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Gideon Arctus

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Gideon Arctus

Post by The Black Mage on Thu Oct 29, 2015 11:12 pm

Name: Gideon Arctus
Age: 17
Species: Somebody

Primary Elements
1.)  Light
2.) Time
3.) Metal
4.) Darkness

Personality:  Gideon is a young lad, coming from nobility. As such, he is familiar with courtly behavior. This leads him to be kind, respectful, and courteous. However, the influence of his uncle, and that of the Book of Shadows, has given him a unique slant on things; if you prove yourself unworthy of his respect, you will not have it. He begins with a presumption of worth, though, which allows him to deal with most people quite well. A bit surprising, for his station, but, Gideon is rarely seen, these days, without a long, oriental pipe close at hand. Tobacco, or perhaps something stronger? Either way, Gideon seems to be fond of smokeables. Because of his courtly nature, there isn't much that would immediately set him off. ...Except abuse. Physical, emotional, anything. Gideon is all too willing to punish abuse with everything at his disposal.



History: The Arctus name. Once, long ago, it was associated with the most powerful of spellcasters.

In the land outsiders know as The Country of the Musketeers, the monarchy, in ancient times, employed the services of court mages. Arthur of Britain had the Ambrosius family, fathered by the legendary Merlin Ambrosius. ...It's not a well-known fact, but, Merlin Ambrosius was a Cambion; a child sired by an Incubus. Which is to say, he was a half-demon.

The ancient lords of France had a similar arrangement. A mysterious wanderer came from the shores of the Mediterranean. Zurin Arctus. The birth of Zurin Arctus, however, was different. An ambitious man captured and chained a Succubus; a female demon. Thus, did he lay with the fiend, and hold it captive 'til it bore him a son. This son was Zurin. Traveling the world, Zurin came to settle among the ancient peoples of France. Choosing only to use the subtlest of his abilities, Zurin, and the Arctus line, passed into the shadows of French history. Though all of Zurin's sons possessed the same dark spark that drove his magic, it dwindled with disuse over the ages.

The advent of the Heartless, however, and the ravages that they brought, demanded more. In response to this, a man of the Arctus line, Aimery, undertook a ritual. Without his pregnant wife knowing, he used what meager power he had to enact a ritual; drawing on the latent spiritual power present in a country as bloody as France, he amplified the power of his unborn son, to the point that he could match Zurin, the man who started it all.

However, sickness claimed Aimery before his son was born. His mother, Ornette, named him as his father wished. Gideon.

Growing up, Gideon always proved to be... Quite lucky. Almost unnaturally so. Never sick, never seriously injured... A knack for finding pocket change in the streets... The boy was charmed. Earning the nickname "Chanceux" from family and friends, he seemed to be on track to become an amazing man. However... His luck didn't extend to his family.

Because of the way society works, his mother was obliged to re-marry. His stepfather, Marius, was a deeply spiritual man, invested in his faith. Though he wasn't the type to raise a hand, he was nonetheless quite abusive to Gideon. And, to his mother, for "laying with demons". He'd made it clear that his marrying her was a charity. A gesture of pity, for she was too beautiful to leave twisting in the wind. Because of his prejudice against Gideon's bloodline, the lad wasn't afforded the same benefits another young noble would be. Marius refused to teach him to fight, or ride, or any of the noble pastimes. Instead, he forced him into religious studies. He was forbidden from social events, claiming they were "ungodly". In truth, the man hoped that the demon in Gideon would never surface, if he were fully enthralled by the Holy Spirit. Ornette never approved of Marius' treatment of her son. Eventually, she unknowingly finished what Aimery started. One evening, while her husband was away, she gave Gideon a trunk of his father's things. Within that trunk was a tome far older than anything Gideon had ever seen.

The Book of Shadows. The living spellbook of  Zurin Arctus. As he turned the pages, he forged a connection with the tome. Some of the text, previously unreadable, became legible. ...He could read the spells. When Marius returned home, however, and learned of this, he was... Furious.


