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Spooky McSpook

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Spooky McSpook

Post by Spooky McSpook on Mon Jun 29, 2015 7:24 pm

Name: Spooky McSpook
Age: 143
Species: Undead Skeleton (Somebody)

Primary Elements
1.) Darkness
2.) Illusion
3.) Fire
4.) Earth

Personality: Spooky has many facets to his personality that make him quite the strange individual. His greatest joy is to see people shriek in horror at his appearance and/or tricks, believing that a good scare is the best way to feel alive (even though he’s already dead). He only wishes to scare, however, and will never go as far as to hurt someone unless he’s attacked first. His actions may be questionable, but his intentions are pure, as people need fear in their lives in order to keep enjoying themselves.

When he’s not spooking children and adults alike out of their wits, he’s usually at home or somewhere calm, reading a book or engaging in a gentlemanly conversation. Spooky considers himself, after all, a gentleman: he likes to partake in all sorts of fancy events, and will be extremely polite even against those who wish him harm, all thanks to his roots as an aristocrat. This doesn’t mean, however, that he forgets his inner desires: he might try to play a prank in the middle of dinner, or sudden jump out of a window, feeling the need to fill his quota of screams. Long story short, he’s an awfully unpredictable individual, one with a twisted yet gentle heart.

Appearance: He’s a 6 ft. tall white skeleton. His most noteworthy piece of clothing is the black top hat he always carries with him. Spooky tends to dress in a formal fashion, usually consisting on a black suit and red tie, though it may vary depending on the place and circumstances. Other than that, there’s the wooden cane he uses both to walk and to fight in case of danger. There’s not much else to say about him.

History: The McSpook household is one of Halloween Town’s most prestigious families, known for providing some of the best scares when the season of ghosts and monsters arrives; Spooky is part of it. Once a well-known aristocrat who loved to partake in events of all kinds, he was murdered by people jealous of his power and soon buried in the grounds near Halloween Town. As it is usually the case when someone dies in that place, he came back to life with his memories and overall personality intact, but too much time had passed, and his flesh and organs had disintegrated, leaving behind only his bones.

Spooky, now a new type of being, decided to use his second chance to live a different type of life, joining the McSpook household and using his knowledge from when he was a living person to further increase the influence they held over Halloween Town and help the residents develop new and better ways to scare. Trying to make each Halloween better than the last one was fun for a while, but Spooky began to wish for new thrills, something amazing that could not be achieved by staying at home, and hearing the rumors of fantastic worlds existing across the universe, he decided to go see them with his own eyes, in hopes of further expanding his business of chill-inducing spooks… and scaring as many people as possible along the way.

Other Notes: Immortal, but only in the sense of age. If his skull is crushed, he’ll cease to exist. Fatal damage to his chest and other parts of his body might have a similar effect. I’m unsure if this breaks any sort of rule or not.
Spooky McSpook

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Re: Spooky McSpook

Post by Faye on Mon Jun 29, 2015 9:46 pm


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