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Skill-Trees and Summons


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New Prestiges?

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New Prestiges?

Post by Seeker of Carnage on Sun Jun 21, 2015 4:11 pm

To fill in a few holes and give some more options, I was thinking of a few prestiges. The first:


This Pureblood heartless has transformed into a much more powerful being. From Shadow, to whatever medium it would become, to the much larger and more powerful variants, the pureblood often evolves. Now, instead of being like a Seeker and taking a human form or simply being humanoid, the monstrous Alpha in any size has become the pinnacle of the Pureblood. It is capable of many things, as well as trading appearance for sophistication and power. While the Alpha does not have its own guardian like the Seeker, as it is strong enough to protect its own, it may have the ability to call forth powerful purebloods to act towards its will.

Alphas are a Prestige Pureblood Heartless

  • They may use corridors of darkness passively.
  • They drain Darkness damage for health.
  • Their Heart Element must be Darkness
  • They are able to shape-shift their body offensively and defensively, granting them an innate manipulation over their form and the ability to use it as a weapon.
  • They may possess objects if need be.
  • They are capable of tracking keyblades across the worlds to a more in depth degree than their weaker counterparts. So much so that Alphas may specifically target and sense someone's keyblade.
  • When in areas of darkness, they receive a severe increase in power.
  • All of their spells are augmented by darkness, passively.
  • They must be killed by a Keyblade, otherwise they are immortal.
  • When a Pureblood becomes an Alpha, they regain their lost element slot. This can be any prime, advanced or combination element.
  • Alphas may sense the darkness or light in other's hearts as well as determine their character tier.
  • Alphas can create three summons. One equivalent to 2 DP, one equivalent to 5, and one equivalent to 8 DP respectively. They may be summoned for free once per topic.
  • Alphas may control non-Alpha heartless as if they were effectively One Tier higher.
  • Alpha Purebloods cannot be controlled by another heartless save for a stronger Alpha Pureblood.

WIP Title Nobody Prestige, Let's used Evolved as a placeholder for now:

The Evolved Nobodies are ones who have progressed their growth far enough to start reforming a sense of their old self. For those that did not retain their older forms, they become much closer to it than before. Since Nobodies can grow a heart, these Evolved have stepped closer to becoming their own being. Also, they improve upon their weaker counterparts, gaining more innate traits and having better versions of ones already present. While nobodies can become this, they do not have to and can still grow hearts without becoming an Evolved nobody.

Evolved are a Prestige Race

  • Like Nobodies, they retain the lack of a heart and so, must manipulate Nothingness.
  • Evolved, on their way to growing a heart, may grow a partial heart at T4 that grants them manipulation over another heart element without becoming a Somebody truly.
  • Evolved retain the ability to not require MP for their primary of choice and nothingness spells.
  • They gain access to a combination element related to their primary, however they do not gain immunity to this combination element. I.e. if someone with fire chooses, they may choose Wildfire or Smoke as their combination element, however only one.
  • They are capable of influencing nobodies as if they were effectively a tier higher. However, these nobodies must share their primary element.
  • Gains a third extra skill tree aside from the one obtained at T4. This skill tree is not limited to their elements as long as it isn't esoteric.
  • If Evolved grow a partial heart, they may use magic of other elements however they still do not gain more primary slots.

Seeker of Hearts:

A somebody who obtains a second heart sacrifices the ability to become Seinen, and instead gains other attributes to compliment them. This is especially optimal for those wishing to possess multiple keyblades and hearts. However, it is only ever possible to have up to a maximum of three hearts at one time. In the event of the second or third heart being that of another keyblade wielder, the Seeker of Hearts retains their powers their keyblade gifted them. Seeker of Hearts can have drawn comparisons to that of a Seeker of Darkness, however they are not the same. Seekers of Hearts do not necessarily have to be light or dark beings, as this grants them the option of both or a more enhanced version of one.

