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Skill-Trees and Summons


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Lestat's Skill Tree

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Lestat's Skill Tree Empty Lestat's Skill Tree

Post by Lestat on Sat Aug 29, 2015 11:54 am

Base Ability: Hidden Potential: Lestat ignores the opponent's endurance tier once every ten posts. Only the first attack in that post can ignore defense-- the rest are virtually the same.
Base Ability Cool Down: 10

Tier One
1st Skill: Lestat does not stagger, nor does he suffer from 'flinch'. Stuns still apply on him, but other than that-- he will never suffer from hesitations.

2nd Skill: All damage inflicted on Lestat is slightly reflected back onto the attacker, for every tier higher the opponent has arisen-- they receive the slight damage multiplied by their CT number. So a T5 is hit with five stacks of slight damage. [CD: 10] [D]

3rd Skill: Time Magic casted on Lestat has it's duration halved.

4th Skill: Silence Magic casted on Lestat has it's duration halved.

5th Skill: All of Lestat's 'positive' passive skills are shared to his allies. They can't be cancelled, taken, or placed on any other target. Moreover, they only last as long as he stays conscious.

Tier Two
1st Skill:
2nd Skill:
3rd Skill:
4th Skill:

Tier Three
1st Skill:
2nd Skill:
3rd Skill:

Tier Fourth
1st Skill:
2nd Skill:

Tier Five
1st Skill:


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Lestat's Skill Tree Empty Re: Lestat's Skill Tree

Post by Game Master on Sun Aug 30, 2015 5:33 pm

You can not ignore the Endurance Statistic. That is equivalent to ignoring somebody's health bar. You can ignore Damage Resistance, but that's not so difficult that it would require a base ability that only lets you do so once ever ten posts.

Also, please be mindful of wording. A cool down is different than a part of an ability that says "once every x posts". A cool down is able to be augmented externally. What you've worded into the ability is a limitation. Even if the cool down were reset before ten posts were up, you'd still wind up having to wait ten posts before using that ability. I would remove the wording that says this.

Stagger (v)- 1.) Walk or Move unsteadily as if about to fall, 2.) astonish or deeply shock

Stagger (n)- 1.) An unsteady walk or movement, 2.) An arrangement of things in a zigzag order or so they are not in line

Are any of those above definitions what you mean in regards to Stagger? Also, flinch is not a condition. Flinch is what happens when a person is suprised, afraid, or in pain. Essentially if you touch a hot burner and you jerk back, that is flinch. The quick movement prevents you from from being hurt more. Removing that ability from yourself, while certainly possible it you choose to do so, could prove disadvantageous to you in roleplay combat scenarios to a very high degree.

Unfortunately, scaling damage in this regard with a Tier One ability is not possible. Essentially, you boost your damage up very close to severe if not surpassing it just by a person being Tier Five. The most you can do at Tier 1 with proper conditions or drawbacks is moderate.

I will not allow you to halve duration at Tier One. More over, I would like an explanation as to how you are halving time magic's duration.

Silence doesn't usually have a duration. You could simply elect to have an immunity to Silence Effects.

No passive or active sharing of skill trees.

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