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Work Something Out [Oneshot]

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Work Something Out [Oneshot]

Post by Zienna on Sat Jul 25, 2015 12:33 pm

"So tell me again why you're tagging along for my mission?" Nero complained while he and Zienna were approaching the entrance to the nightclub where their target was lounging around. They were after a shady businessman. Or rather, Nero was, until Zienna found out and decided to come along. As if she would let Nero tell her otherwise.

"Aww, Nero, it's like you don't want me to help," Zienna would say, pouting and acting hurt.

"This was something I'm supposed to be doing alone, but I know you won't take no for an answer, so right now, we're just having a nice banter that ends with me losing, no matter what I'd do."

"Don't think of it like that. I just know you very well."

"Which is exactly why I'm thinking of it like that." Nero looked at Zienna and the two laughed, finding a common ground.

The nightclub was for members only, but Nero had gotten a pass from the people who hired him. He only needed to show the golden card to the eyes peering behind the door to be allowed in, and that was basically all Nero had to do for the rest of the evening, as Zienna would take it upon herself to do most of the work, and the raven already knew that the moment the succubus had wrapped herself around his arm, and rested her head on him.

The plan was a simple one. Nero would identify the businessman from the hundreds of similar-faced and similar-mannered men in the club--all of which had at least two or three girls latching on to them--and then let Zienna do her thing. "Oh, hey, you'd fit in with all of them, Zienna. All you have to do is summon back your little army of souls, and you could be teaching these wannabes a real crowd of admirers."

Zienna would chuckle as already, a number of men and women alike were tracking her moves, gawking at the black cheongsam she wore. That's right, Zienna was wearing something pretty decent. This wouldn't surprise Nero however, as he already knew the succubus would occasionally dress up whenever she felt like it. When she heard that they were going to a club, she couldn't resist. She claimed that she chose to dress like this because they were meeting with a businessman, and didn't want to look informal. But in reality, she just wanted to see how many people tried to look up her skirt. So far, it was everybody. A lot of them didn't even wonder why she wore a blindfold, just why she wasn't on their laps.

"There, that's our guy. Come on." The duo casually made their way over to where a man with short, blonde hair was sitting with a group of six ladies and a company of bodyguards. The man had a scar over his left eye, and a gash on his neck. There would probably be more defining marks, but the dark lighting made it difficult to see. The guards blocked the duo, and shoved Nero back, while simply leaving Zienna alone.

"Maybe you've had a little too much to drink, kid. Can't you see this table is occupied? Now scram before I get my boys here to throw you out," the man threatened before turning his attention back to his girls.

Nero sighed and walked back towards the guards, who tried to block him again, only for their hands to be twisted by the thumb, making them grunt in pain. At this point, the blond-haired businessman stood up an confronted him. "Are you trying to get yourself killed, boy? I--"

"I'm here to collect a debt you owe."

"So those fools sent you, heh? Couldn't take their 'Enforcers' being strung up for bothering me? Ha! I'll tell you what. Since you're probably just some poor worm they picked off the ground, I'll let you send them a message, instead of me killing you for interrupting my night. Tell them that Clyde owes them nothing, and that if they try to pull this stunt again, I'll have their sons and daughters strung up in the flower gardens. Perhaps a public execution would engrave my message a little better than having their couriers killed in their own homes. Now go, before I change my mind!"

Nero would rebut, had Zienna not spoken up. "Maybe I can help you settle this matter? They won't stop trying to get their money, and I'm sure you're tired of having to send your men to do petty jobs like executing a couple of lowlifes, when they'd be better elsewhere."

Clyde looked at Zienna, an annoyed expression on his face at first, but when he saw her, he was quickly awed. He smiled widely, as was already imagining what he would do with her sweet, gorgeous body. "It's unfortunate such a beautiful flower such as you would be mixed up with those uncultured swine. Please, continue. I am willing to hear you out, if only to enjoy your company." He winked at her.

"Then by all means, why don't we sit down and talk?"

"Straight to the point. I love a woman like that. Very well, but he would have to wait elsewhere." He gestured to Nero, who let the guards go when things seemed to go their way.

Nero narrowed his eyes at the blond, but shrugged and walked back. "All yours, Zie," he'd say with a chuckle. First part of the plan went off without a hitch. But was there really any doubt? Between his cunning and Zienna's charm, this mission was as good as done.

Zienna was lead to the table, and given a glass of red wine as Clyde shooed away the other girls. The succubus took a sip from the wine, the glass sitting between her fingers. Clyde, confident in his own charisma and his importance for their agreement, scooted beside Zienna and placed his arm around her. "So, how are you planning to make me pay those idiots?"

The succubus smirked. "I don't. I just wanted to be close to you."

"Oh really? And why is that?"

Zienna giggled and leaned to his ear to whisper something that made him smile widely and blush just as much. "You do like girls who get straight to the point, right?"

"Not 'like them', 'love them.' And if you'd follow me, I'll give you want you're itching for so badly. You'll see how Clyde can keep all those girls happy."


Zienna was taken downstairs, where the private rooms were hidden. Each room was owned by the nightclub sponsors, and other VIPs. She was taken to a large room, with a heart-shaped bed with drapes in the middle. The candlelit atmosphere was oh so divine, and the rich aroma of flowers wafted in the air. Strong enough to be noticed, but not hurt the nose. She was thrown on the bed, and Clyde steadily undressed as he crawled along the mattress. Zienna did the same, undoing her dress slowly and teasingly.

When Clyde was on top of her, they shared a long kiss as they caressed each other. Clyde broke the kiss and suddenly fell to the side, with a dark smoke escaping his mouth. Zienna took position on top of him and smiled. Clyde was looking at her with a blank expression.

"Do you know what I want you to do, Clyde?"

"No... What can I do for you?"

"Do you know who you owe money to?"


"I want you to pay them back, okay?"

"As you wish, my Mistress. I shall even pay them extra for the trouble I caused them."

"That's a good little pawn. Now, you'll get a reward for being so behaved. Take off your clothes~"


Zienna sat down beside Nero, who was waiting at the counter, and gave him the munny she collected from Clyde, as well as a check that amounted to a whole lot more than what he owed the people that hired Nero. "Aren't you glad you let me come with you?"

"Heh. I guess I am. Well, what do you say we head back and deliver this?"

"Alright, let's go! But let's find a quiet place somewhere after, okay?"

Nero raised his brow, and saw the smirk on Zienna's face. "Yeah, why not."

Zienna stood up and followed Nero outside, taking his arm with hers and snuggled close as they walked through the street. As far as they were concerned, the task was done. All they had to do now was drop the munny off to an awaiting courier, and they'd get their fair reward. But there was no rushing things. They took their time to soak up the moonlight before finding the person they'd give the package to. There was only a brief conversation between both parties, and they promptly went their separate ways after exchanging what they needed. Whoever they just worked for, the two of them knew they'd be seeking them out in the future with how well this little quest turned out.


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