkness in the user's heart at the time of their submission.

Usually, players that become a Pseudo-Heartless gain no substantial benefits. If they gave up their heart for selfless reasons, they are functionally a Somebody. They don't lose any of the things they had in their previous life. Certain powerful sources of light or individuals whose Hearts have close ties to those who have become Heartless can influence Purebloods (such as shadows) to regain human shape, restoring them to their original functionality. In rare cases, characters that had fully embraced the darkness, when they become Heartless, are greatly empowered by it. This post will henceforth define benefits those characters get.

There are two main kinds of Heartless: Pureblood Heartless and Emblem Heartless.

Pureblood Heartless are esoteric beings of darkness. While they are named Heartless, this is actually a misnomer. Heartless are hearts manifesting their darkness in a physical form, but due to their emotionless behavior were dubbed Heartless. These Heartless are most commonly encountered in the Realm of Darkness or areas close to darkness. They do not have a wide variety of discovered forms, and always have eyes that are either glowing yellow or golden in coloration.

  • They can use Corridors of Darkness passively
  • They are unaffected by abilities that play off of emotions
  • They absorb Darkness damage for Health
  • They can possess inanimate objects and modify their form to suit their needs
  • Their Heart Element must be Darkness
  • They can track Keyblades across all worlds passively
  • When in areas of darkness, they gain a severe power increase
  • All of their spells are augmented with Darkness passively
  • Unless destroyed by a Keyblade, Heartless revive as though they have immortality (but will always resurrect in an area close to the Darkness).
  • When a character becomes a Pureblood heartless, it retains the original being's character tier, stat points, and applicable items such as their synthesis. They will not retain World Chosen status.
  • They must choose one less element than normal, but one of the elements they can choose may be a Combination element without any prerequisites.
  • Pureblood Heartless can control all other Heartless as though they are effectively one character tier higher than their current tier.
  • They can determine a person's character tier by sensing their heart.

Emblem Heartless are esoteric beings of darkness. They are artificially created shells of darkness that are based on the behavior of true Heartless. They are more diverse than standard Pureblood forms, coming in a variety of shapes and colors based on the world they inhabit. These are the Heartless most commonly encountered in the Realm of Light, as this was the Realm in which they were created. While the first Emblem Heartless were created through artificial means, Hearts they devour subsequently become other Emblem Heartless if not stored eternally inside of themselves.

  • They can use Corridors of Darkness passively
  • They can choose any one of their four primary elements to be absorbed for Health instead of receiving damage.
  • Their Heart element must be Darkness
  • They can track Keyblades passively across all worlds
  • All of their spells are augmented with Darkness
  • Unless destroyed by a Keyblade, they revive as though they have Immortality.
  • When a character becomes an Emblem Heartless,  it retains the original being's character tier, stat points, and applicable items such as their synthesis. They will not retain World Chosen status.
  • Emblem Heartless are effectively one tier higher than their character tier when controlling Heartless
  • They can determine a person's character tier by sensing their Heart.

In the case a Somebody turns into a Psuedo-Heartless, or vice versa, the player will need to create a new character for them. This character will be of equivalent tier to the somebody.
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Post by Information Moogle on Mon May 25, 2015 12:43 am

When a Heart succumbs to Darkness, what remains of the shell?

Usually, they'll just fade away into the abyss... But sometimes if the individual whose heart was stolen is strong enough then the shell remains, animated by the soul. Usually these husks are malformed and twisted, representing the weaker wills that only just managed to avoid fading away. Unlike their counterparts, Nobodies tend to look human when they are powerful. When a very strong willed individual has their heart stolen the body survives with little to no aesthetic changes.

While Nobodies do lack Hearts, they are shown to grow hearts of their own as they become more self aware. Despite initially starting out as emotionless, borderline automaton in nature they tend to quickly regain facets of their previous personality or develop completely new ones. All Nobodies are created in realms that are stationed in-between the light and darkness, such as Twilight Town or The World that Never Was. As a result, Nobodies are not usually capable of wielding either the light or darkness. Because of their technical non-existence, they are the only beings capable of utilizing nothingness.

  • Nobodies lose the ability to manipulate light and darkness. Instead, they gain Nothing as their element.
  • Nobodies are not subject to the effects of emotion-based abilities or skills..
  • Nobodies can passively use Corridors of Nothing.
  • Nobodies choose one primal, advanced, or combination element when they are born and that element becomes their only primary aside from Nothing. The Nobody is passively immune to that second primary element. They can only use spells that are aligned with that element or Nothing, and none of their spells are required to cost MP.
  • Nobodies start with a second skill tree. They will still gain an additional skill-tree at T4.
  • When a character becomes a Nobody it will retain the Somebody's tiers and it can potentially inherit the Somebody's spells and skill trees. It will not retain World Chosen status.
  • Nobodies can use Corridors of Nothingness.

In the case a Somebody turns into a Nobody, or vice versa, the player will need to create a new character for them, or return to the original.
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Post by Information Moogle on Mon May 25, 2015 12:48 am

On Mirage Hearts, there are a plethora of elements available to use. A single element can be used in seemingly infinite ways, and it can be combined with other elements to produce even more. You are capable of using any element, however you can only have mastery over four, known as your primary elements. Using an element you haven't mastered will use a lot of magic and will only be simple in nature and design. Primary elements take less magic and can be used in complex ways. Advanced elements are an exception to this. You can only use one advanced element, that being whatever you pick as a primary.

