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Red Soleimon

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Red Soleimon

Post by Revas on Thu Jun 25, 2015 1:44 am

Name: Given Name: Hanal'ghilen In'Revas | Chosen Name: Red Soleimon | Known as Revas to his closest friends
Age: 54
Species: Somebody

Primary Elements
1.) Light
2.) Space
3.) Earth
4.) Metal

Personality: Red is a person that dips between intense or casual, depending on the perspective or the situation. Hailing from a desecrated world, he has a bleak outlook on the nature of humans, seeing as he is an elven boy himself. From his past experiences, he holds people in high regards very rarely and only through trials and tribulations. Red is someone of great loyalty and tries to maintain a heroic stance on things, given his past experiences encouraging him to be on such a path. He believes discipline is necessary for one's growth and the cultivation of society, however he is far from a politician. Simply a noble-born who uses his knowledge of society to be a hero in the eyes of the ignorant. Red will play dirty when outside the eye of the public if need be. For those that he holds a tight friendship with, he will expect them to give him undying loyalty and he will return the same amount given. Those he considers Hahren or a person of the highest regard, he will be loyal to a fault.
Appearance: Appearance


Red was born as Hanal'ghilen for his family's hope to raise a child of leadership. A noble family within an elven household within a world now eternally sleeping. This world was filled to the brim with magical wonders and artifacts, as well as mythical creatures of all denominations. However, as with most civilizations, they are split between drastically different beings who do not want to mend themselves for one another. The elves strayed away from the humes, and vice-versa. Humans actually oppressed many of the elven until they finally took hold of what was left and formed their own society and cast out the humes that plagued them. A divide formed, with many a prophet telling of its cataclysmic consequences. Hume and elf would have to mend together to form a singular society if the world were to survive. But it never did, and Hanal'ghilen was born into a world of tyranny and manipulation. Someone certainly did mend the two sides, but only bit by bit and with the intent of evil.

Hanal'ghilen didn't understand what was going on, but his father was a low-ranked politician who ran a spy network perpendicular to the goals of the elven government. He was part of a organization that wanted to destroy the divide and bring the two sides together. His mother was unaware, loyal to a fault to the elven ways. However, the two parents did agree that whatever views they had were ones embedded into their brains artificially. Their child needed the freedom of perspective in order to grow into a proper young man who freed himself from conformity. What he learned was to manipulate those around him and to flock people to his cause. He was successfully cultivated into a free-minded person, seeing the oppression beaming from both sides. All things not traditional were sources of suspicion and all things new was considered mental corruption. Hanal'ghilen sought to free his people from that mind set from an early age. Due to his slowly aging body from being elven, he had to wait years in order to properly wield a blade or bow.

As the organization trying to manipulate everyone together grew, their goals became jaded as any fast-growing group. They began manipulating economies to their will and became rich off of the unfortunate consequences they caused. When Hanal'ghilen discovered his father was still a member and what they were doing, he questioned him. Shunned for doing what he was raised to do, his father saw what he had become and decided to sit his son down and teach him how to proceed. He knew the organization he worked for would kill him if he made one wrong step, so he needed to give his son one final lesson. Hanal'ghilen was told to approach the house of Abelas, a house known for their sacrifice to society in order to protect it. Hanal'ghilen was told of a few who dipped their hands in the same organization and maintained the original intent. Meeting them, he was told of tales of how they used to maintain hidden cities along the countries that had both hume and elven alike. Now, they are crumbled by the money-mongers that lead the organization today. Hanal'ghilen was horrified as he looked at the map of the former refuges for melding races.

Unable to see things from the side of humans, he began to feel much more sympathy for everyone and disgust for the idea that the hume were all bad. However, seeing the truth doesn't mean it is held as things can always re-cast the veil upon it. As he exited the house of Abelas, an explosion from afar could be heard. The only people he knew held such technologies without magic were the ogroids, a species with many interlocking races that were often used by the hume for terrorism. Rushing on over, Hanal'ghilen realized it was his home. The hume definitely had a hand in it, and he blamed it only on those of the organization. However, there were no ogroids in sight. No, a magical fire with green illumination. In the epicenter rest a petrified being, and all of a sudden these occurrences spread across the city. Running throughout, Hanal'ghilen gathered his rebellious followers. Mostly young ones, and forced them into evacuation from the city. Rushing into the heart of the city, he knew his mother was out and about, likely in an affair with someone of House Hanin. Upon entering a scorched area, he noticed stone constructs of elves everywhere, and one in particular was like his mother in structure. Rushing to her, he shed tears when he realized that his parents had succumbed to whatever magic this was.

