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Tendencies you have in character creation?

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Tendencies you have in character creation?

Post by Charisma on Fri Jun 12, 2015 7:31 pm

So, I've noticed that I have a lot of things I reused from character to character. Not like huge concepts but little details. Like all of my characters tend to be girls, have tragic pasts, whiny, wealthy, stunningly gorgeous and perfect in every way, shorter than 5'6, or their parents tend to work in the medical field (Surgeons is a big one), and curiosity as well as asking a lot of questions is something that a few of my characters do have. Most of them also share my negative personality traits: Stubborn, Territorial, Easily Angered, Have a martyr complex, etc.

If I made a male, he will act pretty feminine and have a tragic past because I can't write males for shit. They always have dark hair, blue or green eyes, and pierced ears. While most are self-entitled and whiny, my other ones are territorial and overbearing.

So, what kind of details do you put in some or maybe all of your characters? It can be characters on forums or your rough drafts. And hey! Maybe they share your looks, personality traits, height, or type of apparel. Smile

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Re: Tendencies you have in character creation?

Post by Jasper Poe on Fri Jun 12, 2015 7:37 pm

• All males
• All have long hair (in some shape or form)
• I try to be goofy, at least a little, in all that I make or share

That's it for me!


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Jasper Poe
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Re: Tendencies you have in character creation?

Post by Kaleido_Krystal on Fri Jun 12, 2015 7:38 pm

I usually go for optimistic-ish roles. Not that I can't play others, but I have my preferences.

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Re: Tendencies you have in character creation?

Post by Lenneth on Fri Jun 12, 2015 8:29 pm


  • Tends to have some affiant for charisma based skills

    Tends to naturally always be super attractive

    Tends to be players and hopeless romantics

    Tends to dislike females for the way sociality favours them and shits on guys unless they follow certain idiotic norms

    Tends to have outfits that are designed mostly for the character not for any appeal reasons

    Tends to be mages or magically gifted

    Tends to start off as innocent by is corrupted

    Tends to mask themselves as one dimensional till I rp them more and show more of their story


  • Tends to be older females with more life experiences

    Tends to already certain history points write in their paths, their families are still alive, they have childeren etc etc

    Tends to be independent women that don't like over dependence on anyone or tend to be loners in general

    Usually warrior based fighters normally or rouge types

    Often played like motherly figures

    Victorian fashion seems to be my favourite style for them so far

    Blue or brown or sliver hair tones I tend to go for

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The La Vaeas Of Darkness

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Re: Tendencies you have in character creation?

Post by Zienna on Sat Jun 13, 2015 2:59 am

Well, I got multiple tendencies when it comes to characters.

What males and females share:

  • I mostly make neutral characters, and sometimes a few villains. There's enough heroes to go around, and the dark side often needs a boost in manpower. And being bad is fun!
  • Uh... They follow certain themes
  • Wow... I thought there were more...


  • They're usually loners most of the time, but have a sense of social needs, but only when it's required. They won't go around saying 'Hi' to anyone who didn't even remotely catch their interests.
  • I don't know why, but I opt to give them dark back stories, like Zulu. Usually they'd die and come back as something else, or have changed a little or a lot, depending on if it makes sense or not. If it doesn't happen in their history, it will happen during RP.
  • They have manipulation abilities over one thing at least.


  • Tomboyish personalities
  • Knowledge on close-quarters combat
  • Has a kink or two


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Re: Tendencies you have in character creation?

Post by Sponsored content

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