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Skill-Trees and Summons


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Show Me Ya Moves | OPEN

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Show Me Ya Moves | OPEN

Post by Bright on Wed Feb 17, 2016 1:20 am

Thunderous steps of justice crackled along the ground as Bright trained with his companion, Eiko Panchi. His perfect composure and towering appearance struck fear into the younger who peered over to the training grounds. Jolting through obstacle courses, Bright had kept his eyes deadset on his sparring partner. He always set up arbitrary obstacles before facing his opponent as a sort of endurance test. Eiko released balls of fire, sending them whirling through the air as they crashed into numerous walls and barrels. Flying into the sparring ring with a rising knee, a few weaker fireballs crashed against Bright's body, the fire gliding and shaping to the hero's suit. Eiko sent a much more massive fireball, A massive explosion enveloped Bright, but once the smoke and flames cleared he had emerged with a falling knee.

Slamming into Eiko's chest, the companion bounced along the ground, prompting Bright to dash and flip forward, bringing his legs down into a stomp. This pinned Eiko into the ground. Bright lifted his fist, fire swirling around it. "MIGHT OF THE LIGHTSON!" Bringing the fist down towards Eiko's face, a massive explosion shrouded the two. When the cloud of debris cleared, Eiko was clenching Bright's fist, a purple energy crackling off his skin. Thrust kicking Bright off of him, Eiko stood, staring at Bright with golden eyes. Taking a charging stance, he moved over to Bright who sent a flurry of fists over at him. Eiko dodged each of the feint blows, but was unknowingly conditioned to trap himself as Bright suddenly spun around, locking his heel onto the back of Eiko's head hard, flicking his leg to slam Eiko into the ground.

"Overcome the darkness that looms inside you! You are not your father!" Roaring back at Bright, Eiko had a few choice words. Eventually his anger was buried and the dark energies faded away. They resumed their sparring, preparing for the arena as a tournament was upon them. They had no official trainer, but participating would surely help them learn more about their flaws and how the people of Olympus Coliseum fight.

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