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Damien Rose, the Family Guy

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Damien Rose, the Family Guy

Post by Damien Rose on Thu Jun 25, 2015 6:33 am

Name: Damien "Beast" Rose
Age: 170 years old. Appears as a man in his mid-40s
Species: Werewolf/Somebody

Primary Elements
1.) Darkness
2.) Fire
3.) Wind
4.) Earth

Personality: Beast is socially inept by nature. Due to his upbringing, he has a strong dislike for people and is often alone because of it. He's extremely rough around the edges and is naturally angry, making conversation with him heated or brief, if not both. Despite all of this, he can be a a friend of true undying loyalty, if one can truly befriend him.

Appearance: Beast stands at a tall 6'3" and has a muscular body build. He has light-brown skin, thin lips and sharp orange-yellow eyes. His hair is a chocolate-brown in color and is short, stopping around the base of his neck. Along his arms  upper-body and legs, Damien has the tattoo markings of the clan he used to belong to, before being afflicted with the lycanthropy disease.

His wear consists of little clothing which includes a tribal vest that covers a bit of his chest and most of his back. The vest is a simple brown color, with gray fur along the edges. Atop the vest, he has a large plum of black crow feathers that serve as both a decoration and trophy from one of his kills. Below the waist, Beast wears a fauld of fabrics that comes down to the top of his ankles and are held down by a long, thick length of rope. Topping it all off, the man wears a loincloth to cover his groin area.

After his arrival in the Mirage universe, meeting Clarisse and Faith, Damien has changed into a much more calm man. His fatherhood tendencies take over moreso than his anger and he now approaches situations with a level head. He cares dearly for his surrogate daughter, Clair, his wife Faith and their six children. He's now one who'd sacrifice anything and everything, to make sure the people he care about are safe.

Human Form:

In his wolf form, Beast stands at around 8'5" when on his hind-legs and is around 7'0" when on all fours. His fur color a mixture between a charcoal grey and soot black, with several markings on his forelegs, that would normally align him with the Moon Beast. These are scratched out on both arms and show up as such on both his human and wolf form. Damien's eyes are fierce and have a full-yellow hue to them. The wolf has several large rows of fangs, used to easily ripping through armors and flesh with ease. His claws have sharp, black nails that jagged along their edges, but are done so to snag onto flesh and organs better when attacking with them.

Wolf Form:


Damien Rose was born to a family of nomads, who moved quite often between their lands. They were a tribe, who consistently taught the balances of good and evil. The tribe that the man was born under, was known as the Rose of the Moon Beast. Due to their lineage, every child who wished to venture outside the tribe, had their last names changed to "Rose," as a way of protecting their identity, in case anything were to happen to them. Damien himself was a rather well-fit hunter, who led parties and the like to actively search for food and resources for the tribe. He was well respected among them at a young age and married after becoming clan elder many years later. The man was an astounding leader, who led the tribe against other tribes who tried to be greedy within the lands, but eventually settled all the fighting and brought everyone under a unified peace. This peace would continue to last for a couple of years, until calamity struck.

The tribe worshiped the Moon Beast, a deity who often took the form of a pale-faced, silver-blue haired woman, who often had the ability to transform into a beast and appear to them. Many of the elders before Damien claimed to have seen the Moon Beast themselves, often performing carnal actions with the goddess in order to gain some sort of power or stronger kin. However, many of the elders who came in contact with the woman soon lost their own sanity and had to have been killed by the tribesman. Generations went on as this continually happened, with the Moon Beast showing up more frequently and to those who were not of elder status. Those who saw her ended up disappearing the same night. The amount always differed between the moon-phases as well. Eventually, there came a night where Damien was visited by the Moon Beast.

She revealed herself as a woman of unsightly beauty, unable to be described by normal words. She stood before him, naked, with a smile playing at her lips. The woman had large, piercing red eyes that seemed unnatural and primal in nature. What solidified her as being a "beast" were the two horns that adorned the top of her head. Damien stared in awe at the woman, realizing why all the elders seemingly copulated with her. However, is request was something of much more importance. The safety of his tribe. The elder questioned the Moon Beast and inquired about the others who haven't yet returned to the tribe. She gave him nothing but snide remarks and merely spoke of how she was preparing them all for a transcendence beyond human recognition. The goddess even claimed that what she did with the others were simple tests to see if anyone in the clan were capable of handling her will. Damien, who wanted nothing more than to protect those he cared for, asked her to stop taking those who belonged to his tribe.

Damien's request was met with a rather livid response, as the woman engaged him in combat. He was outmatched drastically and found himself on the ground, surrounded in a pool of his own blood. The man refused to quit, to give into the will of the goddess. Seeing his resolve, the woman felt as if she finally found the perfect specimen. Without warning, she lunged at Damien and wrapped herself around him. A power burned and enveloped the brown-haired man, burning into his very soul. This was followed up by parts of his body being devoured by the woman, while she injected him with her poison. He wanted to scream for his life, but the Moon Beast prevented him from doing so until she was done with him. That time did come.

He had passed out for what was several days and woke up on a chilled night. There were no signs of anyone within his tent, not of his daughter nor his wife. Immediately picking himself up despite his body fighting against him, the broken elder fought through the pain, but was only introduced to more. Werewolves feasted on the bodies of is tribe. Blood and flesh scattered across the ground, as bodies were defiled through the fangs of the beasts that fed on them. Among them, floated the Moon Beast. Her mouth held the head of Damien's daughter in it's fangs. A sickening smile spread across her lips, as she bit down and munched on the young girl's skull. His wife laid dead in her hands, her body being held up by the spine, as if she were some sort of bag. The horror these images showed to elder caused him to break down. His anger taking hold of him most of all. When it boiled over to the maximum, Damien Rose tossed away his humanity and embraced the blood given to him by the Moon Beast.

