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Character Building Empty Character Building

Post by Seeker of Retribution on Mon Aug 17, 2015 12:40 pm

You know what's fun? Building characters.

First and foremost, I like making characters. Sometimes they're kind of simple for simple ends or they have more development built in for different reasons, but that's only one part of Mirage Hearts. The other side is our competitive component.

This is weird, but I actually hate getting into fights. I've said this before and I'll probably never stop saying it.

But I love building characters. Not just personality-wise or story wise, but competitively. Yes, I hate fighting, but I love coming up with methods to fights. Mirage Hearts has a high and open power scale compared with most other competitive sites, which while our statistics are limited to only six we wind up with tons of different spells, items, and skill trees to shift the balance and create different types of characters. We've had a topic like this before, and I would like to have another one since I think they're fun.

What kind of character are you making? How do they fight? What do they use? What do you want your character to grow into? I would like to know things like that about you guys. I'm going to talk about my character on this account below to show what he's like, and why he's built the way he is.

Hayden's stuff and fluff:
Hayden is basically a take on what happens when you train a child into violence from a young age. He wasn't exactly well socialized in his developmental period, and instead his training focused on sword play. Because Hayden's Keyblade was so unique, being literally the size of a Buster Sword, they trained him to sharpen his Strength so that he could wield it more effectively. As a child, his speed was also focused upon- being able to wield a weapon that size didn't matter if he wasn't fast enough to hit with it.

Additionally, Hayden did show a knack for picking up the Magical Arts. While initially this education focused strictly on manipulating primal elements, Hayden did receive tutoring in illusion. However, as he became a Heartless he traded that proficiency with something else: Time.

Reflective of Hayden's ability with this element, he only has currently mastered one utilization of it: Stop, and some variations thereof. Other forms of this element manifesting are due to the conditions of him becoming a Heartless- he was struck with a powerful time-based spell just before he became a Seeker, which seems to have affected some of his physiology in the new state. This change in physiology is responsible for his increase in violent and irrational behavior, and these same psychological defects are preventing him from manipulating illusions. While mechanically he just lacks the ability, if he were to try in terms of story the illusions would immediately destabilize.

He remains proficient in darkness, though since his change to Seeker a new approach has been made in his abilities. Hayden has been designed as a very punishing character to fight for a long period of time. Meeting Hayden with excessive force implemented without clever planning will see that force inadvertently turned on the attackers. His main weakness is lack of precise ranged abilities- a character with high agility could attack Hayden from miles away and he wouldn't have an immediate way to access them. Moreover, Hayden's abilities are best utilized against multiple opponents. A single foe that is well prepared could evade most of his Time Magic and get past his cool-down affecting aura.

More over, he would have the obvious weakness to characters that are designed for one-on-one fights and have many ways to incapacitate foes. A well-built melee character would naturally have several methods of catching their faster opponents, usually through some flavor of immobilization. This would either be the more direct stuns, the ability to turn people to stone or even impeding them with vines. Keeping Hayden from being mobile or otherwise preventing his use of magic or full utilization of his time-based abilities, which are his most overwhelming points in most situations, will make him significantly less of a threat. Characters that prey on darkness would naturally have an advantage over Hayden, and so far his offensive abilities are limited to physical attacks and counters. This may change overtime.

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Character Building Empty Re: Character Building

Post by Efeu on Mon Aug 17, 2015 6:34 pm

Alright My turn what you don't think I have a plan and or fighting style or nothing planed for Z over the few month that's changed but originaly yes that was the case but not anymore I'm going to do this a little differently but I don't think that will mind

my thingies and plans and other things:
Hey This is one of them things that are not done and I have problems with but zdynasty has 3 moves right now I don't plan on using him in a role play in tell all my moves are done Right now Z is not too competitive but Z is getting older and smarter so with that he need's a way to diffend himself so Z's style I plan to be just full on jerkish Because that's how I play games Now in role playing flavor just be a huge jerk I don't want to spoil anything but be surprised Very Happy I also have Healo dueo which is a healing spell (Plan to get rid of though) flame is is a flame spell and cypto locker which is well jerk on a plate I trap them in vines then hurt them and bat-man i mean a bat

