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Sebastian J. Caine

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Sebastian J. Caine

Post by Sebastian Caine on Sat Aug 15, 2015 8:59 pm

Sebastian J. Caine
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Just be Cool. The single foremost motto for this strapping young looking lad. Sebby does well to adhere to those words regardless of his various other traits. In most appearances he's been noted as calm, collected, and all around chill with almost any situation. Mind you there are a few exceptions where he has lost his stead fast focus on being easy going. It's rare, few and very much far between. So much so that people claim he hasn't a stress in his life. Overall friendly to almost everyone he meets with little people he actually dislikes by any means of the words. However he will question at times based on awkward first impressions. Life of the party for as much as he allows himself to be. Seb will go out of his way to make things between friends light hearted and amusing. In doing so, cracking jokes and keeping conversations lively. It should be said that by doing this he is masking any chance of people finding out that he can in fact be a little socially awkward himself. At which point he becomes self conscious and flees the scene as subtly as he is able.

In appearing open and approachable Seb does well to elude from traits he deems undesirable. One such being his crippling anxiety of being alone. The idea of being on his own for too long causes him to become him loathsome and downright weary of those he might call friend. Exclusion can engage him in fits of jealous bitterness and in some cases displays of irrational anger. Not that he would ever admit to it if he can help it. To avoid public humiliation he tends to seclude himself away until he is able to regain a clear sense of being. At which point he tends to carry on as if nothing ever phased him. Both for the sake of himself and the people around him. Though he comes off as a bit of a vain meat head Seb is in fact a rather intellectual boy. All around studied and well spoken for his apparent age. That being said, even with as much brain power he is still prone to hasty actions when provoked by people close to him. Generally empathetic with people. For as much as he may seem all for himself Seb is more than capable of caring for others and will go as far as to approach those in need. As to keep those around him happy is to keep bonds which in the long run will keep him happy. A charmer with the ladies he is known to engage those he finds attractive with a well spoken compliment and his signature debonair smile. With enough time though he tends to get nervous and uncertain of his next move the deeper a romantic affair gets. Even so he tries to play it up the best he can while attempting not to upset the other side.


Young in appearance alone, Sebastian's looks are one to fool sometimes making him seem more adolescent than he actually is. Nearing his twenties in age he stands at an approximate height of six feet, three inches. This kind of size allowing him to usually tower over most people around him. Composed mostly of decent muscular structure and a lean figure. It clearly shows that he is far from any kind of push over and takes pride in caring for himself in means of health, well being, and presentation. Skin is a natural mocha tone of tanned complexion making the varying shades of blues in his eyes and hair stand out in vibrant comparison. Shaved at the sides and slicked over to the right side, a hair style that bares a little over hang but not so much as to obstruct his vision. Stand out features, stylish fashion sense, and chiseled curves make for a decent view overall.

Though his wardrobe varies greatly in styles and designs. There is one outfit that Seb prefers overall when he is able. Such an outfit consists of a gray tank top hidden under a pure white dress shit with short sleeves. This is then held looses at the neck by an all black tie. Put all together this school like ensemble is then wrapped over with a red and black jacket. High collared with a fold over front. Zipper offset to the right an inch or two, side pockets on either side of the waist. Sleeves are short and held closed to the arms each by a single black belt. On the left arm a black armband is placed. Bottoms are a set of normal blue jeans. Close fitting but not to the point of restricting movement uncomfortably. On the side of each thigh are protective guard plates. Each held in place by three securing straps. Shows are a pair of dark gray high top sneakers. Each are strapped to the foot in place of laces and with a branded insignia of a trident symbol on each tongue. Accessories are scattered about his person in places. Two silver studs are pierced into each ear. A pair of black leather gloves are worn each with an opening on the back of the hand. As well as being held on at the arm and wrist by similar black belts that are also found holding the jacket. A set of silver metal goggles are worn against the forehead and are rarely ever taken off no matter the outfit choice. When engaged in combat they are worn for the sake of protection to the eyes. Lastly a simple silver band can be found on Sebastian's left ring finger.


