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Skill-Trees and Summons


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The Sun | Drive Tree Empty The Sun | Drive Tree

Post by Drake Pathos on Tue Jul 28, 2015 10:02 pm

Tear of Ellis: Born from the essence of the imagined Ellis, Darius has taken a bit from her as she becomes her own person rather than an extension of him. He crafted it into a pendant and wears it around his neck.

The Sun
Cost: 2 DP
Description: The Drive Focus glows furiously, burning with a harmless flame.
Major Gain: Darius absorbs fire-related combinations elements and fire for health. Steam is not counted.
Major Drawback: Darius' MP is on indefinite cooldown once expended during this form. Once the form ends, the cooldown duration is initiated.
Grasp the Sun: Darius is capable of manipulating the element of Fire. If there is a skill tree ability that allows this, then it extends to the manipulation of wildfire. Wildfire can not be manipulated to a complex degree, however it can be given simple to moderate form, mostly directed. Fire falls under this ability, allowing him to manipulate it to a complex degree but not wind. The amount of damage he does is equivalent to his regular melee attacks. This acts as a catalyst if he chooses for his abilities and skills. Should this bestow manipulation over wildfire, wildfire-based attacks via manipulation deal damage equivalent to the damage of his melee attacks with a severe increase in power.
Burn Drive: Darius may store Nitro Stacks from any source to be spent to either enhance any of his fire, wildfire or molten-based attacks damage severely per 5 Nitro Stacks. This protects Nitro Stacks from being an influence or being influenced by outside sources. For example, punishment based on stacks would fall under his stacks influencing the damage placed on him. Or someone removing stacks being an influence over his stacks.
Heart of Ember: Darius' body causes moderate damage upon contact and leaves a lasting effect for 2 posts. Skills that have similar effect with on-contact damage based on fire, wildfire or molten also leave a lasting effect for a total combined duration of whatever duration they normally last and the duration applied here. This skill is affected by skills augmenting similar skills from Darius' skill trees, abilities, etc.

Cost: 4 DP
Description: The Drive Focus becomes completely black with cracks revealing molten.
Major Gain 1: Darius is capable of absorbing combination elements regarding fire in them as well as normal fire. In the event of steam, he is immune.
Major Gain 2: Darius is able to absorb his non-combination elements.
Major Drawback: MP Cooldown has an indefinite duration while this form is active once expended. Duration initiates after this form ends.
Grasp the Supergiant: Similar to the Grasp the Sun ability from the previous tier, except it expands to being able to morph his body and harden it or liquefy it into molten at will.
Scorch Drive: Similar to Burn Drive, where he absorbs nitro stacks from other sources and store them to enhance his attacks, skills and abilities as well as protecting his Nitro Stacks from influencing outside sources or being influenced by. His enhancement gives a severe damage boost per 3 stacks.
Burning Desire: Upon contact, Darius causes severe damage that lingers and continues inflicting for 4 posts. Also, there is an additional aura effect separate from the normal contact burn that is a moderate-damaging version, and the damage only lingers for 2 posts. This aura extends out to 15 meters. Similar skills that do not have auras attached to them add to a multiplier with how many times the aura's damage applies. This is affected by things that augment similar skills from anything of Darius'.
Consume: Darius can forcibly consume the elements he can absorb. This includes active effects and any presently triggered skills and spells. This ends duration-based skills and spells that are related to the elements he can absorb. This covers an area of 100 meters. This generates Nitro stacks equivalent to the amount of things he forcibly absorbs x 2.  | 5 Posts of Drive Duration
Drive Break: The Nitro Fury of a Supergiant: Expending at least 30 Nitro Stacks, Darius ends his drive in a burst of molten, wildfire and any other fire-related combination elements he may be able to use. It releases a shell that expands from his body, covering a 100 meter area. This increases by 5 meters per extra stack expended. At base, this deals extreme damage per stack and travels at Darius' fastest speed. If his fastest speed involves flight granted by an outside source, it is based on the maximum speed granted to him. This applies any on-contact or aura-based damaging skills or abilities aligned with his elements. Once this is used, it temporarily KO's Darius until he stabilizes for 5 posts minimum, plus 1 post for every 10 stacks expended. If the KO duration were to be anything higher than 9 posts, the KO lasts for the rest of the topic. Cannot be used with 5 posts/30 Seconds left of the Drive's duration.

T3: I turn into a frog

T5 | 40 Slots
MP 700 | GP 10
STR 5 | END 5 | MAG 5 | SPE 5| SYN 5 | AGI 5

"Uh, a little lost. Hoping for directions? And...a general location. A good reach-around will reward ye- Oh, silly me. I meant a favor for a favor not the ol' one-two slip them peasants be using as bargaining chips. Ol' Sally was known best for the front-er's and the back-er's. Sime-Ol'-Tanious. But, ah, let's get off the subject of damn good traditions and back onto the who's and what's."
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