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Faith || The Grinning Cat

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Faith || The Grinning Cat

Post by Faith on Sun Oct 04, 2015 2:32 am

|| Faith ||

Female | Twenty-four | Neko

Image References
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    > Physical Appearance
    Standing at about 5’ 7”, Faith has a curvaceous build and luscious assets. Her hair is a light purple, the right half of her bangs and a handful of hair on the same side being black. On the right side, there is a small strip of hair colored black, tied together with three big bows. Her golden yellow eyes captivate most who look at them, framed with thick black lashes. Below the left eye is a small tattoo of a purple spade. More times than none, a wide grin is found on her mischievous face, with which one can see a set of sharp feline fangs. Atop her head are a set of cat ears, one purple, one black. Attached to her backside is a long tail, striped with light and dark purple colors.

    > Outfit Description
    Her entire outfit consists solely of black and purples of various hues. At her neck is a white collar held in place by a big, black bow. A purple tinted copper bell lay at its center, the bell having the imprint of a spade on it. Attached to the collar is a strip of fabric that covers her collarbones and wraps around her backside, reminiscent of a cropped vest that covers very little. She wears a bustier with an attached skirt. The light purple fabric that hugs her bust is accented by yet another black bow that set centered below her bust. On that bow is similar tinted copper, but is shaped like a large spade. The fabric that went from just below her bust to her waist was loosely fitted, but one would still be able to make out her shapely curves. Difficult to pick out at first sight, it’s striped in a similar fashion as her tail, alternating between light and dark shades of purple. The pleated skirt that rests at the bottom is comprised of two short layers, going no lower than about a third way down her thigh. The skin tight stockings have a black and purple diamond pattern. They come to just below mid-thigh, with two purple diamonds continuing the pattern up the sides of her thighs. She wears detached sleeves with a similar style and pattern on her arms, coming to just below her shoulders. On her feet, over the leggings, are a thickly furred wrap that comes to about mid-shin and are colored to match her hair. Over those, she wears black mary-janes with big bows on the front.


    Faith is always grinning and suggestively smiling. She has a capricious demeanor that’s prone to shifting for absolutely no reason whatsoever. She loves to have fun and make others either confused or embarrassed, and gets a kick out of their reactions. If she takes a liking to someone, she might even single them out and try to fluster and frustrate them more than usual, loving nothing more than to tease with lewd or suggestive words, be it male or female. The smile on her face only deepens when people she teases get worked up or upset.

    As such, she’s a very cunning individual, and loves to speak in riddles. A free spirit that does as she pleases, she’s always on the hunt for something to entertain her. She’s taken it upon herself to guide guests and locals alike in Wonderland, but those who take her advice might find themselves lost completely or running into various forms of trouble.

Primary Elements



    Faith was born as the eldest in a litter of five to the head of her clan. Because of that, she was tasked with learning to play the role that that would entail. The neko was of a rebellious nature since a young age, however. She deliberately ignored her classes and training, opting to do her own thing. The only time she would participate was when bribed with something worth her time. Treats, special techniques, secrets, if it was enough to hold her interest, then she’d agree. Due to this, she learned much of her clan’s most well kept secrets early on. And with the hope that she’d still become the head of the clan, they crossed their fingers that they didn’t make a mistake.

    And she proved to them just how much a mistake that was. She turned their secrets into tantalizing games for others on the outside. If one could solve one of her complicated riddles, then they’d be privy to sensitive information. Luckily, the woman had encrypted them well enough that no one was able to figure them out. This made her both proud of her fact, and sad at the fact that no one proved smart enough to solve them. It had the clan elders in a panic, and seriously debating the matter of promoting one of her siblings to the next head as she was becoming hard to trust.

    She terrorized all who she came across, flustering them with teasing and lewd comments. Eventually, she became bored of teasing the people who had learned to ignore her, or were no longer affected by her words. And so she left. It wasn’t long before others noticed her absence, but they didn’t put forth an effort in looking for her, either.

    While out in the topsy-turvy world of Wonderland, Faith was welcomed to a whole new way of living. The residence of the world were absolutely mad. Sure, that made teasing them difficult, that that was alright. They made up for it in allowing her to indulge in their nonsense and mischief. One of her favorites happened to be a misleading, grinning cat. He reminded her much of herself, but the odd cat had a few quirks that she just so happened to pick up on, one of which just happened to be his habit of just disappearing into thin air with a riddle, to confuse and rile up whomever they were talking to.

    The neko enjoyed her new lifestyle, content with doing as she pleased and messing with whom she pleased. But in a search for something to occupy her attention, she passed by the whispering flowergarden. Typically, the gossip they spewed wasn’t much to look into, the flowers only being able to catch the tail ends of whatever was being talked about by those walking by, what with them being rooted to the spot and all. But she she heard on that particular day had her ears twitching at attention. It seemed that there was an attack on a clan of beastmen someone in Wonderland.

    Filled with more curiosity than concern, Faith returned home to find that no one was home. And yet, the only thing she could think was, “How unfortunate. I suppose that’s what one gets for being so straight-laced in a world such as this…” As she wandered, she wondered if anyone happened to make it out alive, not that it was really any of her concern. Her purpose in being there was to sate her curiosity and to procure some items that she had been wanting for some time. There was no better time than the present. Obtaining what she wanted, the neko left the place and never looked back, a grin on her face.


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Re: Faith || The Grinning Cat

Post by Faye on Sun Oct 04, 2015 3:46 am


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