Looking into the sky, he noticed an elemental of sorts roaring down at the grand civilization. The capital was crumbled by the summoning of another, and it opened a hole that unleashed darkness upon their land. In fear, Hanal'ghilen closed his eyes and felt everything shift. All of a sudden he was in hume land, specifically their own capital. In the middle of a square, in a clearing with many sets of eyes on him. Taken by the law enforcers, he was sent for questioning. Rebutting with his own questions, the interrogator apologized with a cynical smile. He knew exactly what was happening but played dumb, and that was when he realized it was a hume of the organization.  When a royal-in-appearance hume entered the room, the interrogator bowed and exited. The two talked for a while, and it was the point where they spoke of the organization that it clicked the man was the leader of the Hume civilization...as well as the organization created for the sake of melding the two societies.

The man simply gave up. He gave up and let the organization run itself into a new form. From noble to criminal, and that is what it devolved into without his godly guidance. His last request was the destruction of the elven lands by sacrificing those preserved within the hidden cities. Flashing to the image of the map, Hanal'ghilen drew lines between the points and realized a magic circle could perfectly be traced. A simple one, but one that was balanced by using the life force of the innocent for its fuel rather than the efficiency of complexity. However, it was not expected that the building around them would shake. Peering out of the small window of the room, the king saw his own lands succumb to floods of darkness and greenly-lit flames. As a single fireball came for the interrogation room. The king smiled and turned to the boy to relay his final words, "Trust no one to be a hero. Do it yourself." And with that, the king cast from an engraved seal on his hand a spell that forced Hanal'ghilen into a vortex of space magic. Coming out, he noticed he was surrounded in a gloomy atmosphere. Panting wildly, he shed his elven clothes and ran into the alleys. Travelling for a while, he would eventually have to stop and was often considered an orphan. To himself, he was alone and scarred.

Until he met someone he could trust. Even then, it was a relationship only about survival in the beginning. But even with his slight mistrust of humans, which was most definitely an indirectly embedded factor rather than trusting no one, he held less trust for those most numerous. He saw no elven, and assumed it was the fault of the hume. Meanwhile, his home world would be crushed by the foolish magics of dark ritual, summoning a great beast to consume it with darkness. Trying to survive in order to rebuild his life, Hanal'ghilen, now Red Soleimon, befriended a fellow orphan and endured the hardships bashing them like a brisk winter. Eventually, he'd grow and while they stayed connected tightly, he would end up joining a newly-forming guild called Lionhart. While he considered the name typical of humes, he found the cause honorable and used his home world as an example of the do's and don't's, mostly the latter. He would learn about space travel and ships, planning on leaving Traverse as soon as the guild can raise the funds from sweeping the streets. Then, they'll move their headquarters to another world. Red didn't like the idea of leaving his Hahren, and so plans on inviting him on the journey even though he didn't end up joining the guild when he did.


Red had kept connections with Felicity, using their friendship to bolster his company's standing between the worlds, becoming a readily available unit for communities to hire as protection. Often they turned down criminals, and Red started becoming a dominant force even more so than before. He did some work with Felicity, but mostly kept to his duties with Lionhart. Eventually, Gorion had been approached with a special offer. Not knowing what that offer was, Revas was suspicious of how hastily his leader took it. For the next few months, Revas was put on the bench while mercenaries came in and out. One day he questioned Sparks, who had been growing distant from his lover Gorion. Sparks claimed to know nothing, but after snooping around, he found that Gorion was preparing Lionhart to be sold to someone by the name Weiss who took notice of their random synergy.

In the heat of the situation, as Gorion was going to hand over ownership to Weiss, Revas had teleported out of nowhere and drove his hand into the man that raised him. The man that gave him a home after the loneliness he gained watching his world be destroyed had kept him down. This man had honor once, and all it was for was an empty promise to return his world to the state it used to be in. Ripping out Gorion's heart, Revas made his body implode and creating an accidental wormhole that sent Revas into another point in space far, far way. Alive only by the body Greed had given him, he was in fact picked up by a mysterious entity. Unconscious the entire time, Revas eventually reawakened in Traverse Town once again. Alone. He was elvhen again, somehow. Like something returned him to his true form.

Trying to rebuild on what had been lost, Revas spent the next twenty years as an assassin of kings, enlisted by many crimelords only to use what connections he established to assassinate the crimelords themselves. Gaining infamy as the King of Deceit, he rebuilt a guild for mercenary use named the Aenorean. From there, Revas would train with no clear purpose in mind besides continuing his lifestyle. At the end of the twenty years, he left the group in the hands of a former ally, Sparks. Going on a soul-search, he pursued his own kind. Starting with the fair lady Faye whom he had met those many years ago.

Other Notes: -Definitely the leader of groups.
-Only considers one person Hahren at the creation of this app.

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Re: Red Soleimon

Post by Keyblade Warrior Terra on Thu Jun 25, 2015 10:34 am



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Re: Red Soleimon

Post by Revas on Thu May 05, 2016 11:09 pm

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Re: Red Soleimon

Post by Faye on Thu May 05, 2016 11:59 pm


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Re: Red Soleimon

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