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Skill-Trees and Summons


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Grief the Shadowmancer

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Grief the Shadowmancer

Post by Shadow on Mon Nov 23, 2015 4:30 pm

Name: Grief
Age: Unknown
Species: Somebody/Demon

Primary Elements
1.) Darkness
2.) Earth
3.) Fire
4.)  Ice

Personality: Grief is a very boisterous, easily excited, and confrontational person. Out of the three, he's easily the brawn of the group and wastes no time demonstrating that in both combat and non-combat situations.


The way how Julia and Grief became acquainted was actually quite the interesting meeting. Julia, before being known as "Shadow," had to deal with a cult, who had been the culprits in various kidnapping cases. At the time, the assassin took on any job regardless of how menial it was. This particular one happened to stand out to her the most, so she took it.

It was a simple task of clearing out where these cultist dwelt and if anyone was still alive, to bring them back to safety. Little did she know, the group had been doing something quite dark with their victims. Sacrifices. The kidnapped were being used for a ritual, which involved the sacrifice of flesh and blood. It's purpose served to call forth a demon of unimaginable strength and power, but it required a host. The summoning actually went through without much of a hitch, for Julia had arrived there a little too late. Though, before it could have completely bonded with the summoner, the assassin threw one of her blades and killed the vessel. This in turn, created an incomplete bond and a rather odd one at that, for the demon required the soul of the summoner as a price in exchange for the power. Since the life was taken, yet the deal not completely gone through, there was only one thing for it to do.

The creature introduced itself as Grief, a manipulator of the shadows and a very powerful demon. It's existence was threatened due to Julia's interference with the ritual and from that, it couldn't remain in the human world without a host and didn't have the power to return to the demon world, since it's body hadn't completely crossed over. Grief promised the woman more power without a cost, since it had already been exacted in that one single ritual. Quite literally, the assassin had hit the demonic jackpot. She decided that she did require more power and the fact he controlled shadows much like her, only served to help bolster her power further. From then on, Julia, Gillian and Grief traveled as a group of three.

Grief proved to be rather annoying at first. For Julia at least, but eventually, the two got along after a few sparring sessions and the demon even trained her shadow manipulation further. They formed a master-student sort of bond and grew to eventually respect each other. Though it was rather cliche, he bestowed upon the assassin the title of, "Shadow."

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Re: Grief the Shadowmancer

Post by Faye on Wed Nov 25, 2015 12:52 am


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