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Skill-Trees and Summons




Skill-Trees and Summons


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Alternate Species Empty Alternate Species

Post by Information Moogle on Mon May 25, 2015 1:27 am

Table of Contents
[ Programs ]

[ Directory ]
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Alternate Species Empty Programs

Post by Information Moogle on Mon May 25, 2015 1:30 am

What does information look like within a computer?

Information passing through an online server takes on a variety of different forms. The most prominent by far are humanoid constructs known as Programs. As their name suggests they are embodiments of layers of code which perform designated functions to maintain the Datascape. Functions are downloaded into a program’s hardware at the day of creation. Hardware referring to a Program’s Identity Disc.

Identity Discs are equipped to Programs upon their creation. They are a necessary part of their design as these disc are essentially their life force. Everything a program is, does, learns, and knows is on their Identity Disc. Without one a Program can progressively become a piece of corrupted code which can put them at risk with the system’s mainframe. There are generally two options for programs that are without Identity Discs. They will either be reformatted with a new disc and new functions to be reintegrated back into the system or they will be immediately deleted from the altogether.

Programs who are deleted by means of intentional, accidental, or criminal deresolution are able to be recalled. Upon being deleted their structural code is saved within a specified memory bank while their Identity Disc is deleted with them. This means they can never truly “die” they are just consider inactive. Programs who have been deleted may be recalled at the discretion of the current Master Control Program. However, if a Program is recalled only their structural code is brought back. Which means they will look the same as they did before but they must be issued a new Identity Disc with a brand new set of functions. They lose all information that was recorded on their previous disc.

Program Types and Circuit Colors

When created Programs are designated to a classification of type. This is known as a "Program Type". Program Types are dictated by the intended purpose and functions of the specified Program being made and often defines many of their personal features. Their given type can influence their abilities, lifestyle, personality, and perspective views on society. As well as their Identity Discs and Circuitry Colors. Circuitry Colors are important as they are recognized as a representation of a Program's position in society. The following colors and classifications are the known officials at this time:

- BASICs: The common design of the Digital Realm. BASIC programs are either created by users or other programs to perform a simple task. They treat this task as humans would a daily job. Their existences in the Datascape is the most resemblant to that of ordinary human culture. They are considered the general public. Their known circuitry color is Light Blue.

- Sentry: The program equivalent of militant forces. These are programs that have either been created or reformatted to serve as a source of security to the system. Though they can be called upon for the sake of war or other combative opportunities as needed. These forces are many and vary in specializations. Where some Sentry units might be front line fighters with bulky armor and heavy weapons others might be stealth operatives that can navigate the skies with wing packs and other light equipment. They generally serve under the command of high ranking commander programs or in other cases under the direct guidance of the MCP in person. Their known circuitry color is Orange.

- Rogues: These are programs that are known to act and think of their own accord regardless of any societal influence. Unlike other programs who put uniform faith in Users or the MCP as a religious means. They believe in other methods, events, or perceptions that in their own opinions bring about an ideal digital experience beyond that of the community's accepted standard. Though far from the notion of anarchistic some do show signs of detest for the norms maintained by the general populace. Their known circuitry color is Red.

- Viruses: Highly corrupted code that is either created in failed executions or that has infected an already existing program. It develops to such an unstable level that it can corrupt other strings of data by merging with it. This includes parts of the Datascape and even other programs. ISOs can also be affected by them as well. They often keep themselves well hidden from society as being discovered would mean immediate deresolution though they take pride in striking fear across the system one attack at a time. The longer they remain unstoppable the more hysterical they've been known to become. This is due to the severe instability of their code which causes them to deteriorate both mentally and physically over time. The aesthetic design of their circuits become wild and scar-like. Their known circuitry color is Yellow.

- ADMINs: High ranking programs with privileges and functions beyond that of any other type. They are programs of attention that serve to maintain order in the system and it's society. Most were programs that already existed and showed exceptional promise in some respect. It is rare to find a program that is created for the purpose of becoming an ADMIN based type. A grand majority if not all are hand selected by and take direct commands from the MCP in person. Due to their nature of designation their known circuitry color tends to match that of the MCP which is Lime Green.

Though these colors are for the classification of Program units. When a User enters the Datascape their Light Suit circuit colors may progressive match one of the above to reflect their intentions as person while in the system.

General Program Traits

  • Programs are created without Hearts, and thus do not start with a Heart Element. This is replaced with the element "Data", which allows them to interact with the Datascape in interesting ways when utilized, called Commands. Programs do not require their Identity Disk to be present when executing their Commands.
  • Programs must always have an Identity Disc in order to properly function within the Datascape. This Idenity Disk functionally records their knowledge and progress, and without it they can not keep gained strength, get new permissions, and run the risk of becoming corrupted into Viruses. If a Program is destroyed, the Identity Disk and the data that it uploads to the Datascape Cloud can be used to restore them to their last known recorded state. Moreover, if a User or Program gains access to the Program's Identity Disk, they can use Commands to fundamentally change that program.
  • Programs can not normally enter the Realm of Light or Realm of Darkness. However, given the unusual states of the Realm of Sleep and the Realm of Nothing, Programs may potentially travel between these Realms and the Datascape if they have the means to do so. However, a Program usually can only exist in the physical world through a medium, which could be anything from a mere computer to a complex robot body. However, they can be called and projected through magic or other forms of energy at least temporarily.
  • Programs are capable of inhabiting any digital space as though it is the Datascape. They can become the MCP of these digital spaces and take control of them, but to do so must delete/derezz the program currently in control of that space, if one exists. They can not just immediately take control, and if they are in a new space must understand that some of their commands could possible not function correctly or as well based on variations in coding and the available space within the digital world's memory.

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