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Alyx "Laiya" Mallis

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Alyx "Laiya" Mallis

Post by Laiya on Tue Jan 06, 2015 8:00 pm

Name: Alyx "Laiya" Mallis

Age: Twenty

Appearance: It isn’t an unknown fact that Alyx Mallis tries to live up to an imposing image; something which isn’t much difficult due to the aggressive aura she tends to throw off, among other things. With a skin tone that shows a bit of a mixed heritage between them, she took after her father’s looks by having a tanned, amber skin tone while having her mother’s structure, a strong and flexible frame standing at a six foot five, the way her structure was built easily showing the bit of muscle she picked up while learning to take and dish out blows while not making them her defining trait.

Her facial structure is a narrowed one, with deep set eyes colored a dark hue of blue and long, slightly thick black hair that reached towards the small of her back. Her expressions tending towards one of irritation or close scrutiny at first, the way her eyebrows rest over her eyes make for her expressions to be wildly varied, and that irritable expression may have been one she has had frozen to her face due to using it too often. Alyx tends to show a mostly confident stature, holding herself up and walking with purpose, her eyes set forward; but her aura can easily change as well- she is prone to bouts of doubt, over-protectiveness and anger, as well.

In terms of clothing, Alyx tends to go with whatever she can grab at the time, throwing on whatever feels right at the time. This doesn’t mean she is irresponsible with her clothing, she will dress for weather or even dress for formal occasions when the time calls for it; but it is very rare she does so, feeling much more comfortable in casual clothing, no matter what the event.

Sex: Female

Species: Human

Traits: I am aloof and aggressive in my temper and outward appearance, although I would rather sit and beat you bloody with words than actually take up arms. I have a soft spot for trinkets and all types of art, especially things that were handcrafted. When nervous or otherwise thinking about something, I rub my hands together as if washing my hands. My face has become a permanent scowl due to my reliance of my mask.

Bonds: Traverse Town. There is nothing else more sacred to me than the town I watch over. I would do nothing less than die for it if I had to, and I watch over everyone in the town like my own child. If it were ever to be in danger, I would destroy anyone and anything in the way in an attempt to save it.

Ideals: Neutrality, Security and Pacifism. I do not believe in using strength against somebody else unless I absolutely had to. I keep my distance from struggles and questions of which I have to choose sides, preferring to take a neutral route to anything. The peace and security of my world and to those I deem need it are what comes first before anything else. Traverse Town is a home for the wayward, but I know there do exist those who would use this security against another.

Flaws: Although I wish to be passive and neutral, there does exist a fire inside myself that comes out in the midst of battle. I am reckless in my charge, especially when angered and I hide behind a mask of indifference when I am in fact worrying about everybody I care about. I care far too often than my ideals dictate.

Heart Element: Darkness

Primary Elements: Space, Plant and Earth

History: Alyx was born and raised in Traverse Town, a place she would forever associate with the concepts of peace and quiet. Born into the Mallis family, a well meaning, multicultural family who had been undergone some misfortune since its inception. There were a lot of problems and difficulties with the family, but as far back as Alyx could remember, the family had stuck together through the hardships and lasted. Born between a mother and a father from two different worlds, her father was a native of Agrabah and her mother The Land of Dragons, she always remembered her family were a rather martial bunch, believing strength, intelligence and diplomacy could win the battles rather than magic.

Still, none of her family would argue that it didn't exist. Magic was all around her, the world of Traverse Town being a place where those who didn't have a place to stay kept its doors open, and because of that invited a lot of different walks of life inside, so much in fact that as Alyx grew up, she began to lose the surprise and wonder she had as a child- always in wonder at the moogles trading with races of all appearances and small little baby chocobo's among the more basic pets she would often see around. Her family had always invited those people into their family, the ones who had lost their own and had no place to go. This became so prevalent, that when she turned eight at a birthday party one day; she noticed that they had to get a bigger place to celebrate it, there were so many people.

Aunts, Uncles, Brother and Sisters, she had a considerable amount of each- and each were unique in their own right. This led to a rather massive culture clash sometimes, and although most of the arguments were in good nature, there were plenty of times a fight had broken out about somebody stepping on each others toes, something that was painfully often with as large and diverse a family.

She would hear stories all the time about their different worlds, wondrous and painful as some of them were. Stories of entire cultures and rich history, so much in fact they could probably had filled a massive library and still need more room to fill. It was a wonderful, chaotic time at best, and Alyx remembered almost every bit of it. By the time she was seventeen, she had begun to amass a rather large collection of culture- with no idea of which to do with it all. So, she gave it off- telling and spinning entire stories that her family and those that gave this stuff to her had told, amassing enough munny to create a large store- A shop of goods and stories, along with running a cafe in the main district.

It was a good life for her, until her life took a turn for the strange. Somebody had killed the original mayor of Traverse Town, and sent the normally peaceful town into shock and fear. They had begun to wonder if they were next, and for a while panic ensued. This panic had sent people into a riot, destroying her shop, her cafe- and stealing most everything she had about her family and scattering them about the districts to the point that to this very day she still hasn't found most of her items, those she had saved being stored in a vault. As a result of the destruction and a wish to stop the madness, she had began a campaign to be the mayor- and with no other person wishing to become it for fear of death, had basically been thrust in.

It has just now began to calm down, the world back to normal but the scar of the chaos still remain in everyone- to the point even Alyx herself is careful with who she trusts and what she does. Her only wish now is to remain neutral, and attempt to put Traverse Town into the place of open doors and peace once more.

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Re: Alyx "Laiya" Mallis

Post by Hikari on Wed Jan 07, 2015 5:16 am

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Re: Alyx "Laiya" Mallis

Post by Laiya on Sun Jan 25, 2015 11:44 am

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Re: Alyx "Laiya" Mallis

Post by Guest on Sun Jan 25, 2015 11:49 am



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Re: Alyx "Laiya" Mallis

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