Origin (That's what this is suppost to be called right?):
so Z is from an alien planet and I was to lazy to make a name so zdynasty left before the planet had a name Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuure Z Anyways if you think about this this is a lot like Goku's story comes from an alien planet that are manly evil turn good and is picked up by some stranger that found them on the road or cliff

attack style batlle style I don't know Just this is battle things k:
as I said Jerk is the main thing I want zdynasty to be when I comes to battles you're on the ground get trapped in plants you're in the air well that is a surprise Not spoiling anything trying to take him head on Stella and the earthy wallness have a brick bat-man in the face I mean bat

Growing into:
Z is not really growing Right now at least I think But I do plan to make him grow over time he did have some mager growth way back when he was suppost to be just a jokey jokey character  I changed some things and you got him today and soon I plan to give him another big growth turning him more serious in character I don't know why I think its because I'm getting older too and zdynasty is just someone I can't do anymore I'm not really a jokey guy anymore its just been bad acting lately but anyways this is not about me its about Z  I'm just not having fun with joking with zdynasty anymore I want him to be a character that means something that has some real character he is based off me so yes this kinda have to happen anyways with my more serious traits at some point right so that's my theory anyways like I said I don't know

so yeah That's all bye


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Character Building Empty Re: Character Building

Post by Capricorn on Mon Aug 17, 2015 7:23 pm

Capricorn is a 1v1 PvPer currently, with stuns as his primary method of bringing the hurt down. I plan on having his strength a T5 eventually along with synthesis (for extra fun things to mess with). I figure if I can stun, and then slap someone around with peak strength; they won't be able to last long and even with T5 endurance-- an armor penetration spell that ignored defense or even a punishment for blocking my strikes would play off nicely.

I don't want him to be the generic speed demon swordsmaster, so I've decided to keep speed a T1 (possibly T2) permanently. However, agility needs to be high of course. My spells won't be much, just things like mentioned-- expensive defense shattering magic. I also want to use magic as a way to circumvent controller magic. The last thing I want to happen is being slowed or stopped! That would be bad for my agility entirely.

Now-- drives forms and summons are going to always align with my primal elements. That way I have a use in them, what I wanted to try was the overwhelming aspects of repeated strikes. But that was a little harder than I thought, so instead my summons are going to be magical gadgets with effects similar to synth items, but with added twists and more enjoyable do-hickies.

The last part of the current Capricorn is his skill tree. He is able to keep spamming his swords back into existence- and them getting rid of it via Richard or himself for more power. This helps against rust users or weapon punishers. However, the real twist to this skill tree are the things to come in the future. I intend to do my own little punishing effect with it. Like-- for ever py one of my weapons banished or summoned my opponent is drained 5 MP multiplied by my character tier. Idk, Punishing is kinda cool. Of course-- I'm not nearly as smart with it as others. Kudos to them though!

I just decided to throw in my stuffs.:3 Even if I don't have much.


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Character Building Empty Re: Character Building

Post by Zyvonia on Mon Aug 17, 2015 9:46 pm

I like creating blank slates so that I may naturally develop them through their interactions through people. In addition, I'm never quite sure where I want to take a character exactly, so giving them a vague personality allows me to develop them the way I want to down the road. Zyv is set up like this. Iscor is set up like this. This is because I believe RPing is a collaborative piece of work. It's not just me writing this story, it's all of us. So my characters shouldn't just be laid out and set in stone before they even start.

Shirou is...different. While he is not my first RP character, he is one that was made when I was young and when I liked to self-insert myself. He was originally based off of who I wanted to be, like a typical weeaboo teenager. Because of this, he is, in a few ways, still similar to me. On a previous site, I had him leave the universe because I wasn't motivated to RP with him anymore. It was up until that point that his voice was more my voice and he did things that I would have done. However, since I brought him here, I have been giving him an independent voice from my own, having him develop in his own way.

