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Skill-Trees and Summons


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The Hellspont [Plot NPC]

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The Hellspont [Plot NPC]

Post by Jasper Poe on Thu Jul 09, 2015 7:52 pm

Name: Hellspont
Species: Heartless


Power: [How powerful are they? Where do they excel in? Each stat can be maxed if you so choose, but keep in mind that NPCs are not used competitively]
Character (Tier) 5 | STR Tier(SP) 5 | END Tier(SP) 5 | MAG Tier(SP) 4 | SPE Tier(SP) 2 | AGI Tier(SP) 1

The Hellspont is a heartless with strength so vast, that it has adopted it's own free will. It will not listen to Lenneth; and for this, it must die or else risking losing the heartless too it's side. Lenneth will be charged with defeating this heartless or risk losing his crown as the Lord of Darkness.

The Hellspont is a volcanic heartless. It's unknown really how a monster like this one could be able to acquire a power that shakes worlds'. But if anything is certain, it cares nothing for it's leader. Instead it seeks out the crown... And the power. Intelligence is obviously within it's reach, but it's still unable to communicate with language.

Ability Set:

Magma Splash: The heartless has mastery over lava. It is capable of breathing it, or launching it from the mountainous terrain on it's back. It is worth mentioning that the damage is extremely high, while the monster may also release tons of it at once. Smothering a city and completely creating lakes out of this hot liquid. Ash is also released, but wouldn't affect the heartless populace anyways.

Physcial strikes from this monster are so high, it could deeply break off a mountainous cliff.
Mountain Covering/Super Splinters: The monster has a wickedly high DEF. Even under its body is a thick rock covering. However, if this monster has a weakness its this. The head is also weak around the jawbone. ... The monsters legs are super strong and sharp, and as stated, can tear down cliffs.


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Re: The Hellspont [Plot NPC]

Post by Zyvonia on Thu Jul 09, 2015 10:52 pm

I assume you previously discussed this with Lenneth. Otherwise, if not, you cannot use this to fight or challenge him for leadership of the world unless he gives express permission.


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