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Felicity Rodriguez

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Felicity Rodriguez

Post by Bombshell on Tue Jul 28, 2015 1:40 pm

The sunset is beautiful...
It's like the world is on fire...

Name: Felicity Rodriguez
Age: 45 (Visually and Physically 25)
Species: Somebody

Primary Elements
1.) Darkness
2.) Time
3.) Fire
4.) Wind

Personality: Felicity is cool, calm, and collected, however her patience has its limits. She has great interest in all things mechanical, and a strong dislike of wearing anything with a skirt, preferring heavy clothing that covers almost every inch of her body. She openly rebels if she has a cause to, and won't hesitate to speak her mind when provoked. One of her interests includes fire; she is a pyromaniac, and finds joy in watching the flames dance.

Felicity, despite her disposition for fire, does not smoke, but she is --or rather, was-- a heavy drinker. Her tolerance had risen to the point that she barely ever got tipsy after a whole night of drinking, and this caused her reliance on alcohol to disappear over the years.

The girl is flexible in both mind and body, being able to adjust to situations that would otherwise place her at a disadvantage. She is surprisingly agile, even when wearing a full load out of combat equipment with the addition of her tools, and her tolerance to pain is almost as impressive as her inability to get drunk.

In combat, Felicity excels in close-quarters, and would do what she can to get into this range, although she is just as proficient in ranged combat. She just likes the sound of her punches meeting people's jaws, or the sound of bones breaking from a fist to the chest, or just the elegant neck snap.

It's difficult to earn her respect and almost impossible to earn her affection. While she has nothing against romance, she is disinterested in it, and any attempts at flirting with her will fail. Any persistent attempts may also lead to injury, or if she's only slightly annoyed, may play along to get a drink or two out of it, but if someone were to touch her inappropriately, she won't hesitate to break a few bones.

That being said, it's unwise to take her lightly. She doesn't care much for anyone, but she is fierce when it's her duty to protect. If she considers someone a friend, they are already in good hands.


She often wears a set of greenish brown set of fatigues, boots, gloves, and of course, her signature orange sunglasses. She may sometimes go around without her jacket, in which case, her undershirt would mostly be plain.

There is a scar over her right eye, and even more all over her body. All souvenirs from countless skirmishes and bar brawls.

History: Felicity's mother had died of sickness, leaving her in the care of her father who was an excellent mechanic. His genes truly showed when Felicity expressed her interest in his craft. She was able to learn quickly, and soon enough, began making her own things and working in their auto shop. Everything was good and simple until an explosion set fire to their home. Her father didn't survive, and she came close to dying herself.

Instead of being traumatized by the fire, she instead found a fascination for it. There was just something about their wild nature that resonated with her. Her obsession with fire started small, but soon evolved to arson charges, although she claimed it was an accident. She knew enough not to get involved with the wrong crowd, but knew she had to learn to protect herself. When she was convicted for another arson case during a drunken rage, she was thrown in with a group of delinquents. She did what she had to survive, and joined a group. There she learned how to fight, and she constantly practiced the 'art'. She had no choice.

When she was released, she was hired by a paramilitary group and put to work on designing weapons. Again, she quickly picked up the craft and made a name for herself. But that didn't last as an internal conflict forced her out. After some time, she found herself convicted again, however this time, she didn't have to stay for long. The prison was suddenly bombarded, and in the chaos, she and a couple of her close friends escaped. There was gunfire everywhere. The dust made it difficult to see where they were coming from. They were caught in the crossfire, but the girl managed to slip away.

The people that attacked the prison ushered them into trucks. At the time, there was no other way of getting out alive, so she climbed aboard. She later found out that a mercenary group fancied her and broke her out. Having nowhere else to go, she joined their ranks. That was when her skills were truly put to the test. She received combat training, and excelled in close-quarters. She created personalized weapons, and often took commissions from her fellow mercenaries. She rose up the ranks, eventually becoming a lieutenant.

When their leader disappeared, Felicity found no reason to stay, but she couldn't just leave either. That was when strange portals began popping into existence, bringing with them a flood of creatures unknown to the world. The countries successfully pushed back the threat, and she got word that a new technology was being developed that allowed people to travel to different worlds. Not being able to resist, she broke into the research facility, set the place on fire, and used the world-hopping device to escape. She didn't care at all where it lead her. Anything was better than death, or yet another life sentence.


Felicity helped establish contacts with a number of mercenary groups and information networks all around the worlds for the Crimson Shadow, which is run by none other than her superior, Roy Savage (who was now a Darkson after being tied to Marigold). While it wasn't as expansive as the network in her home world by design, it gave them everything they could ever need, from materials, weapons, and ammunition, to transportation, tech, and bases.

Though for herself, nothing much has changed, and she's content with that. Her pyromania had been controlled, so no more park benches were mysteriously burnt down. Her control over her powers had also improved, and she even met with the fiery specter that had possessed her to give her those powers. With a little practice, she could even call upon it to fight alongside her, or to spar with when life couldn't spare someone capable enough to keep up with her.

The one thing that had never changed about her though is the fact that she still disliked wearing girly dresses. Some tank tops and skinny jeans may be worn on occasion, but she will never be caught dead in a dress or a skirt.

Felicity also used her powers over time to remain young because growing old to the point of frailty had never sat well with her. No, she'd rather remain in her prime until she had enough of it. Only then would she choose to grow old.

Other Notes: (Is there anything else worth mentioning about your character?)

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Re: Felicity Rodriguez

Post by Game Master on Tue Jul 28, 2015 8:43 pm

Apologies for the wait. We're usually more prompt.


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Re: Felicity Rodriguez

Post by Bombshell on Thu May 05, 2016 11:51 pm


Added something to the personality and history

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Re: Felicity Rodriguez

Post by Faye on Thu May 05, 2016 11:55 pm


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Re: Felicity Rodriguez

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