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Post by Lenneth on Mon Jan 11, 2016 12:50 am

A day for darkness to rooted itself and grow in power has fallen upon this world. In the midst of the dead of night as the stars hide consume clouds a different darkness descend upon these lands, slowly creeping itself into the figure of the “fairest of them all”, a man of boozed skin black skimpy silk outfit and white fur trimmings. He bore much more muscle and skin to the eyes then most would think usefully for the fabric and but he held no concerns for the modest of social norms seeking his own satisfaction then acceptance. Standing as his golden mane fluttered in the winds the Lenneth the lord of darkness walked through the great enchanted forest far from kingdom nearest to it, far away from nosey eyes as far as he could tell which would work best for him.

Strutting along his steps were not without company as from his own shadows the kingdom which he command followed him in loyal formation. Heartless forming from the depths of hearts whom found the comforting truth in the darkness, shying away and protecting themselves from the scotching light and its harshness. They waked slightly beside their masters numbering in only a few dozen to be his vanguard to the task at hand, taking the lead they would scout ahead their destination. They found their targets hidden deep underground in their beds and lantern fires before striking. Few were there to get in the way but the heartless made certain none would even live to try as their hearts joined the darkness.

The shadows of the mountains finally came into Lenneth’s beautifully eyes while he wondered through the mining door. Leading him through the tunnels lite with the flames of torches diming with days of use, he found a few stragglers of human being chased and screaming away their fears at the monsters. It was a good thing Lenny had arrived when he did, smiling with joy he ordered then his minions stop and capture the remaining miners himself. Keeping them locked for simply a number count the La Vaeas soon freed them after some powerfully conditioning and charming them to his side with the dark delights lost in black. It was not a process that didn’t go without the pleasures, utilizing the magic’s bought such twisted delight’s while he had his own fun.

The night was young so there wasn’t a need to rush anything, Lenny took his time to learn and understand theses’ people lives here while his illusions ripped the minner’s mind apart while Lenneth looked at all the pieces. The stones of this world were special, these people took minerals buried deep in the stone, different crystals of ranging different properties each far from the normal dirt found on most worlds. Lenneth recalled such crystals the last time he arrived on this world to claim a wondrous magic, he was thankfully that such resources was plentifully still despite the passage of time. And the fact this man worked for separate organizations that gathered these stones for profit, extra resources, man power and a foot hold in this world’s control.

But that were plans would be far into future and this would simply be a starting the storm, Lenneth’s goals would only be gather the precious materials and remain in unknown to the rest of this world’s population. Allowing the humans back to their own lives and remain connect to it as his control remained while gathering more humans and gems. Casting his servants away to rest and ready for the rest Lenny started to fill these mines with heartless, masked in human forms to follow and mine away while a minor number of heartless were ordered to hunt the wild life for any fascinating species to assimilate.

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