The man transformed into a werewolf, a process that was just as painful as the mental and emotional torture he felt in that moment. It was then that the goddess attempted to exercise some form of control over him, however, his will to kill her overtook that control and caused him to outright attack her. Just like before, however, he was still weak and was easily done away by her. She sent the remainder of her puppets after him and left in hopes that they would surround and kill him. Her expectations were met with contrary results, as Damien, in his bestial form, was able to defeat every single enemy that came his way. Only until he was the last one standing, did the man get a grasp on what had truly occurred. He saw the vision that the Moon Beast wanted and how much of a threat she was to the other tribes as a whole.

For the next few years, the man traveled across the world in an attempt to find the Moon Beast. He went through many trials in trying to find her patterns of appearance and who she normally showed up to. Along the way, Damien finally encountered her again and once more they fought. This time, the man had more control over himself and managed to deal a devastating blow to the goddess. However, this served to be detrimental to his goals for he didn't kill her. Rather, her rage stemmed over and she unleashed an attack that aimed to outright destroy him, which it did. The once proud elder, once again, wasn't prepared for her mighty strength, as she destroyed his mind. Fragmented and scattered, he lost himself to the beast that he was transformed into and wildly continued his assault towards the Moon Beast.

Fearing for her life, the goddess latched onto the beast as a last ditch plan. Using the rest of her power, she sealed both herself and Damien into a pillar of an unknown metal. For nearly a hundred years they stayed that way, until the woman regained her strength and broke free. Her plan was to keep him locked away in the metal, deeming him a true failure and a beast among all beasts. Thinking that she rid herself of the one person that truly threatened her plans, the woman disappeared and aimed to recollect the remains of her lycanthrope army... However, fate had other plans.

The action of separating from the seal stirred the man awake. He had somehow regained the resolve to fight against her, possibly as the balance to keep her evil in check. Not only this, but the woman's words echoed within his mind and aroused him from his sleep further. This caused Damien to burst free from his prison, weakened and angered. Much of the world had changed since he was sealed and it was eventually found out that the wolves from ages past, grew more self-aware and broke free from the influence of the Moon-Beast's, eventually establishing their once forgotten tribes. For the once proud elder, he wouldn't be able to know the achievement. The goddess left him broken mentally and with only one purpose: to find and kill her. This caused him to become a rampant beast, attacking any and all who dared crossed his path and attempted to stop him from reaching his goals.

His string of mass murder would eventually stop when he met a silver-haired woman. Marigold was her name and she was someone who needed a man of his great strength. Damien, who gained the name, "Beast" from the Darkson woman, attacked her on sight. Their match as grueling and Marigold would have lost, if it wasn't for the fact the man had been out of his mind and attacked her in very mindless manners. She was able to exploit the holes in his attacks and eventually managed to piece back together his splintered psyche. Damien slowly regained bits and pieces of himself, but more or less remained the same. Angry and violent. Despite this, the man grew a deep respect for the woman who bested him. Marigold, respecting his strength, offered him a position at her side. He knew she wouldn't take no for an answer and accepted without a second thought. From there, he was introduced to the rest of the family and became one of the Seraphim. Damien adopted the name, Beast, after a while and preferred to be called as such. The name stuck.

Even though he worked under the Darkson banner, Beast worked on his own personal goals. He wanted to find the Moon Beast and put an end to her. Not because of the instinct that told him to do so, but because of his own revenge. The man remembered the daughter and wife who he loved dearly, how they died by her hands. The lycantrhope knew that for certain at the end of his journey, there'd only be one of them standing at the end....

Eventually, he realized this goal. The Moon Beast, Tsukuyomi was brought down with the combined efforts of he, Clarisse, and Faith. The curse was supposed to end for him and he was supposed to return to being a man, who when he had aged, his body would as well. Nonetheless, Damien remained a werewolf and it was speculated his body stayed that way, because it was a part of his life that had stuck to his very being. Much like Faith, who after instilling much anger in him during their adventures, had become something much more to him.

He made her the object of his affection and doted on her as much as possible. This lead to them getting married and he fathered several (seven) children with her. Damien knew happiness and while he was scared of the idea of losing another family, he decided that the fear wouldn't control him. Rather, he'd let his fists do the talking if anyone, or anything decided it'd try to take his happiness away.

20 years later, he has grown stronger and while not necessarily wiser, he has grown to accept his own ignorance. Thus, he stays quiet in most situations and only speaks when spoken to. The man also retired from being one of Marigold's Seraphs and became a family man. Now, he just passes the day raising, teaching, nurturing his children and having many heated, passionate and romantic moments with his wife.
Other Notes:

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Re: Damien Rose, the Family Guy

Post by Keyblade Warrior Terra on Thu Jun 25, 2015 10:31 am



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Re: Damien Rose, the Family Guy

Post by Damien Rose on Wed May 25, 2016 1:45 pm

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Re: Damien Rose, the Family Guy

Post by Eno Vale on Wed May 25, 2016 3:12 pm



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Re: Damien Rose, the Family Guy

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