Heart Elements are the alignment of the Character's heart. While this may have very little to do with what they believe or ultimately how they behave, the Heart Element of a character will automatically take up one of the four primaries a character can select.

Heart Elements:
Light: This is the element that represents order and protection. Commonly used by heroes to defend against the forces of evil and chaos. The primary ability of this element is reflection: the ability to repel all. Reflect spells are incredibly powerful and capable of returning spells and abilities many times their own power. This element can still be used offensively, though defense is it's primary focus.

Dark: This is the element that represents chaos and destruction. Commonly used by anti-heroes and villains to assault the forces of good and order. They primary ability of this element is empowerment: the ability to render all more powerful. This element gives one the ability to cast spells such as "Dark Firaga" which they would not otherwise be able to use, in addition to using the darkness to physically empower themselves as well. This can still be used defensively, though offense is it's primary focus.

Nothing: This is the element that represents peace and oblivion. The exclusive tool of Nobodies, this element is used ironically to prove one's existence. The primary ability of this element is negation: the ability to render all non-existent. This element allows an individual to directly negate any form of magic that it can overcome, or weaken it as to pervert its original power and purpose. This element is versatile and lacks a primary focus.

Nothing is a type of Non-elemental magic, the other being a so far unnamed element that all casters who designate their spells N/E or N/A have access to. Nothing is a far more powerful variant of this magic though, containing within itself the inherent property of magical negation. It also contains the ability to cause the caster to become invisible and intangible. While Moon is the primary element for manipulating memories, Nothing can be used to censor the user out of the memories of others by replacing them with something that makes sense. Usually, this would prompt the individual's mind to come up with this on their own. People with the moon element are inherently immune to effects of this nature.

Primal Elements are elements that are linked to a force of nature rather than a person's heart. They have a variety of applications and forms, though each one is unique in what it brings. Each element is also weak to and strong against another element or elements on the table.

Primal Elements:
Fire: An offensive element meant to burn and scorch foes. Also allows control of heat. Strong against Ice, Plant and Metal weak towards Water, Earth and Wind.

Ice: A versatile element meant to freeze and chill the opposition. Also allows control of cold. Strong against Plant, Thunder, Water and Metal but weak to Fire.

Thunder: A powerful offensive element primarily used to attack multiple opponents. Plant, Water, and Metal but weak to Earth.

Wind: A versatile element used to control the battlefield and manipulate things into one's favor. Strong against Fire, Ice, and Earth but weak towards Thunder.

Plant: A versatile element with great capacity to act as a support in the field that favors the creative. Strong against Earth and Water but weak against Fire, Ice, and Metal.

Metal: A versatile element with great capacity to act as both an offensive and defensive element. Strong against Earth and Plant but weak towards Fire, Ice, Thunder and Water.

Earth: A potent, defensive element, with great crowd-control and splash damage. Strong against Fire, Wind, and Thunder, but vulnerable to Water, and Plant.

Water: A versatile element with leanings towards defense and support. Strong against Fire, Earth and Metal but weak against Plant, Ice, and Thunder.

Advanced Elements aren't derived from nature so much as they are manifestations of powerful concepts and ideas. These elements have no apparent strengths or weaknesses, but their applications have extremely vast potential. Each person can only have one advanced element.

Advanced Elements:
Time: A powerful element that controls aspects of time. It focuses on controlling the battlefield and opponents through stopping, slowing, or reversing their moves while hastening ones allies. It can be used to create openings for escape or attack, based on the situation. Time Magic is thus far the only element capable of casting spells that are an automatic auto-hit. It is also one of the highest cooldown types of magic. Users with a proficiency in Time are immune to Time.

Illusions: A powerful element that casts illusions.

Space: A powerful element that controls aspects of space. Characters who utilize space have the natural ability to teleport around the field.

Moon: A powerful element that embodies the esoteric aspects of the Moon. Moon passively increases the effectiveness of light, darkness, and water. Moon has no resistance to itself, instead passively detecting illusion of any strength, and not being deceived. Awareness is always the same, but the act of knowing doesn't negate the illusion or reduce its effects. Moon may be used to manipulate age, gender, blood, madness, confusion, sleep, and limited manipulation of emotional control, and the subconscious mind. Moon may be used to heal or resurrect, shapeshift, banish, transmute and induce sleep. Moon cannot be used as a method of divination or as a conduit to perform acts of spying on characters, without really having to be there (metagaming).

Combination Elements are created when two or more elements comes together to create a new element with different properties from both. If a person has chosen the elements required to make them, they can be used for Skill-trees as though they were actual elements.

Combination Elements:
Magnet: A form of magic that manipulates magnetic waves. It is made up of Electricity and Metal.

Magma: Similar to Molten, with the main difference being that Magma is natural. Molten could not control the magma within the earth, while Magma can. It is made up of Fire and Earth.

Glass: A beautiful form of Magic that utilizes glass as it's primary style. It is made up of Fire and Earth, but the effects can be simulated using metal and water.

Smoke: A choking element that is borne of destruction. It is made up of Fire and Plant.

Rust: A corroding element that is borne of decay. It is made of Water and Metal.

Wildfire: A more powerful variant of the Fire Element. It is made of Fire and Wind.

Storm: A scorching element that is borne of thunder and wind, this is a overclocked aspect of lightning magic, mixing it with wind to create laser like beams of lightning.

Steam: A cleansing element borne of water and fire, this magic is used as a natural counter to smoke.

Blizzard: A smothering element borne of ice and wind, this magic is used to smother flames, and cover earth with ice.

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Re: MH Walkthrough: Creating Your Character

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