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Post by Faye on Thu Jul 30, 2015 3:23 am

Name: Malazon

Species: Pseudo-Heartless, pureblood

Character Tier 4 | STR Tier 5 | END Tier 4 | MAG Tier 5 | SPE Tier 3  | AGI Tier 3 | SYN Tier 3

Purpose: Malazon is responsible for organizing the Heartless that swarm over the Enchanted Dominion, drawn by the chaos that ensued after the masked seeker’s culling. From the sidelines, Malazon instills corruption, encouraging the darkness in men’s hearts as they fight for the throne. He sees everything around him as a toy or actors set upon a stage for his own entertainment. Currently, he secretly reigns in the desolate castle of the late King Stephen where his main purpose is to discover the location of the world’s keyhole. This is the Heartless that came an inch from stealing Faye’s heart, creating a dark connection with the sorceress from his touch. Furious with his failure at what should have been a simple task, Malazon intends to finish the job, adding the woman’s heart to his collection. Only this time, he wants her to suffer slowly as he breaks her.

History: Malazon was once a fey being, a wise elf from a world long since forgotten. As an archmage, he fought valiantly against the shadows that invaded his home, healing allies and causing destruction to the Heartless ranks with his spells. One by one, he saw his friends fall; transformed into the very monsters he fought against. For each one he killed a dozen more took its place. The world’s heart had been discovered, and the Heartless flourished across the land, devouring everything in sight. The grass grew black, trees and flowers withered away, and the air grew toxic. Everyone he ever knew and loved was taken from him. Wrought with despair, Malazon dropped his sword, helpless to stop the Heartless horde that devoured him.
With the loss of his heart, the elf was transformed. The once kind and gentle man, became sadistic and cruel, his body stronger and more powerful than before. Like any other, he became a slave to the Heartless hive mind. Another hero lost to the darkness. His only ambition is to take as many hearts as he can while spreading the darkness, but he has no issue with having a little fun along the way. The screams of the helpless are so delicious.

Ability Set: Malazon’s ability set is all about magic, manipulation, controlling the battlefield, and shielding. He functions similar to a battle mage, able to fight well with a blade as well as magic. From his past and new life, he has a collection of spells that he can use at his disposal.  

Embrace the Darkness – Malazon calls out to the darkness within a person’s heart, tempting them with whispers unconsciously to do his bidding, whether that may be engaging one in a senseless actions or convincing them to do whatever may serve in his favor. This is something he prefers to do behind the scenes, but he can do this on the battlefield as well.

Crippling Fear – Malazon uses the power of moon and illusion to delve into the memories of an individual. He creates a physical manifestation that reflects their greatest fear. They must defeat their nightmare or be trapped in an endless loop.

Dark Teleport – The Heartless can teleport with ease around the battlefield, appearing anywhere around his target. He commonly uses this to make hit and runs.

Item Name: Dilettante  
Item Type: Cane/sword
Item Abilities: A short cane that can extend into a blade. It can deflect spells that he can alter and bounce back to the attacker. It can also create shields to protect him from physical attacks. When struck by the weapon, it inflicts dark damage infused with an element of his choice.

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Re: Malazon

Post by Veara on Thu Jul 30, 2015 11:11 am


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