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Skill-Trees and Summons




Skill-Trees and Summons


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Copper Steals Smiles Empty Copper Steals Smiles

Post by Copper on Wed Jun 10, 2015 12:37 am

Keep a Smile: Copper is able to tap into the inner desires of others. To use this in a competitive sense, there is a cooldown. otherwise, he can passively tap into the minds of others (with permission when needed). This allows him to induce positive feelings or negative, or actively place them in a trance where they see what they desire most. Generally the medium of indication is toss of some mystical dust, however there has to be some sort of physical medium in place as the indicator.
Base Ability Cool Down: 12 Posts CD

Tier One
Desire of Death: Copper may use his touch to conduct his will, creating a trail of decay across metal that continues on until the metallic structure falls or it travels across an area of 15 meters. Used against a somebody that contains iron in their body causes their iron levels to drop drastically, given that their Endurance is equal to or lower than his Character Tier. This effect on somebodies only lasts a post, before iron levels return to normal. This does slight damage to somebodies. | 4 Posts CD
Desire:Copper channels his ability to induce happiness into those around them, tearing away the need for violence. He, too, resists violence. For those that can resist significantly, they can choose to allow this into their heart or disregard it. | 4 Posts CD
Fleeting Pleasures: Copper is forgotten by those beside himself affected by his abilities if they induce positive feelings.
Crush the Desire: Those affected by abilities inducing happiness will reverse their effects, causing slight damage per ability inducing such a feeling. | 4 Posts CD
Can I Feel it With You?: Copper, if affected by his own abilities, becomes pacifistic, which enables this ability to create mirages of himself, concealing his real self from those of equal or lower character tier. He can create up to 1 mirage per post per Character tier.

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Copper Steals Smiles Empty Re: Copper Steals Smiles

Post by Ophelia on Wed Jun 10, 2015 2:13 am

Keep A Smile - This seems to be in between Moon and Illusion, inducing feelings is very plausible for moon but to the point where someone sees what they want is an issue, seems like something illusion would induce. The trouble with mood manipulation is it is limited, so making someone feel positive or negative is almost entirely up to the situation(competitively)... But if you wish to keep this that is fine. If you remove the illusion part, I'd see it fine for a 6 post cooldown.

Desire of Death - By decay I'm assuming you mean rust, no need to change anything just reiterating.

Desire - Again with mood manipulation, making someone resist violence when you've just killed their mother isn't going to help you out much (extreme situation) if you use this. Just letting you know, otherwise its fine.

Fleeting Pleasure - So if someone is made to think positively by you or thinks positively, they forget you. Correct?

Crush the Desire - How will this cause damage to someone?/What kind of damage is caused?

Can I Feel It With You? - Again a mix of moon and illusion, which I am not cool with. You can not make mirages or clones of yourself/anything if you're using moon. Unless you're in the Realm of Sleep which I don't think you're aiming for here.

Character Tier 5
600MP | 10GP
STR: 4 | END: 5 | MAG: 5 | SPE: 5 | AGI: 4 | SYN: 1

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Copper Steals Smiles Empty Re: Copper Steals Smiles

Post by Copper on Wed Jun 10, 2015 3:06 pm

Since I don't know if I can accomplish what I'm aiming for here, I'm going to put this on hold. I will either make a new skill tree or request to go through this. It's difficult deciding between Moon and Illusion as the things I need are split between them.

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Copper Steals Smiles Empty Re: Copper Steals Smiles

Post by Sponsored content

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