So, basically, I don't really build my characters before having them start on a site. They are blank slates, chiseled by the environment they are dropped in.

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Character Building Empty Re: Character Building

Post by Harlow on Mon Aug 17, 2015 11:44 pm

I would like a building of my character.

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Character Building Empty Re: Character Building

Post by Changeling on Tue Aug 18, 2015 5:19 am

I've always been fascinated by cyborgs, which was where Ghost (Zulu)'s concept came from. His original history was inspired by Starcraft's Ghost unit, from his items to his history, however, after his first rework, his history became slightly more original, and was inspired by Haven's expanded map (Originally made by another member, but then expanded by yours truly.) There was a region where the boundaries were so small, it made sense that those areas were highly contested, so I placed him there.

On Haven he was already chiseled out, from being an unstable, sadistic, masochistic and generally insane soldier for hire, he slowly regained his sanity by accepting his situation and using the body forced on him. This... unfortunately made him a little softer, especially to the younger generations. In fact, when he became the leader of Alteria, a country where all the criminals of the other countries go to seek refuge, he created android sentinels--which are fully armed to take on armies--and made them child friendly when there aren't any threats.

As for what I have planned for him, he was supposed to be only synth-based, but I've decided to use more Darkness, which would be reflected on his second skill tree. Nyx' ST should give a little hint to what it will be about, but it will mostly augment his Synth-based skill tree, as well as give him more immunities. You see, I am gearing him towards survival and adaptability, and this will be shown on his updated skill tree, which will hopefully be posted soon.


Zienna was conceived basically through a "this character might be fun" moment, which I pitched to Don, who said "Go for it", and voilà, Zienna was made. Who can resist a succubus? xD

I'm going to make her stuff be focused on kinky stuff *cough*. What? It makes sense for her character. Don't worry, I won't be making her violate everyone on a whim. (Hehehe) Her skills and abilities, I'll likely gear towards siphoning things from people, while she gets rewarded for any punishment she suffers from enemy abilities and skills. I'll also have her and her allies leach off of people's cooldown reductions, bonuses, and the like. Keeps the field even, no? Maybe a little tipped to her side. I'll also make her focus a little more on indirect combat, putting people in status effects like root or stun, and of course, destroying people's MP/DP pools. A certain white-haired mage is in trouble.


Val is as close to a blank slate as she can get at this point. True, she showed a bit of compassion for Sen when he saw the young lad, but that was more the work of memories. I'm a little iffy if I really want to make her into a Somebody, since I'd quite possibly lose her Nothingness skill tree, and the free abilities.

I think I'll have her wander around aimlessly a bit until she gets enough story going for her, then I'll have the building collapse all around her~ I do have party members in line for her, although I'm still working out the lore. I just can't have them join her just like that. Gotta keep things going smooth.

She's definitely going to exploit what is made available to her. Combat wise, she'll use Obsidian in all applications, whether it's support, offense, or crowd control. Her Nothingness will focus on keeping people from actually harming her, or hitting her with crowd control. Might even use a few things to keep people from using certain elements, or undoing their ability effects.


Felicity, well, I'm still figuring it out. I'll definitely do more with her brawling preference, with a few extras to cover some ranged situations. Her time manipulation will be put into play quite often to get those extra punches in without people saying it missed. After which, I'll set the world on fire. :3

The way I have her fighting now is mostly offensive styled with little defense. For her stats, I'll definitely be upgrading her strength and endurance to full, her Agility being either T3 or T4, and her synth will most likely be set to 5. Her magic would be slightly limited, but will be focused on enhancing her physical attacks and maneuverability. Most of her skills will be trained on Wildfire, with Time acting as support. I'll also make sure she's never caught with her pants down, giving her abilities to make sure she's not left without ammunition. Definitely going to banish/warp/teleport proof her synths.

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Character Building Empty Re: Character Building

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