  • Seekers of this kind may obtain the hearts of others and link them to their own body.
  • In the event that the Seeker obtains the heart of a keyblader, they can then wield the keyblade as if it were their own and retains their skill tree.
  • In the event that someone obtains a second heart as a keyblader, a new skill tree and keyblade is granted to the second and third heart as long as they were not originally the hearts of keybladers.
  • Seekers of this kind may trace Somebodies and Heartless through their elements of light and dark.
  • Seekers of this kind have a few options for their heart elements. Having at least two hearts of light grants them the combination element of Holy, which can be compared as the difference and similarity of Wildfire to Fire as Holy is to Light. Having at least one heart of light and one heart of dark, they have access to the combination element of Twilight, which is akin to Nothingness. Having two hearts of darkness grants the ability to control heartless as if the Seeker of Hearts was at least one tier higher.
  • They cannot obtain the false hearts of Replicas.
  • Twilight can be compared to Nothingness in its effective ability, and acts as the natural counter to the element.
  • Seekers must adjust to their new hearts, and as such they must spend 30 posts per heart in order for a full synchronization. If the hearts possess keyblades, their skill trees will only present the first tier of abilities to them.
  • In the event that the Seeker of Hearts has no keyblades, they obtain one extra skill tree along with the initial two.
  • Seekers of Hearts will gain a moderate boost to their statistics in the event they have at least 2 hearts of the same element. In the event that it is 3 hearts of the same element, they obtain an additional severe boost.
  • They may drain their heart element for health given they have three hearts of the same element.
  • Seekers of Hearts may retain their somebody status given they have more than one heart at a time upon death. They release the heart that was not originally theirs up until only their original remains. This frees up their Heart slots.
  • Seekers may determine character tier by sensing the person's heart.
  • Given they have three hearts, Seekers of Hearts may absorb hearts into their own, instead of having an extra heart the heart is consumed. This grants a slight boost to power per heart consumed, however if the Seeker of Hearts has all dark and all light heart-elements, they cannot consume hearts of the element they do not have.

I'm really not sure what else to cover ATM. However, this can change. The first two are really supposed to empower Purebloods and enhance Nobodies respectively. The latter of the two is meant for the lack of nobody prestiges that are not Replica-based. Since Purebloods are more animalistic, I thought it'd be pretty interesting to see them have an Alpha of sorts.

The last is meant as a counter to Seeker Heartless. Both have their great benefits, while neither have the raw ability of Seinen. Seekers of Hearts are more to themselves and do not have the more powerful Guardians that SH have. Both have their benefits, however, Seekers of Hearts really can be different given the type of hearts one has and some benefits are available only to those who have one type of heart element out of the two. Also, I'd like input as to what else could be added and what could be subtracted. I don't want these to be definitive things either, as in how people reach things like a second keyblade or growing a heart as a nobody. Just beneficial options.

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Re: New Prestiges?

Post by Zyvonia on Sun Jun 21, 2015 4:59 pm

For the most part, staff won't be taking suggestions for prestige races (at least, as of now), though we appreciate your suggestion. In addition, I see that you fleshed out an idea that the GM has been playing around with the past few weeks, with the Seekers of Heart and them having multiple hearts. While it is cool that you did that, that probably won't the direction we'll go in when we eventually apply his idea.

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Re: New Prestiges?

Post by Serenae on Sun Jun 21, 2015 5:06 pm

Alpha Pureblood doesn't make much sense to me overall. You're literally describing a darkside with a brain as far as I can really discern.

I don't really see anything inherently wrong with Evolved, but I think it needs more defining. Also, I'm not sure if another element would be considered too strong, considering they cast their heart element for free.

This idea, or something VERY similar is already being worked on by some of the staff so I'm not going to bother putting much input into it. Most of what you outlined is a bit different from it as far as I'm aware, and I'm not aware of that much about it.

EDIT I got sniped.

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Re: New Prestiges?

Post by Sponsored content

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