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Down to the Core [Open]

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Down to the Core [Open]

Post by Guest on Wed Jun 10, 2015 1:51 am

Graced walls of sculpted ivory. White rooms as blank as the memories of those rumored to have ever stepped foot inside. Thirteen floors of mythical phenomena and countless unknown levels to the grounds below. A colorless sea of mysteries wrapped in an enigma of ominous power. A silent guard between the realms that yearned for nothing as dictated by it's given rights. In the eyes of a beholder long since familiar. There was only one name to the claim. Castle Oblivion.

At the step of two large doors. Both matched in color and as elegantly designed as the structure to which it belonged. A lone person approached across a dirt path seemingly floating atop thin air. In fairness the whole manner appeared to do so on end. One plot of land suspended endlessly in a dimension all its own. Thus was the fate of being trapped between the realms. Limbo as it were. One could almost feel sorry for it, if not for the lack of sentience or as anyone would suggest. The castle and it's inner chambers suggested otherwise. A teeming sensation that life was abundant but merely dormant in wait for something worth while.

No matter, the person merely placed a hand in the center of the two doors. Which as she pushed against with some strength slowly creaked open to reveal the foyer she had been expecting. Dressed in a simplistic arrangement of a shirt, shoes, pants and a jacket. Her appearance spoke scientist with the sweater and lab coat combination. The glasses she wore only emphasizing on the nerdly impression as she stepped forward into the room. The bottom of her lab coat fluttering lightly behind as she did so.

In the middle of it all she took a second to look around. Everything exactly the way she remembered it. Which wasn't hard in the slightest. The building was far from expanding nor changing in any stretch of time. Especially so given the current timeline she was locked in. As she did breathe the musty scent of stone and paint filled her noise. A clear reminder of traffic or rather a lack there of. Not often were these halls granted the privilege company. On this day she was here to indulge such an occurrence.

Far from personal desire as this place brought about more unsavory memories than preferable one. No instead she was here with a purpose. Which given personal distaste was more often then case than not. One step, two step, closer and closer she inched to the second door across the way. In her stride stopping at the edge of the steps as she placed a hand on the marble railing. The other free arm coming up and around as she looked down to a plain old wrist watch.

As she did look a sigh escaped between her pale lips. Her head sinking slightly as her eyes rolled before closing. In that moment she spoke as if diercted at herself in a display of disappointment. "He's always late."


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