Gideon, now fifteen years of age, was horrified when Marius struck his mother.

"Ornette... You stupid woman, do you realize what you have done!?!" The man demanded to know, his tone a mix of hellish anger, and mortal terror. He held the Book of Shadows in his hand, where he'd taken it from Gideon.

Ornette was weeping; Marius had always been a cruel man, but, this was the first time he'd ever struck her.

"M-my love, I am sorry! Gideon... He deserved to know his father, his history."

It took Marius everything he had not to strike her again. This damned foolish woman... He pulled at the collar of his coat, the raging fire he'd had built in the fireplace starting to get to him.

"That hellspawn's history will damn us all! He is born of Satan himself! His ignorance, and faith in the Lord were all the hope we had! Do you know what I'm forced to do, now?"

Marius continued to rant and rave. About how Gideon would need to be jailed, for the safety of all of France. Gideon's uncle, he knew, wouldn't be long in arriving. Michel had a knack for realizing when and where he was needed. "The Knowing", he called it. There were times that Gideon had wished his uncle had married his mother. Of course, at the time, he had, himself, been married. Though, soon after Marius' wedding to Ornette, his wife had been found to be unfaithful. ...Surely, if Michel had been his step-father, he would not be contemplating murder, at this moment. The man had struck his mother. He had swift retribution coming. He was snapped out of his hateful train of thought when Marius strode over to the fireplace.

"I will see to it that this boy never threatens a soul. But, for the moment... This devil's book must be destroyed!" Without a second thought, Marius cast the tome into the fire.

...Sheer terror crossed his face when, in the very same moment as the book hit the burning logs, the fire died, down even to the embers. Gideon was both surprised, and happy; his father wanted him to have that book. Marius, however, was afraid for his life. Drawing a sword from the mantle, he approached Gideon.

"It is too late. The demon awakes! God, forgive me what I must do!"

...Everything happened at once.  Marius lunged at Gideon. Ornette threw herself in front of her son, the rapier dealing a fatal blow. At this very same moment, Michel walked through the doors. He ran to them, clutching his sister-in-law's body.

"Oh god... Oh, god... ...Marius, what have you done!?"

Marius withdrew the rapier, dropping it. Clearly, this is not what he wanted either.

"She... She leapt in front of my blade... I didn't mean to..."

Marius would never get a chance to explain further. When his mother fell, in his defense, Gideon's anger came to rule him. In a berserk fury, he ran to the quenched fireplace, and pulled the Book of Shadows from it. Turning, and flipping the pages, he found a spell. Muttering the words, he extended a hand, and shouted with fury as his fingers crackled with electricity.


The bolt leapt from his hands, striking Marius in the back. The lighting locked him in place, his every muscle seizing up, as Gideon maintained the spell. When his mana finally ran dry, Marius fell to the ground, dead.

Michel was, understandably, disturbed. However, he had sense of mind enough to worry, first, about protecting his nephew.

"...Boy. We have to make this look like a tragic accident. ...A fire. Or you'll be executed for murder. Come now, help me burn this place."


Things went quickly, after that. Marius had sent the servants away from the house, fearing what Gideon would do to them. Michel cast oil lamps onto the floor, and Gideon slung raw fire. The lavish, yet modest house went up in flames, quickly. Michel was able to use his influence to dispel any lingering doubts that this tragedy was anything other than an accident, and took Gideon in. ...It didn't take Michel long to realize what his brother had done. What Gideon was. Thus, on the occasion of his seventeenth birthday, he encouraged Gideon to travel. To learn the art of magic as their ancient patriarch once did.

And thus, he travels.

The Black Mage

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Re: Gideon Arctus

Post by The Black Mage on Thu Oct 29, 2015 11:38 pm

Bumping 'cuz it's done.

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Re: Gideon Arctus

Post by Faye on Fri Oct 30, 2015 4:02 pm

Considering his history and seeing that there have been exceptions before, I'll allow darkness as an elemental affinity to pass.


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Re: Gideon Arctus

Post by Sponsored content

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