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Post by Alexander on Fri Jul 17, 2015 4:07 pm

Name: Mother

Species: Pureblood Heartless

Appearance: [Coming Soon, have no way to post pic here yet]

Power: The full capabilities of the Mother Heartless are not known to Alexander, but they will reveals themselves to be as described: the Heartless is extraordinarily fast and agile, although not very durable. It seems to be stronger than Alexander and while it demonstrates only baser intelligence it has a grasp of magic comparable to Alexander's.
Character Tier: 4 | STR3 | END2 | MAG3 | SPE5 | AGI5 | SYN1

Purpose: The Mother Heartless is part of Alexander's mother, the late noblewoman Amanda Reed. When the Foreteller of Blades attacked the Castle of Dreams and released her heart, the thing eventually found its way back to the RoD. However, it was not long before the Darkness bubbling beneath the surface manifested and festered. Mother has now returned, drawn to the Castle of Dreams on instinct, almost completely ignoring the Heartless hivemind in the process. Through its presence Alexander will uncover several uncomfortable truths about his past, his family, and what he is. This being will probe Alexander and periodically appear before him, acting as a "boss" of his growth and development arc.

History: Amanda grew up in relative comfort in the Castle of Dreams, pursued by many Knights for her beauty and wit. She had education, fitness, and riches befitting a relative of the King, however distant she may have been. Despite this, one of the very men charged with her protection lusted for her greatly, and she was raped by him. In a moment of panic and trauma the young woman's Keyblade manifested for the first time.

While they did take her word over the Knight's- after all, she was of nobility- and had him castrated and later executed publicly, it was eventually discovered that the rape resulted in a pregnancy. Agonizing over whether or not to keep the child, her family pressured her to keep the baby, fearing that getting rid of it may do undue damage to her. Yet there was an air of uncertainty. The family was nervous about this bastard child, as was the young mother.

She made several attempts to take her own life during her pregnancy and became prone to self harm. The psychological conflict over the nature of her child-to-be was taking its toll. Yet, during one of these attempts was she encountered by a strange old man who challenged her will to live. Responding defiantly and all at once coming to reject her sorry state, the old man gave her advice that would change her life forever.

"Adjust your self-hatred. Overcome it. Weaponize it. Conquer your darkness."

And she did. Pregnant with the child Amanda sought the man's mentorship, who revealed himself to be an old Keybearer like herself. She learned much from him, and he even helped her birth her child when the time came. In honor of Amanda's growing acceptance of both the light and the darkness within her heart, and her shift towards light moving forward, they decided to name the child Alan, meaning Harmony.

Even after giving birth, Amanda's rigorous training continued. She all but conquered the darkness inside of herself, locking it away into the depths of her heart. She transformed into a new, more powerful person, and pledged her loyalty and thanks to her new teacher. It was then he asked her a question, and her answer to it changed her life yet again.

"Would you help me repair the imbalance? Darkness threatens to consume the worlds, just as it threatened to consume you."

She accepted. She became the old man's instrument of Light, training under him personally. Yet as time wore on, she noticed his attention began to shift to Alan more and more. The young boy demonstrated strange potential, and it was not long before he manifested his Keyblade in front of them. For the first time in a while, Amanda felt true panic. She knew what the old man's plan entailed, and she was willing enough to sacrifice herself to it, but she would not subject her child to the same fate.

That night, before he could take her child, she took him out into the forest away from the castle. As a shadow she descended upon him and banished his heart from his body. She immediately set out to many other worlds bordering the light and darkness to find which one her young son's body had manifested in, before finding him in Twilight Town. However, the old man had never had intention to take her son, as he was far too young and fearing what Amanda would do, was ready to find the boy once the deed was done.

Befitting the boy's new state of non-existence, he convinced Amanda to revoke his last name. They rearranged the letters and inserted an X to symbolize his new, non-existence. Alan became Alexander, the noble without a last name. This transformation brought a whole new slew of problems for Amanda. Between training and her growing paranoia taking care of her son became much more difficult. Whenever the boy did wrong and felt bad, he would somehow forget that that he had ever done wrong. This made teaching him proper etiquette hit and miss at best.

At times, she would become so frustrated that she beat the boy raw. Yet, he would forget the beatings every time and resume his relationship with his mother as though nothing would happen. The darkness she had once conquered began to seep back in, and she was once more consumed with the love of her son warring with the hate of his father, and in his new appearance he had black hair not unlike his father's. It became difficult for her to stay around him for extended periods, so she began to travel with the old master more.

Once such journey brought trouble upon her. They ventured to the end of the world, where they discussed the progress of her master's plan at large. Minutes into the discussion did a rogue elements attack her and her master, but she was able to defeat him easily enough. The master bid her not to kill him, which turned to be a mistake on his part. The man after surviving derailed her master's plan in mere weeks, and in months he had found her in the Castle of Dreams.

She managed to hide Alexander before they engaged in battle. Only this time, she was the one easily defeated. Her heart was stolen, and Alexander was one of two nobles to survive the Forteller's rampage. In the Realm of Darkness, her hatred for her son and what he represented to her younger self overtook her, it consumed her heart. For months the wretched thing gestated before it gained form and a savage, feral sentience. It almost immediately divorced itself from the hive mind, and now it seeks single mindedly to settle up.

Glass Wall: Mother's ability set is reflective of her humanoid ability traits. She received her training as a defensive fighter while pregnant, so she is excellent at covering her torso. Her stats do not reflect her fighting style however, and this is her weakness. As a somebody she drew in foes and used high-powered crushing attacks to disable opponents. The Heartless attempts these techniques too, but without using rudimentary magic can not sustain this style. However, a new physical property it has does subvert this to a large degree.
Ghost: Mother operates like a Phantom Heartless, and can only be harmed by a specific element at a specific time. The elements are three primary elements and non-elemental. They are Fire, Thunder, Ice, and Physical Attacks/Non-elemental Attacks/Nothing Attacks.

| Character Tier: 4 | MP: 270 | DP: 10 |
| STRt2 || ENDt2 || MAGt3 || SYNt5 || SPEt2  || AGIt5 |
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Battle Theme: Devil Summoner
Main Theme: Like a Dream Come True
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Re: Mother

Post by Faye on Sat Jul 18, 2015 12:03 am

Unless someone objects... Approved.

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