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Karahito Yuurei

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Karahito Yuurei

Post by Karahito on Thu Jul 09, 2015 4:29 am

|| Karahito ||

Female | Twenty-Two | Human

Image References
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>  Physical Appearance
With long, sleek black hair that comes just below her bum, she has pitch black and bright green eyes and fair skin that contrast boldly against otherwise dark features. Standing at about  5' 6" (1.71m) and weighing around 150lbs (68kg), besides her rather endowed bust, she's otherwise rather toned in build.  

> Outfit or Armor Description
When at home or relaxing, she enjoys wearing one of her many gothic-styled dresses. They typically lack in color, black with white accents, and are one most occasions only as long as her knees. Coupled with tights or leggings, there's always some form of heeled shoe in her feet. If she's feeling up to it, there will be small, white ribbons tied into her hair.

However, when out and about, her attire takes on a whole different personality. For her top, a black crop-top with long sleeves and a high, loose collar that stands as high as her chin. There's a simple white line that runs the length of her arms and around the rim on her collar. Tight black pants that lack any recognizable design rest low on her waistline. While finger-less gloves dress her hands, she wears a pair of black and white sneakers that she finds easy to move around in. Around her left thigh is a black leather pouch, buckled down snug. Crossing over her chest, there are two holders housing short swords. On one, there is strapped a small, tubular containment cell that holds her blow gun.


Cold and harsh upon first encounter, she comes off as short-tempered and demanding. However, she only acts like this as a means of what she believes to be protection, for both herself and those around her. Believing that being close to others is counterproductive, she promotes others to be stand-offish. That goes without saying that she'll do whatever it takes to do what's right, even if she's not comfortable with it. Being a workaholic and not afraid to get her hands dirty, she's a busy body who gets the job done.

She's a quick study, able to understand and/or figure things out rather quickly. She enjoys puzzles, games, and long, hot bubble baths a good challenge. Though the only thing that seems to escape her understanding are the emotions of others and why they act the way they do. It makes her curious, but other than that she doesn't put much effort into it as she finds it a "waste of time". Which is oh so far from the truth.



Growing up, Karahito's parents were never home, gone away on business. Her entire life, what her parents did, and where they were, was always a secret. Though whatever it was paid well. She grew up pretty much alone in the large mansion her family owned, her only human interaction being that of those hired to work there and care for her. Even then, she still found herself on her own most of the time. The “adults” that surrounded her didn't quite have the time or the attention to spend on her. She spent her time either studying on her own or causing the employees grief. This all changed at the age of ten, however.

For the first time in years, a twelve-year-old Karahito was in the presence of her mother, though only due to the fact that the woman was pregnant and unable to perform her job. For a handful of months, the young girl got to spend quality time with her mother. The animosity she had been harboring for them all but melted away. The carefree days she spent trying to impress her mother and getting to know her was something that the tween sought out rather desperately, though she would never readily admit it. Then came the day that her mother gave birth.

The newborn baby was born, giving Karahito a healthy baby brother. For the next few months, their mother taught her everything the girl could ever need to know about childcare, or even want to know, for that matter. Little did the girl know that her mother was teach her so that there wouldn't be any issues in raising it. Though there were persons hired to care for the baby, Karahito was entrusted with the task directly from her mother. It was like a mission, a task only she could finish.

Being the loner she was, Karahito wasn't really comfortable with this. But in knowing that it would please her parents if she did, the teen gave it everything she had. Night and day, she catered to the baby, taking care of it and raising him as best she could. She even went as far as dismissing the nannies, throwing a protective fit if they even so much as touched her younger brother. After some time, the hired help resigned from their positions, none stepping forward to replace them.