Born of a middle class family in the world of Daybreak Town. Father a merchant of hunting supplies, mother a stay at home housewife. No siblings to his name but what he lacked in family ties he made up in friends and acquaintances. For the most part Sebastian and his family lived comfortably. Little to want but not over exaggerated by any means. They had just enough for a roof, food, beds, and a little extra now and then. Essentially there was a steady balance maintained. An average childhood Sebastian grew up in the likes of any other child. Schooled from the days he could walk and talk. An impeccably friendly child who did well with others and who's progression of adapting to society showed impressive understanding. He wasn't a genius by any means but learning and interacting was not hard for him either.

Teenage years passed by as any others would. With the furthering of education and the next step into social experiences. Through out his time Sebastian became more self reliant than others. Taking matters into his own hands and going so far as to make sure he had a job ever summer to supply his needs for better clothes and dispensable funds for outings. In a gist he was one to take control of his own purposes while also doing as any other kid would. Enjoying themselves with a good time (and causing a little mischief on the side). Adventurous and outgoing, it was easy to say that he had his fair share of friends and even more admirers. Especially of those numbers were ladies who more or less had an attraction. It was never uncommon for Sebastian to have a handful of fans both girls and boys. The funny part was he never truly acted on it until mid way through his highschool years. Four long years of classes, sports, workouts, parties, and just about everything else in between would eventually help him to become the suave heart throb he would later be famed for.

At some point after his graduation Sebastian started to show signs of weakness. His person progressively growing tired and out of energy. Little by little he would unknowingly become a victim to his own body. Not fully understanding that it was something to be cautioned as he believed he merely wasn't getting enough rest. His ignorance would become the trigger to his downfall. As days turned to weeks and weeks to months there came a point where he could no longer function the same. Parts of his body were failing to keep up and soon enough he found himself in a predicament that set him unconscious. Toppled over in the middle of the streets Sebastian shut down completely. In a panic of people he was found and sent to a local hospital where in hours he was rendered in a coma. His body, being sustained by machines and for the most part being kept alive by medical intervention.

Weeks continued on. His family and friends uncertain of whether or not he would ever wake up. Though his body did show signs of recovery over the span of time, slowly but surely. Mentally he wasn't quite returned yet. Still locked in slumber he remained still in between blankets and sheets. Those who cared for him waiting each day for either a means to celebrate or a realization of sadness.

In his own experience, subconsciously he was on a spiritual path of his own. A weird supernatural state of being as if his spirit had left his body. Of what he barely recalls of it these days, it was a dark journey through himself. One that rendered him a different man that fated day when his eyes would open and he would return to the world. Yes on a shred of weird fate Sebastian did eventually awaken but with a sense of abandonment in his eyes. As if he wasn't all quite there which seemed understandable at the time. Such traumatic circumstances it was bound to be a side effect. A week or two after waking up Sebastian was released. He spent much time alone in the silence of his home. Parents checking in to make sure their boy was still together and breathing. The more he was exposed the world the more something seemed to click from inside. Over time his personality would show signs of returning, some would even say evolving. As if the whole thing had sparked something new for him. Regardless he slowly became the man people remembered him to be and since has had this weird sense that something awaits him.

In an attempt to quell this strange feeling as well as keep himself active. Sebastian has taken to traveling about the different worlds. Coming and going to each one he is able to find, experiencing what they have to offer, and leaving his mark on those he engages with.

( Thank you Drakar. )

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Sebastian Caine

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Re: Sebastian J. Caine

Post by Zyvonia on Sat Aug 15, 2015 10:02 pm

RWBY fan. I dig it.

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Re: Sebastian J. Caine

Post by Sebastian Caine on Sun Aug 16, 2015 2:55 am


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Re: Sebastian J. Caine

Post by Faye on Mon Aug 17, 2015 4:26 am


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Re: Sebastian J. Caine

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