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Skill-Trees and Summons




Skill-Trees and Summons


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First Light

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First Light Empty First Light

Post by Techtile on Sat Feb 13, 2016 4:36 pm

First Light

Through the use of highly concentrated light energy and in some cases slight additions of other related elements Beta is able to control a variation of the element of light. This variation is classified as Neon Light. Having taken the time to understand the base principles of how the exotic variant is created and interacts under given circumstances. She is able to fully manipulate the element to her control. This includes factors such as intensity, brightness, shape, size, and application. Such control is a passive ability that comes easy for her to perform with fair proficiency.

Tier One
» Essence Drain
Beta is able to absorb sources of light into her body, both artificial or natural. By doing so this light is converted into energy that can be used to moderately amplify the effectiveness of her next neon light or light based ability. Depending on the ability she uses this can produces results such as range effects going father, offensive effects becoming stronger, and so on and so forth. This requires a slight amount concentration to do and can only be preformed once every three posts.

» Laser Insight
By means of releasing a concentrated amount of neon light energy through a person's body Beta is able to highlight any and all of their current weak points at that point in time. This ability is only able to pinpoint physical weakness such as injuries and other defects that would directly cause the body to perform abnormally. When a weakness is found a neon luminescence will glow from underneath the skin. This glow lasts for a duration of three posts before fading out at which point a cooldown of five posts begins. This ability can be performed in a variety of applications such direct contact with the target or even having the energy projected through an object that the target is making contact with.

» Light Speed
When in use Beta is able to turn her physical form into an intangible gaseous state of neon light. While in this state she is capable of moving very fast from one place to another. As well she becomes able to phase through semi-permeable structures such as fences and grates for example with ease and is also able to climb up the side of more solid structures such as building using the momentum of her acceleration. Climbing buildings however can prove difficult the more stories she is required to climb. When moving a constant stream of neon light flares out and trails from behind. This trail remains in place for a few seconds before fading out and is by no means harmful. However it's bright colors and intense contrast can be somewhat distracting to the unexpected. This ability is taxing on Beta's physical energy and requires an eight post cooldown until it can be used again.

» Photon Thrusters
Through cross application of both neon light and space as elements. Beta is able to project herself through the air for short periods at a time. The two elements when used together produce a force of pressure from the palm of each hand. Doing this allows her to hover, float, or direct herself through the air for a whole two posts before disengaging. When in use the force being expelled glows with a neon luminescence that trails along with Beta over the span of a few seconds. A cooldown of three posts is required before it can be used again. Momentum from Light Speed can moderately lengthen the initial launch distance of this ability.

» Flash Bolt
Beta is able to fire a medium sized bolt of neon light energy that upon contact with it's target causes moderate burn damage. When fired it travels at a a fast speed. Once it is in motion the bolt can only travel in the direction of which it was aimed. Against beings of darkness the damaging effects of this ability become doubled. A cooldown of five posts is required before this ability can be used again.


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First Light Empty Re: First Light

Post by Marigold Darkson on Mon Feb 15, 2016 8:42 pm

Flash Bolt- Currently, skills can only go up to slight damage at tier 1.

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