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Sen Empty Sen

Post by Sen on Mon Jul 13, 2015 1:47 am

Sen 千

110 Human Years

Somebody; Forest Spirit

Primary Elements
1.) Light
2.) Plant
3.) Earth
4.) Wind

A curious boy who is generally interested in everything from people to places and just about anything else in between. If there is something he doesn't know about he will become obsessed with a need to know about it. Sen often asks a lot of questions and is excited to hear answers. He can become restless if left waiting too long. A side effect to his hyper active personality. Energy for days he enjoys being able to play, explore, and adventure. Meeting new faces is always a happy experience for him. Greeting every stranger with a smile and the most friendly of hellos. Few things keep him down as he has little care for anything that would make him sad. It is possible to do though since he is very child like in his behaviors and feelings. Anything to do with hurting people, seeing people hurt, or anything that is considered 'bad' makes him very uncomfortable in a short amount of time. Considering how young he is compared to the rest of his kind. It is fair to say that his impulses are that of a child. Cry when things are tough, laugh when things are good, and become frightened when things are intimidating. He has spirit though, one that is slightly hard to break. Overall he is just a very happy go lucky kid.

Sen appears as a regular young boy to everyone he meets. His size and shape making him seem no older than eleven or twelves years old. He stands somewhere at four feet and seven inches while he weighs somewhere up to seventy eight pounds. Appearance wise he comes off very innocent and harmless looking. Short blonde hair which is a little messy in places like the top and sides. His eyes are a very light shade of blue with his skin tone being just a light and rather fair. Soft curves about his boy. He's very shota-esque in the way he appears around people. Clothing is varied from one day to the next and is known to be strange no matter where he goes. Since he's a little air headed he doesn't tend to try and blend in with the crowd around him. In general a lot of the things he tends to wear resemble closely to traditional Chinese outfits. A reflection on who he is and where he comes from.

Sen, born not of flesh and blood but of faith and idea. He was no more than a belief sleeping in the depths of people's hearts that would eventually take reality. As time went on and more people came as other's went. He eventually took a form in the mortal plane with enough time, compassion, and prayer. Born a spirit being of a small farming village known as Arija. A place only found in the world of Land of Dragons. Sen grew in the gentle graces of a forest that surrounded the village outskirts. Raised from the very fibers of the earth itself he was released unto the world and from that moment crawled it's terrain as a child for many long years.

Left to his lonesome from the start, all Sen ever knew was the safety of the forest. Eventually being able to communicate with the plants and animals. To be able to become one with the rivers and streams. It seemed the more time he spent with it all the more connected he became with each and every part that made up that forest. Yes, that forest he loved so much. It was his home, his sanctuary, his everything.  Anything he could possibly want or need it was all there and waiting for him.

The older Sen got the more he would take notice to the humans that were his neighbors. How they made their living cultivating the land and what it had to offer. Watching them live in harmony with nature to the point that it became their lively hood. In turn producing the food they ate, the wood for the homes they lived in, the medicine they used when they got sick. Everything they took from the land. One thing he did learn, they didn't take without giving thanks or at least most didn't.

These people that lived on footsteps away. He learned that they praised some kind of god. A god of the earth that blessed them all with good harvest and fertile lands. Sen being from the forest had met no such being. Being a spirit himself it seemed odd he hadn't seen this so called god of earth. Upon hearing their prayers and seeing their devotion. He made it his goal to find this apparent god. Needless to say he never accomplished that goal. Disappointed and of the mind that if this god wasn't around then clearly someone wasn't doing their job. Sen would find time in his days to help the people of the village himself. Assuming something didn't distract him first.

Day in and day out he would do what he could for the people. Though sometimes bored with the idea he tried his best. Sometimes doing good and others... Not so good. Regardless he kept at it and the more he did the more the people praised the so called god of the forest. Even if it wasn't him it made him feel a little important to know he had done something worthwhile.

On a fateful day Sen was traveling through the forest ready to lend a hand as he often did. A small black creature he hadn't seen before caught his attention. As curious as ever he followed it as far as he could. Both eventually reached an open clearing. There he saw more strange creatures. All different sizes and shapes and colors. Some just stared at him while others tried to hurt him with no success. Eventually Sen tried to run only for something strange to happen. Before he knew it something pulled him away from the forest and then everything was black. What he remembers next was light slowly coming back and before him another world he had never seen before. Traverse Town, a strange place that he was dragged to and left.

Scared and alone, Sen does his best to take care of himself trying to find a way to get back to his home.

Other Notes
Sen really, really, REALLY enjoys Peach Tea and sweets.

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Sen Empty Re: Sen

Post by Faye on Mon Jul 13, 2015 4:48 pm


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