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Axel Rover

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Axel Rover

Post by Axel Rover on Sat May 30, 2015 1:39 pm

Name: Axel Rover
Age: 23
Species: Somebody/Human

Primary Elements
1.) Light
2.) Wind
3.) Fire
4.) Illusion

Personality: Axel is an adventurer and observer before anything else, being amazed by every new things he spots, or any new location he explores. He is generally a nice person who can easily make friends when he wants to. Axel is also very laid-back, and it takes a lot to get him angry. It is because his father Alex taught him that sometimes the world can be cruel, and you can't get super emotional about everything. He gives everyone the benefit of the doubt if they seem to be mean and un-friendly,  since that personality may just be a defense. Whenever Axel does get angry, sad, or has any other kind of negative emotion inside of him, he usually holds it back so that it won't get in the way of anything he is currently doing. He may talk about them to a really close friend however.

Though he can be friendly, Axel doesn't let any kind of relationship get in the way of a mission he is currently on. Whatever he needs to do, he will do it even if it means a relationship will be broken, because his father also taught him that you can't let anything get in the way of success.

Axel won't forgive any who hurt him or his friends, and will mercilessly and aggressively attack you with piled-up anger. He will also fight you if it is necessary and part of a quest he is currently on, or you have something he wants, in which he asks kindly first, and if denies then fiercely atracks. He has no problem with killing if he truly needs to.


History: Not much is known about the first three years of Axel's life, since his adoptive parents found him while they were walking around Traverse Town. He appeared sleeping next to a portal that suddenly closed upon the two seeing him, meaning that the world the toddler came from was obviously consumed by heartless, and it seemed that Axel was the only survivor.  Alex Rover and Sylvia Rover were the names of Axel's new parents, and they raised him like he was related by blood.

Being the only child, Axel's mother spoiled him a lot, getting him anthing he wanted, though there wasn't a lot that he found grasping, that money could buy at least. Axel spent most of his time adventuring around the perma-night world of Traverse Town. Sometimes he would even get past the guards that stopped people from getting to the heartless-infested areas in order to study them more, in which the boy would then have to get saved by those same guards, last second most of the time. No matter how much his elders told him to stop his recklessness however, he just would not listen. The person he respected most of all was his father, who unlike his mother was very hard on him, and taught him how to survive, by teaching him the basics of fighting as well as every-day life skills. He played with the other kids, but most f the time he was out training.

Once Axel turned sixteen his parents taught him the  family business, which was an item shop that sold anything the family could get their hands on. After years of this however, Axel decided that he wanted to explore the universe after reading books about other worlds. His mother objected, but eventually his father talked her down, saying it was a good chance for him to find his own way in life, so Axel began building a gummi ship and began flying across worlds.

Other Notes: N/A

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Axel Rover

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Re: Axel Rover

Post by Keyblade Warrior Terra on Sat May 30, 2015 3:03 pm

You sir, are good to go!


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