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The Rook

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The Rook

Post by Cynewynn on Sat Jun 20, 2015 7:04 pm

Name: Cynewynn Wurmsunder, (Aka: The Rook, Crabshell)
Age: 25
Species: Somebody; Sirine

Primary Elements
1.) Light
2.) Moon
3.) Plant
4.) Water

Personality: Cynewynn could be described as having twin personalities, though this is untrue. In social standing she is aloof and thoughtful, oftentimes completely ignoring things as they happen to others for the sake of curiosity. When she's paying attention she's kind and gentle, and easily hurt, but great with keeping it hidden. When she is in combat however, she becomes quite stony, and very focused. This is in part due to mental conditioning, the training to keep herself focused in combat. She is seemingly without emotion in the face of dangers, but this is also untrue, she simply outs them for later times. This has caused a deal of stress and discomfort, leaving her open to occasional emotional outburst if not allowed to vent it elsewheres.

Appearance: Standing at approximately 5'11", she's rather tall for a female, especially for her species. When not in combat and dressed casually, she dons a beautiful blue/green flower adorning her lengthy blue/black hair. This hair is fine and flowing, kept so well that in even gentle breezes it has been known to flutter. It strays only to the small of her back, and slowly shortens as you reach her head. By the time you've reached her forehead, it's shortened to match her bangs, which only reach to just above the brow. Her face is kind and somewhat soft, resembling the features of someone nearly eight years behind her. The skin is fair and largely unblemished, save for a rather large scar crossing over her right cheek, from nasal fold to the edge of the jaw. Her eyes shine a pale green, and a deep blue, left and right eye respectively. From her neck to about just below the shoulders is naught but mostly fair skin, save a scar or two, and a birthmark on either shoulder that are equally placed on the outside edges near their peaks. From there she dons a frayed and layered deep blue top that wraps from her chest to her back, sloping gently downwards the further from the former you go, until the base of the top is met at it's lowest, right atop where kidneys ought be. From it's end to her waistline, there is just more overly revealed fair skin, and yet another scar or two, nothing deep enough to notice from afar and scattered rather randomly. From her waist sits a very short pant that may qualify as bikini, equally as ruffled as the top which it was designed to match. It extends no further than a few inches down either leg. It has a skirt-esque design in that it's interior meets her legs, but an exterior fabric wraps around the whole, heedless of legs, and only very loosely in contact with her skin. From this hang some beautiful tassles coated in shells of various types and color, each one spearheaded with a conch, with the tip facing downwards. From there to her feet there is again naught but the same pure skin and the occasional scattered scar, until finally one meets the thong of her sandals. These shoes, while sandals, do wrap around her ankle, and the soles are surrounded by silver-dollar shells, each gently rattling with each step.

However, in combat situations, she dons a much heavier armor, almost completely contrasting herself just as her personality does. She wears a much much heavier armor comprised of iron and silver, coated in blue-white dyes. Her helm covers all of her features, with three long bone-white spikes protruding from it's "Forehead". The first of the prongs is straight, and sits the shortest of the three, protruding not unlike a unicorn's horn, spiral shape and all. The other two start at it's left and right about an inch apart, and curve inward to meet and rejoin each other just above the middle spike, only to split again another inch later, creating a final spike on either side that faces about 30 degrees out from centered in both forward and upward directions. These spikes are about 8 inches at their peaks. Descending downwards from there, the helm itself is rounded and it's visor fanned, not unlike a clamshell, tail down. This visor can be lifted, and a mesh covers a small 1 inch area that allows sight through. The neck is braced with a collar of steel, that only a strike from straight above could enter. The shoulders themselves have inwardly curved blade-like spires protruding in a straight upwards direction, meeting with the top of the helm (Excluding the horns) at their peaks, where they taper off to their most sharp. Along both arms the armor extends fully with the joint protected with the same mesh as the face, that is somewhat pliable, but resilient to minor strikes. These arms are almost crabshell in appearance, save that the entire armor is blue, not reddish, and where there would be white along the insides of the arms, so too there is white here. Each gauntlet is armored well, and segments off into sharp points if the digits are bent, the fingertips are made of pure silver. The torso is by and large quite sturdy, a single piece that until the belly is immutable and solid, with only some minor accents and a slight outwards chestroom-bump to give it any kind of form. The raw steel that comprises the chest (And only the chest) is easily the heaviest component, and even breathing cannot be witnessed through it, as it is bound to itself so carefully. The belly is scale-plated, not unlike the scales of a fish, and in an assortment of colors that would remind one of the rainbow fish. The hips and waist are constructed carefully to allow for movement, but to repel all but the most precise of attacks. Each leg is a reminder of the arms above it, only thicker. The knees covered once again in this same mesh around the joints, but covered by a sharp upwards piece of legging from the armor below it. With knees locked only a very precise strike would meet it, and when unlocked the armor leaves a blade facing upwards borne of the legging and serving as the shield for the joint in other cases. The white the arms bore before would be placed on the back here, not the insides, reaching until the ankle, where blue takes over completely. Finally the feet are armored in a the same deep-blue as the rest of the armor, with spikes protruding from the feet at their tips, sharp, but not blades by any means. Finally this armor is accented occasionally by seaweed, scattered rather randomly across any place that may hold it. This is only done if there is time however, and serves no purpose but as aesthetics for the warriors of her people, almost ritualistically.

