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Jessica Greene

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Jessica Greene

Post by Jessica on Thu Aug 06, 2015 10:46 pm

Name: Jessica Greene
Age: 19
Species: Somebody

Primary Elements
1.) Light
2.) Fire
3.) Lightning
4.) Space

Personality: Jessica can be fairly brash, her tongue acting quicker than her wit. Though she doesn’t present it outwardly, she cares deeply for those close to her heart, and will stand up for any of those who earn her trust. She doesn’t forgive very easily, and it takes a long time for someone who has earned her trust and broke it to earn it back again. Though those who have her trust will likely find her to be good company.


Appearance [X]

Jessica has fairly long hair that goes down to just past her shoulders tied in two buns on either side of her head, just angled slightly from the top, each with a braid that extends down to her shoulder line. Her eyes are a deep ocean blue. She wears a cropped top and short jeans, showing off her muscular physique.


Jessica was born on a distant world as a middle child between two brothers. Though she was born as the daughter of an Emperor, her life was hardly lavish whereas the world she was born in was constantly under attack by Heartless, several cities have already fallen before she was born. By the time her younger brother was born, the scourge of Heartless spread further, pushing humanity into their last refuge. Most often, Jessica was left to take care of her younger brother, Joseph, while her Mother, Ami; older brother, Nathan; and her father and Emperor himself, Frederic, worked alongside the last remaining army to fend off the Heartless.

Throughout her life, Jessica trained herself to use the Radiance, a form of natural Light energy used by the people of her world that they used to fight the Heartless. Though her mother and father helped train her to use Radiance, she largely gained the most experience from her own training. She was hardly a master in the arts of Radiance, but she was good enough to handle herself. She usually handled stray Heartless that prowled around the refuge alongside other patrols while her older brother and parents handled the larger threats. Her younger brother took up a position to care for the sick, wounded, and young, using the Radiance for more pacifistic purposes such as curing or soothing those around him.

Things began to take a turn for the worst, however, as the last refuge humanity had began to crumble. The invading force of Heartless intensified to an innumerable degree, pushing the world’s denizens further back. Nathan took it upon himself to try and make one final offensive push of desperation. Though his control of Radiance was weak, he thought of it as better than nothing. His parents strongly disagreed, as did Jessica. Joseph did as well, but he advised his older sister not to interfere, as he knew there was nothing they could do to prevent him.

As predicted, Nathan ignored his family’s pleas and traveled to the heart of the overcoming Darkness. He never came back to the refuge, but the Greene family knew he wasn’t dead, young Joseph saying it the best out of all them.

He is lost in the Darkness, but he is not gone. Many of our friends have been down the path he’s been, some far deeper than him. We should not lose hope. Nathan was strong not only in form, but in Heart as well. Pray for him, and one day he will return.

Despite that, they didn’t see him again. Mere weeks after Nathan left, the Heartless swarm became too much to handle, and Jessica’s world fell to the Darkness. Within her last moments on her world, she tried her hardest to push back the creatures of Dark from the hospice her younger brother kept, with Joseph using his power to try and keep his sister on her feet. However, as the world fell, he pulled her into an embrace, using his power to protect Jessica from the Darkness until they emerged into another world.

Other Notes: Jessica’s favorite drink is Hot Chocolate drank through a peppermint stick. Though she knows it’s not that good for her physique.

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Re: Jessica Greene

Post by Faye on Fri Aug 07, 2015 3:19 am


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