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Skill-Trees and Summons


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Family Farm

Post by Lenneth on Fri Oct 02, 2015 4:18 am

One a special night in this eternal blackness as the moon stood at its full body sliver in glory, its brightness knowing no equal in this realm, the air remained still in the endless time that passed wrapping itself unmatchable curve lost to the idea of pattern. In this place, one of which mimic many others stood the lord of charms in his all splendour of being.  He did not stand still with once his body instead moved like the wind dancing along the rhythm of his own beat as the magic of his essence was his partner. The two of them moved in seductive motions one caressing the there touch of the other, one leading the other followed the commands in brilliant colors. The sweat poured off Lenneth’s head dripping down the threads of his hair slapping across his face, his body had nearly mastered mimicking the human conditions even without his conscious thought. Finally brining his hands together and standing with a gracefully posture as his vision darkened.

Finally its finished, took me long enough”    

Sight returned to his lavender sights, what he saw was his own reflection and that of the sky, in shimmering pool like reflection the water of the sea extended out into the endless reaches imagination. Raising his hands from their rest Lenny’s motions casted disterbences across the sea, bubbling out was the air escaped and motion pushed away the water. The land trambled underneath the force that surfaced as the shape stretched out even further beyond his sight. An mass of land breaking out from the sea all at once nearly touching the beach to which Lenneth stood across.

Admiring his work and finally taking a chance to relax the dark prince gazed upon his master pieced as the last bits of its birth washed away down around it. There it stood floating in the sea his own personal creation an island of enormous proportions, standing alone in the middle of the barren sea, with no other isles visible in the surrounding area. It is a massive, rocky and steep island covered by lush vegetation, both bright yellow and green in color. One side of the island is shown to be particular rocky, possessing large formations jutting outwards from the ground, one near the shore, protruding above the sea, and the other near the center of the island, overlooking it; the latter has a pair of waterfalls falling down from it in a small lake below. Topping such second rocky formation stands the most distinctive element of the island: a huge gigantic tree with a gnarled, mildly curved trunk, ending in a number of large , being a large, flat section composed of earth and crowded by a multitude of normal-sized trees. Such gargantuan plant possesses a multitude of similarly large, curved and twisted roots, which right below the trunk sustain massive lumps of earth; something which creates some sort of covered area right below the tree itself.

Shadows started to appear around their undisputed master, happily being greeted by his hand petting the little one’s head.

“Ya I know a new playground for you guys and soon to be hunting ground, taken me a while to make something this large a few weeks maybe? A month? I don’t know honestly. I got distracted with some tv shows. Now just check it”  

As darkness took them they reappeared on the floating land mass greeted by clear blue skies the bright yellow shine of a sun raining down its light underneath the green jewels that lay around, such fresh plants grown with great care and twisted magics. Lenny picked up a apple from its tree, grasping it for a few seconds to examine it before another grew in its place. Nodding he took a large bite out of the fruit he held.

“Good the magic is sustaining itself well growing these and the sun feels just as real as the real stars this should keep them happy. Now where to find my first hens”  

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