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Skill-Trees and Summons


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Aspect of Loyalty

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Aspect of Loyalty Empty Aspect of Loyalty

Post by Seth Vicens on Sat Jun 20, 2015 3:33 am

Summon Name: Aspect of Loyalty
Drive Cost: 4
Appearance Description: The Aspect of Loyalty takes the form of a grey wolf, wielding a sword in its mouth, which is a secondary shard of Seth's own heart.

Statistics: STR – T3 | END – T1 | MAG – T1 | SPD – T3 | AGI – T3
Stand United – As long as Seth has at least 2 Aspects in play, the Aspect of Loyalty cannot be banished. (Passive)
Our Strength - AoL gains a slight increase in speed for each of Seth's Aspects that are active. (Passive)
The Trail – AoL leaves behind glass footprints wherever it walks. (Passive)
Mystic Strike – AoL performs a spinning dash forwards, its sword using arcane forces to expand outwards approximately 2 meters further than the reach of the sword, acting as an increase of range. Cooldown – 3 Posts
Crystal Carrier – AoL leaves a glass replica of itself which can only be manipulated by Seth. Cooldown – 5 Posts.

Personality: Like most dogs and its title, the Aspect of Loyalty is fiercely loyal to Seth, more than willing to defend him to the death. A very energetic creature, this Aspect of Seth’s has a habit of bouncing around when it is in play.

History: A being born in a flash of light and crystal. This being represents Seth’s Loyalty to both himself and what he believes in. Drawing deeper into Seth’s soul, this Aspect emerged in order to give Seth a glimpse to the kind of person he is deep within. A remnant of a past life living on and existing within Seth’s soul, the Aspect of Loyalty is more than willing to fight for Seth to the absolute end.

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STR 4 (7) | END 3 (5) | MAG 2 (3) | SYN 1 (1) | AGI 2 (3) | SPE 2 (3)

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Seth Vicens
Seth Vicens

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Aspect of Loyalty Empty Re: Aspect of Loyalty

Post by Marigold Darkson on Sun Jun 21, 2015 10:16 pm


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