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Post by Veara on Wed Aug 26, 2015 2:29 pm

She watched the skies. She always the skies, she was fond of the skies and more importantly the skies at night were absolutely beautiful. All six of her eyes gazed up at the skies from the top of her large house in the darkness. Covered by the darkness she simply sighed, she hadn't gotten a message from back her young blonde and she had awaited in the attic for quite awhile before eventually giving up. Though she did hear the pitter patter of feet in the house and the occasional sound of a sigh or a giggle she couldn't help, but feel pride that perhaps he had finally broke the cursed ideal of where he believed children actually came to be. Though for some reason she truly doubted this and she shuddered for a moment feeling as though perhaps she should have at least had gone downstairs earlier to figure out who could have possibly been within the house. Her legs began to move forwards towards the edge of the roof as she continued looking up towards the sky watching as the clouds began to cover the bright moon. A look of annoyance was painted on her face while a 'Tch' of annoyance came from her mouth. All six of her eyes blinked while she moved her snow white white hair out of the way of her two upper left eyes. "Well I suppose that's the end of stargazing for tonight." She spoke out loud as she began to walk down the side of the house and towards the large window on the side that easily opened on contact. As she walked into her home she suddenly stopped halfway into the house. Quietly she sniffed the air of her house and it felt...disturbed...the rest of her body moved through the foyer window as she stretched one of long legs and stomped onto the floor sending a silent shockwave through her house. Listening as it traveled through her house the only place that it didn't travel back was through her room. Another sigh came from the woman as her legs began to move towards her room. This was either going to go two ways, either A, they would run screaming and head back to their boat or B they would attempt to attack her and she could easily knock them out have them head back onto their boat and when they wake up they'll be in the middle of the ocean and this'll simply add to the 'legend' of the spider woman. Either way was fine with her and her legs silently moved  up the foyer stairs and into the first and only hallway on the left. While the left simply led to a large steam room. Walking through the large hall she simply wondered little things like what would she have for dinner later that night or if she should finally attempt to get that extra skin off of her middle right leg. It was wasn't that much of a bother, but every time when that leg moved it brushed up against the rest of her skin and she considered it to be quite irritating from time to time. Walking down the hallway she passed her bathroom followed by the first guest room and then the second guest room. At the end of the hallway of course was her own room, she put her hand on the knob. Preparing herself for another either A young teenager or B adult usually an older man. She opened the large door and the first thing she took notice of was the fact that the blinds were wide open and apparently the clouds from earlier had possibly moved along in their travel for her entire room was currently lit up due to the moonlight from outside. Nothing seemed to be out of placed and there was someone laying on her bed. A tall person too considering they were laying down straight and came close to the length of her silk hammock. She walked up to her hammock each steps her legs took were made with purpose as each side move in synch with one another. There was currently one leg with a long blue stocking with a diamond pattern that was sprawled out over the side of the hammock while two arms both had black sleeves stretched out over the sides of the hammock. Whoever it was sure made themselves comfortable in a strangers home that's for sure. Approaching the silk hammock she looked into and for a moment she was surprised by what awaited her within the hammock. There lay a quite long girl that was possibly close to her size in almost height, however she probably had a total of at least four inches on her if she had to guess. She currently was sleeping within the hammock and the longer she stared at her...the quicker she began to put the pieces together within her head. Poking the blonde haired girl on the side of her face with one of her fingers lightly scratching the side of her face. Slowly the girl began to stir rubbing her eyes, apparently she wasn't actually sticking to the silk so in other words, she was using her powers subconsciously to ensure she never stuck. Interesting, very interesting indeed. As the girl slowly began to came too she still leaned on her hammock and simply allowed her legs to kneel not standing at her her usual height.

"Seara, I presume?"

"Aunty, I Presume?"

The woman replied to the spider and all she could do was simply nod her head, looks like they had a lot to talk about and more importantly find out why she was here.

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