It was during that time, some four years later, that there was a knock on the doors of the manor. A man in a black suit had come seeking her out. A small, sickly toddler hiding behind her legs, Karahito received news of what became of her parents. With a steely expression, she started to cry. Now not only did her younger brother have a dire illness, but now the two of them were without family. The boy was to young to understand the sorrow of the event, so the teen cried for him. Of course, it was where no one could see. After being given a short time to let this information sink in, the man in the suit returned. This time, with a different set of information. Setting down at a table, her brother safely tucked in bed, the man began to go into great detail the secret lives her parents kept from her. She learned that they belonged to a underground organization, and her family name was bound by blood to serve it. They served as hired help, assassins, exorcists, doctors, scientists, ect. Anything so long as it paid well. And they were rather skilled at it. Between the two of them, they could cover any field the organization had with a high degree of mastery.

Even though she was amazed with what she heard, Karahito was still curious as to why this mysterious, secretive organization was telling her all this now, after her parents were gone. Apparently, they wanted to avoid dragging their children into the web that was the organization, and so devoted their every waking moment to their work. It finally made sense to the teen why her parents were always gone. But it still wasn't an excuse. They still practically abandoned her and her brother, even if they provided everything they could ever need.

And even though they did everything they could to keep their children out of the organization's grasp, they still drew her in. In payment for coming without a fight, for she would go either way, the organization offered to give her brother the necessary help he needed if she joined their ranks in her parents steed. How they knew he was sick was beyond her, but she could only assume that they had been watching her from the start.Being that she wasn't being given much of a choice, the teen went willingly. From the age of sixteen, they placed  her in rigorous, ruthless regimens. The only thing that kept her going was standard that her parents set for their family name, and the promise of her brother receiving the treatment he needed to become healthy again. Again and again, she was told that he was fine, that he was getting better all the time. She had no choice but to trust their word, as they never let Karahito see him.

Wandering the halls after another intensive training session, the young woman overheard two of the organization's most skilled medics speaking of her incredible healing rate. Rolling her eyes, Karahito was well acquainted with the praise that others gave her. It meant nothing to her, only empty words from pathetic peasants. The conversation no longer interesting, she was about to walk away when the men began speaking of her younger brother... or “late brother” as they referred to him.

Her full, undivided attention on the men, Karahito soon found that the Medical Division had used her brother for experimental procedures, and ones they didn't expect him in his weakened state to respond to all that well. Though on the basis that he shared the same familial name as herself, they figured the boy would be fine. Over the years, the woman found that her family was known for several traits, most of which she did indeed possess, that was on par with the organization's top leaders.

And Karahito used this very fact to her advantage. In a blind rage, the woman lashed out in all directions. Though she was met with some resistance, she was ready and prepared. She was their brightest prospect in years and used all her might to reign havoc on the organization. When her rage had subsided, the woman was completely drained, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Her fury held no bounds, and because of that, it drained her of all those hard years of training. It was almost like she had returned to the starting point. This was going to be exciting... Not...


In the month following, Karahito had taken refuge in the isolated world of Port Royal. It was one of the least expected worlds for her to have done so, as it was a world that scorned magic and witchcraft, but it was the safest, and closest. While she rekindled her affinity to magic, the woman came across a rather peculiar sight. A young man, who she assumed was a boy due to his size, was being executed for an otherworldly act. Of the firm belief that boy did, in fact, come from another world, the sorceress saved him, guided him to her secluded home, and cared for him.

And that, my friends, is where the story of the Gorilla and the Snake begins. Their love was an awkward one, Karahito's and Garth's, but they did very much love each other. Though many a times it was wondered why such a thing existed. It went without saying that it surprised everyone when Kara became pregnant. Despite that, she was rather eager to be a mother. All those years raising her late brother wouldn't have gone to waste.

When he was born, Xaq was very much loved. It was a little questionable just how protective his mother was of him, but he was raised a good child. Too bad he took more after his father...

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Re: Karahito Yuurei

Post by Harlow on Thu Jul 09, 2015 4:39 am


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Re: Karahito Yuurei

Post by Karahito on Thu Jul 09, 2015 1:29 pm

Changed elements, as I have a better idea for her X3

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Re: Karahito Yuurei

Post by Karahito on Tue May 03, 2016 1:11 am

Edited history~

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Re: Karahito Yuurei

Post by Faye on Tue May 03, 2016 2:35 am


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Re: Karahito Yuurei

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