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Julia C., the Shadow

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Julia C., the Shadow

Post by Shadow on Sun Nov 22, 2015 3:40 am

Julia Crescent, the Shadow
Primary Elements

1.) Darkness
2.) Wind
3.) Fire
4.) Plant


Name: Julia Crescent
Aliases: Shadow, Coffin, Crow
Age: Unkown
Personality: Julia deeply suppresses her emotions as a way to cope with the morally corrupt and gray decisions she's had to make in her life. This has made her an anti-social and when approached one is met with quick, short responses. It's not that she's unfriendly, her mind has just been wired to be strictly business with virtually anyone.
Race: Human
Appearance: Julia stands at a modest 5'7" and has an hour-glass figure, with an average sized bust. She is quite toned and can be seen as keeping her body in perfect shape. Her skin is rather pale in complexion, due to the nature of her missions. The woman sports auburn hair and she has a pair of dark-yellow eyes. Most of the time, Julia wears her long black cloak with the hood over her face. She also wears a black scarf which is pulled up to her nose. Beneath this cloak, she wears black, loose clothing that hides the lightweight chain armor she wears under it. Shadow uses shin and arm-guards to protect those areas and owns a pair of black, steel-reinforced shoes.


Julia Crescent, said to be the older child of two nameless parents, who passed away when the two were still young. Survival was her only option on the many gray countries that weren't allied with anyone in particular, or even found all together. Due to this, her upbringing was quite arduous and it reflected in the work she decided to take up.

In order to make sure that she could protect both herself and her younger brother, the girl trained her body in the discipline of Budo. Budo, encompassed a vast many of martial arts techniques that she dedicated herself on picking up. The most prominent of these styles and techniques, come in the form of Ninjutsu. Through and through, Julia became a skilled kunoichi and would eventually used her honed skill-set to become an assassin. Where she was from, survival, advancement, connections and skills were all needed if one wanted to make it out there. For the sake of her kin and herself, she resolved to be the strongest.

From her teenage years and into her adult life, Julia had taken on a myriad of jobs. She had a defined line of good and bad, but forsook it, plus her emotions, in order to provide for her younger brother. However, they both grew up on opposite sides of the fence and her sibling could no longer live off of the blood of potential innocents. The two parted ways, surprisingly on good terms, but knew they both were very different. Julia, who now went under the alias, Shadow, continued her work. The assassin met many people along the way and even developed an odd power to control her very shadow. Not just that, but she spoke the crows, the only winged-creatures that kept her company in a field of death.

Among those whose path's she crossed, a man who went by the name of Ghost played a big role in her life, besides her brother. This man was on equal skill with Shadow, if not above her. Points in time had them fighting on the same side, while others had them fighting against one another. Either way, the two knew it as simply business and each had a mission they needed to accomplish. Past experiences wasn't going to deter them from their goals.

However, it would be because of this persistence that would lead these two to crossing paths once more. This time, they'd be on opposite ends of the field and her mission? Kill Ghost. Shadow tracked her prey to a completely new area, one vastly different from their home world and told herself that it'd only be a matter of time. Only one of them could make it out alive and as unfortunate as it would be, Ghost had to die, if she were to survive out in the world.

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Re: Julia C., the Shadow

Post by Faye on Sun Nov 22, 2015 3:53 am


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