History: Brought up as a maiden not unlike any other in her small village, Cynewynn yearned for greater things. Their warriors were hardly needed, and then, always using magics as their weapons. Even so, she wanted to be like them, akin to the famous warriors of eld. For many a year she trained in secret to be a fighter, only to find that her attempts were blockaded by elders for she was "Not chosen". Eventually she gave in, ceasing her learning of magics for fighting. It was years later when pirates raided their villa, plundering all types of jewelry and magical good they had. The warriors fought strong, but they were no match for gun and powder. Many a warrior fell, and those who hadn't wished that they had, for they had a much worse fate. Many were captured, enslaved, and other such. As it turns out, these "Pirates' were in actuality "Colonists" who claimed any land they saw for their own. When the last three warriors stood up to fend off the ground raiders, a new threat emerged. A "Knight" they called it. It was a horrifying sight, a man wroght in steel and made of harrowing bone all but ignored the waves and bolts sent his way. One by one he took his longsword and cut them in twain. From afar, the villagers who'd managed to flee, including cynewynn, saw it from afar, and it turned each one of their stomachs. In the ensuing chaos, she fled, and spent years searching the seas for more clues to this. The empire that sent them apparently claimed much of the land, and they were not the only to suffer. In fact, there was a war going on. Two greater nations seemed to be vying for power, using their great war-machines and knights to great effect. Fearing these knights, and that they may find her people again, and take advantage of them again, she vowed to fight instead. Watching and practicing in secret, she stole some basic equipment from both nations, and forced them to fight by planting trails carefully, that she may take their goods after the fighting. She managed to scrape together basic armor,  and made way to the battlefields, fighting as mercenary for small villages willing to pay. Soon enough, she was recruited by a general to work in his "private army", and seeing this as a way to get closer to the generals and their leaders, that she may end them once and for all, she agreed. He made merry and celebrated his mercenary find, one who blended magics and blade together. Over time she would befriend him, and they became closer than she'd originally liked. Having become close, and strong, the general confided in her, and trusted her to teach other recruits. In hearing all there was, she began to pity their lot, and their war. She fought for them, and conquested in their name. It wasn't long before a terrible truth gripped her, as during one raid she noticed that the people were quite afraid of her. She knew that they were afraid of the army they represented, and that their people were to suffer for their misdoings, but it was then it all came back to her,  the man she was now holding a blade to, he was very akin to herself, many years ago. Gripped by this feeling, she stumbled out, and fled the army forever. She became that knight that killed her kin so long ago....
It wasn't much longer later that her plight attracted the attention of a wizard, skilled in all things magical. He promised her no relief from this pain, but with a shared cause, to end the bloodshed, he agreed to fit her with newer magically attuned armor, more suited to her newly reborn status, and meant to serve as a reminder of her people, so that she may never forget again. He taught her the nature of life, and the fundements of alchemy, and even things that pertained to magic on a rudimentary basis. It was only a day after she'd bade farewell, when she heard a piercing sound from whence she'd come. Venturing some mile back she saw a pillar of darkness rise into the sky. Unsure of it's meaning, she ventured into the area, to find that it was indeed situated near where the old wizard lived. Fearing for his safety she ran in, only to be swallowed by the darkness, ripped out like a black hole. Not too long later, she found herself in a whole new place, unfamiliar, and certainly not where she'd come from...

Other Notes: None, yet.

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Re: The Rook

Post by Zyvonia on Sun Jun 21, 2015 5:01 pm


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