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Skill-Trees and Summons


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Keyblade Armor

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Keyblade Armor Empty Keyblade Armor

Post by Information Moogle on Fri Jul 03, 2015 2:15 am

Keyblade Armor

Keyblade armor is a specifically tailored to a Keyblade wielder. However, they all share a general basic feature. By pressing the left pauldron, the Keyblade armor is activated or deactivated in a flash of light.

-While worn, Keyblade Armor gives you an immunity to a primal element.
-While worn, Keyblade Armor massively increases damage reduction.
-Keyblade wielders have the choice of making their armor give them an additional 25 MP per tier, 1 GP per tier, or reduce their cool-downs by 1 post per tier. The effect is only active when the Keyblade Armor is. The effect must be chosen in the approval topic.
-Once per topic, when the Keyblade Armor is first activated, Keyblade wielders have the choice of having their Keyblade Armor replenish their MP, their GP or reset their cool-downs. The effect must be chosen in the approval topic.
-Keyblade Armor does not take up a slot, unless you add additional effects. You may only have an additional effect per character tier. Each effect is treated as an ability from the appropriate character tier. Your first effect must be T1, your second T2, and etc. While these abilities are not reflective of your Synth stat, they are limited to Synth-like abilities. The effects may not include immunities. These skills may not replicate any of the established Keyblade Armor abilities.
-Keyblade Armor is made from Orichalcum and is therefore indestructible.

Use the synthesis template for approvals, found here.
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