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Post by Greed on Wed Jul 15, 2015 2:02 am

Name: Angelica
Age: Eleven Years.
Species: Nobody

Primary Elements
1.) Nothingness
2.) Time

Personality: Trained into militance since creation, Angelica completely follows Greed's commands to the best of her ability. She harbors no ill will toward the Syn. Eater, as she hadn't the capability. She followed him in promise for completion, the only thing she actually felt anything towards - a longing to be whole. She loathes her artificial father, though, that goes by the name of Tobias Mercy. He swears left and right to be the man who gave her life, but he's just another monster, like her and Greed, who was given false memories and notions of a pre-life.

She thinks nothing of him, nor the time that Greed require them spend together in order for him to remain in his employ, which the Syn. Eater swears is important to her restoration. She dislikes the feeling of infinity inside of her, that she is just empty space with a thin, outer shell.

Though she won't admit it to anyone, she hates herself.



Slender build, just reaching the fifth foot.

History: Originally the daughter of Tobias Mercy, she was driven into Darkness by one of his many experiments on her, this particular one made to eradicate all of the evil energy that may lie hidden inside her, to just remove sections of the heart that were... less than pure. Lacking in precision, Tobias actually, accidently, removed the whole thing - he wasn't able to make a clear enough distinction between Light and Darkness for his machine, and it just assumed to take the entire thing out.

Foresight was always lacking in the youth of Tobais.

When her heart was ripped out, the body remained.. and lived on. The young scientist began to experiment on what took her form, and soon learned of the truth - she was without a heart, a soul, an ability to feel, to be. She should not exist.

But she did, and because she did, Tobias felt like he could still do something. He manipulated her with the one feeling she was able to retain - longing. Longing to be whole, to be free, to be what she remembered - what little that was. She no longer remembered exactly what happened to her real father, Tobias - she only knew the fake and greedy. She was controlled with this desire to be whole, and trained to do exactly what Greed commanded, for the betterment of all, including herself.

But, in truth, she holds no loyalties to him, only to her cause. To her completion.

Other Notes: Not long after creation, she underwent the painful Synthesis Process, turning her into a Synthesis Item created by Greed.

Synth Eater

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Re: Angelica

Post by Harlow on Wed Jul 15, 2015 2:06 am

.. Approved.

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