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Skill-Trees and Summons


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Gillian the Tengu

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Gillian the Tengu

Post by Shadow on Sun Nov 22, 2015 5:02 pm

Name: Gillian
Age: Don't ask.
Species: Somebody/Crow Tengu Familiar

Primary Elements
1.) Light
2.) Wind
3.) Lightning
4.) Water

Personality: Gillian is quite the opposite to Julia, in the respect that she's a devious, snarky, and quite sociable, though she does pick who she wishes to speak to. She's also able to hold her drink rather well and remains herself even when she's intoxicated.

Gill is an enigmatic woman who happened to pass by Julia, on one of her own errands. She noticed that Shadow had a particular and keen interest in crows, to the point of where she assisted a group of local tengu on multiple occasions. Among those she had helped, was Gillian's own child . This sparked a relative interest in the crow woman and she, under the guise of a crow, took up in adventuring with Shadow. Gill didn't mind spilling any blood at all.

It would remain as her little secret until she decided to mess with Julia. Gillian on multiple occasions displayed a series of intelligent actions that no normal crow could do. It boggled the assassin's mind and quite often, she favored Gil being upon her shoulder just as a method of being able to study the tengu. Eventually, it would come to pass that when Shadow was in a spot of trouble, that Gill finally revealed herself. A violent storm rang out and in quick, rapid succession, destroying all in its path until the winds, lightning and waters stopped. From it, only Shadow and her large murder of crows remained.

There was no mistake after that, the assassin realized that she had unknowingly taking in a tengu. Gill's first initial guess was that Julia would be fine with her accompanying the woman on her journeys, to which she was right. The two became steady traveling companions from then on, with the crow woman staying in that form unless needed.

Other Notes:
• Like most Crow Tengu, Gillian has the ability to transform between her crow and human form. She has the ability to give herself properties of a crow, such as wings, talons, etc. individually.

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Re: Gillian the Tengu

Post by Faye on Sun Nov 22, 2015 6:03 pm


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